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Rockness Musical Festival

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3 Reviews

Music festival in Inverness, Scotland.

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    3 Reviews
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      24.04.2010 19:58
      Very helpful



      I love Rockness so much! So much better than T in the Park!

      Rockness is a brilliant 3 day festival situated right next to Loch Ness, beside a wee village called dores. It is about 20 minutes away from Inverness so a lot of people from Inverness are regulars at it!

      I have been to this festival in 2008 and 2009 and LOVED it! The first year I went was my very first festival and it was amazing.

      *The Line Up*
      In my opinion the line up for rockness is always very good, they always get about 5 big names and then tons of wee bands which are great. I always find myself looking at the line up and listening to some of the bands I have never heard and growing to love them. Rockness has the main stage and also the clash tent.

      *The People*
      The atmosphere is brilliant at rockness! Everybody is so friendly, and there isn't any people who go round just looking for a reason to fight with people. The number is perfect (about 60,000). On my first ever night at the festival I ended up losing all my friends, but everyone was so friendly and invited me to their campsite to get a bit of banter!

      *The Main Arena*
      The main arena is where you find all the tents, food stalls, main stage and bars. They are all in very close proximety to each other - about 5 min walk tops! If you have never been to rockness before you have to make an appearance at the soco tent - it is banging! They also hand out tons of freebies, I got 2 hats, sunglasses and about 5 necklases.

      *The Food*
      The food is very expensive, but that is not unusual for any festival. My favourite was the noodles - I basically lived off them the whole weekend.

      What makes rockness so special is the amazing scenery! When you are at the main stage you can see behind it Loch Ness, and all around the festival site are huge mountains. It is beautiful! Another good thing is that every year so far the weather has been perfect, lovely and sunny!


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      02.07.2009 21:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      Living in the middle of England, I've never really been given the chance to visit Scotland due to how far away it is from me. However, by working through a certain company that do festival work, I was able to attend Rockness this year which was a nice change.
      Rockness is a fairly new festival and is located in the north of Scotland in Inverness, which of course, is home to the lochness monster. It has to be said, it is one of the most beautiful settings for a festival I've ever seen mainly due to the main stage being located almost on the beach of the loch. From the top of the hill it just looks absolutely spectacular, no photos give it justice!
      Anyway, back to what I was saying. Rockness is located roughly 10 miles away from the centre of Inverness in a little village called Dores, please bring whatever stuff you need as it really is the middle of no-where with no shops etc apart from a pub that sells overpriced food and a bus stop that goes to Inverness 3 times a day, therefore make sure you bring enough food and drink etc.
      With a capacity of roughly 35,000 people it is a fairly small festival compared to other major festivals but seeing as this was its 4th year, I am sure it will expand in the near future.

      The festival itself as very easy to get around, it had 3 main stages and hosted a lot of well known bands and artists such as: The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, Pendulum etc. It also had silent discos, a rizla club, which was outdoors but looked a lot of fun and also a SoCo loungue which was always bursting at the seams with people dancing.

      Food was widely available from the various stalls around, overpriced as usual, but hey, every festival is right? Foods such as Chinese, burgers, chips and veggie things were available. Drinks were also widely available but at £2 a bottle of coke/water, became quite expensive!

      Camping fields were a plenty however, if you like home comforts and preferred bringing a caravan, I think it was an extra £50 to bring that with you and to park in a separate field. Alcohol was allowed in the campsites but not in the arena. Though various alcohols could be bought once inside!! (swizzz).

      Prices for 2009 were as follows:
      * Friday day ticket: £45
      * Saturday day ticket: £55
      * Sunday day ticket: £55
      * 2 day weekend: £105
      * 3 day weekend: £130
      * 2 day camping: £122
      * 3 day camping: £139
      * VIP Friday: £70
      * VIP Saturday: £70
      * VIP Sunday: £70
      * VIP weekend: £150
      * VIP camping: £160
      * Campervans: £50

      VIP really wasn't worth it though in my opinion as the campsite was still cramped and the toilet/shower facilities were good but very long queues for them!

      Hope this gives you more of an insite to this festival and hope to see you all next year!!!


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        10.12.2008 12:08
        Very helpful



        A brilliant festical featuring an immense lineup in a beautiful location.

        Rockness has been running for 3 years now and is the premier music festival in the north of Scotland. Held in the tiny village of Dores about 10 miles from the centre of Inverness this festival started as a 1 day event in 2006, graduated onto a full weekend and in 2009 will become a 3 day festival. Every year everything gets bigger - the site, numbers attending and the popularity of the bands and DJs who entertain the crowds. Originally started as a dance music event with a range of DJs when it became a 2 day event, one day generally stayed as this while the other attracted bands and rock fans.
        Set in a beautiful location right on the shore of Loch Ness, this festival is billed as the only one with its own monster! Rockness tends to attract a younger clubbier sort of crowd although there are still many people who attend with children or babies. Many big name bands and DJs have played here including Fatboy Slim, The Feeling, Razorlight, Carl Cox and the line-up for next year includes The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx.
        Some downsides - The huge camp site can be along walk from the festival arena (although with an ample supply of alcohol you may not notice the distance) and we struggled a bit to actually find a space to pitch our tent when we camped in 2007. The road between the festival and Inverness quickly becomes choked with cars, buses and pedestrians before, during and after the festival which can mean long queues. The cost of food and drink is astronomical especially since you are not allowed to bring any in with you (bags are searched and only bottled water allowed) - I easily spent £70 a day by myself on food, drinks and merchandise stalls. The remote location and huge numbers attending means mobile phones are pretty much useless during the festival so meeting up with mates can be challenging.
        The problems of the first year of limited choice of drinks and food (maybe due to sponsorship deals?) seems to have been sorted with 2008 offering a huge selection of foods including the Argyll Specialist food tent and a variety of specialised sponsored bars.
        The problem of the portaloos which in 2007 were absolutely disgusting with many full by Saturday afternoon and not maintained also seemed to have been rectified in 2008. Walking to the further away loos helped to avoid long queues and blocked toilets although the best maintained by far were the Heilan' Loos so look out for them!


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