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Robbie Williams - Close Encounters Tour 2006

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2006 20:17
      Very helpful



      if you want an experience, then attending Robbie's Concert is one of the best thrills you can get.

      It occurs almost every 3 years, I go crazy and spend all my money on 2 hours of pleasure.....Robbie Williams.

      The Date: Saturday 9th September 2006
      The Time: Gates open 2pm
      The Venue: Roundhay Park, Leeds

      When I heard that the tickets were going on Sale in November of 2005 I signed myself up to the Inner Sanctum website as an exclusive member so that I could take advantage of pre-released ticket sales, in hindsight I wish i had not of bothered as there were plenty of tickets readily available and I had spent the whole day in work queuing on the internet to get my chance to purchase tickets.

      After 6 hours of queuing on the site my tickets had been purchased at £43.95 each for the 9th September 2006 at Leeds Round hay Park I was happy.

      Fast forward to Wednesday 6th September and I still hadn't received my tickets but arrived home to have an email confirming that they had been dispatched, panic set in how was I going to get the tickets they had to be signed for and I would be in work and the sorting office had stupid opening hours that I couldn't work around, so my partners brother found himself on a mad dash to get to our house to ensure he was there to sign for the tickets.

      They arrived yes!!!

      We had decided to drive to the venue and stay at friends the night before so we only had a short drive into Leeds the next day.

      The traffic was well organized so much so that 11 schools in Leeds had closed on the Friday due to road diversions....excellent.
      Plenty of Police were on site to help organise the traffic and ensure that it did not turn into something uncontrollable.

      Overall it took an hour to arrive on site at Round hay and get into the car park which cost £7.00 for the entire stay not bad considering a pub further down the road was trying to charge £25!
      We realised we had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to the entrance of the park so made our way around and soon found a crowd waiting at the gates.

      Gates opened at 2pm and we were there on time ready to go in, the amount of people there was ridiculous and by the time we accesses the stage area the front had already filled up and there was not much room for a good seat.
      There was whats known as the Golden Circle where you could pay for a better ticket to get closer to Robbie, these I find are unfair as some people only just afford to get a ticket in the first place and the fact that other people can afford to get closer is adding salt to the wounds definately for me as well as I would've loved the chance to have been closer.

      We decided to go and sit on the “left back” as Robbie called it which was quite elevated so allowed us to have a great view even if there was people in front of us and the toilets were just at the top of the hill too.
      The park was turfed and where we were sat was set out in steps so it was a lot more practical for a shortie like me.
      We perched ourselves on the hill and then the next stop was for some alcoholic beverages, you had to purchase tokens in order to get an alcoholic drink and these were £3.00 per pint of Carlsberg, Cider, Alcopop or small bottle of wine.

      Cold drinks were also available in the smaller 500 ml bottles and were £2.00 per bottle.

      We also got something to eat which was costly we opted for cheese and chips at £5.00 each!!!

      There were other options but the queues were just too long, baguettes, chips, pie and mash, Chinese and Jacket Potatoes were all options for food at the high prices you would expect to pay.

      Toilets however were free!!! They were also well stocked and never ran out of toilet roll and were kept extremely clean.

      The first act to come on was Orson and they were on stage at about 6.30 pm and to be honest didn’t get the crowd going all that much but then they were here to see Robbie.
      They sang a few songs but as a relatively new band not many people were singing along as they were still unfamiliar.

      Basement Jaxx came on half an hour after Orson and really got the crowd going I loved them and they are FANTASTIC live! They sang lots of old classics such as Red Alert, Do your thing, Where’s your head at and many many more everyone was up and dancing to the music and really got everyone in the swing of things.
      If ever you want to go and see someone excellent live Basement Jaxx are top on my recommendation list.

      Robbie came on at approximately 8.30pm and opened his show with fireworks and fantastic lights. The stage was designed similar to his logo with the extended stage forming the shape of the question mark from his logo and to be honest this was the best place to be at the show as you were the closest to the Robster.

      As he shot onto the stage from a platform below he launched into the track Radio and the show truly began the show was also being televised live on Sky One however I think there was a 30 minute delay should anything out of the ordinary happen that would need to be edited out.

      Robbie sang tracks from his new album as well as some from his past albums.

      As always Robbie injected his personality into the show with comedy and acted like all his fans were his friends having a laugh and joke with them.

      The show was superb and in my opinion one of the best, Robbie had his lifelong friend Jonathan Wilkes on stage with him and sang one of his swing songs "Me and My Shadow" A football tournament was also something they had done to show their competitive streak and to allow fans to obtain some memorabilia, unfortunately I had no chance of catching either of the balls.

      Robbie entertained for over 2 hours with tracks from all of his albums so there was always one track you could sing along too.

      The concert certainly entertained me and his encore performace really showed what he was made of with Let Me Entertain you and a show is never complete without that song.

      Rudebox his new song still received a lukewarm reception but I like it.

      Angels his anthem was sang by the crowd rather than Mr Williams himself as he had a small complaint of a sore throat but after so many concerts and being so close to the end it was bound to have some effect.

      In my opinion there is no better perfomer live and I have seen a few, comedy thrown into the perfomance ensures that you have a damn good time.


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