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The Wedding Singer Musical

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3 Reviews

Catch the UK tour scheduled to open at the Manchester Palace Theatre in February 2008. Jonathan Wilkes is expected to star in this production.

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    3 Reviews
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      08.06.2008 19:47



      I have to say that this musical is dreadfull the songs were completely forgettable and the acting was totally wooden, particularly by Johnathon Wilkes. It is obvious why he is best known as Robbie Williams best friend because he really doesn't have much star quality. He's not a bad singer or actor, just not outstanding. The first half of the show went on for over an hour and I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be an interval because it seemed to drag so much. I have to say the show did get better as it went along with the final scene on the plane been quite amusing, particulaly the Tina Turner lookalike. The show would have been better done in the actors own accents, it would have had more soul. Overall I was glad when the final curtain went down.


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      03.05.2008 14:23



      I thought it was bloody awful. The music was dire, it went on and on and on! It had so much potential but was wasted. It bore very little resemblance to the film. I think I would rather put pins in my eyes than have to sit through it again. The role of Julia was nothing like the role played by Drew Barrymore. I have never left a show early but would have left at the interval if my husband had let me!


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      05.03.2008 16:05
      Very helpful



      Fanstatic feel good love story set to music

      First of all I just want to clarify that this is my review of The Wedding Singer Musical, the Broadway adaptation of the film, which has now landed on British shores. I suggested this product after seeing it at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, I didn't see it actually on Broadway.

      The Story
      The Wedding Singer is based on the 1998 film of the same title, which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.
      Set in 1985 Robbie Hart is a the lead singer in a band which sing at weddings, he's engaged to Linda and very happy (or so he thinks). Julia is a waitress at the banqueting hall where she befriends Robbie and is herself waiting for her long term boyfriend , Glenn to pop the question. The next week Linda leaves Robbie at the alter and Glenn asks Julia to marry him. Glenn has got no time for wedding for wedding plans and Julia asks Robbie for help, it soon becomes apparent that Julia is with the wrong guy and she starts to fall for Robbie and vice versa. Robbie thinks there is noway he can compete with Glen after all he's just a wedding singer and Glen is a rich , successful banker.

      The Musical
      The musical opened on Broadway at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 27, 2006 and closed on December 31, 2006 after 284 performances. It was directed by John Rando, with choreography by Rob Ashford, and featured Stephen Lynch as Robbie. The Broadway version was nominated for 8 Tony awards, 8 Drama Desk Awards and 3 Drama League Award's
      The British version opened at Manchester's Palace Theatre on 22nd February 2008 and stars Jonathan Wilkes and Natalie Casey, it ran here until Saturday 1st March and will then begin a Nation wide tour before hitting the west end at the end of 2008.

      Differences From The Film
      In the film Robbie gives an old lady, Rosie singing and music lessons in the musical this is his grandmother.
      In the movie Robbie lives in his sisters basement but in the musical he lives in his grandmother's basement instead.
      Robbie's best friend , Sammy is a limosuine diriver in the film but in the musical he is a member of the band.
      In the film Julia's cousin, Holly and Sammy have a bit of a flirtation but in the musical version they are actually both major characters and another featured love story.
      In the musical Robbie goes to Glen for a job but in the film he just goes to an unrelated bank.
      Billy Idol isn't in this but instead the plain scene features Robbie on a plane going to a lookalike convention in Vegas so there is a fake Billy Idol instead.

      ACT 1
      * It's Your Wedding Day-Robbie and Company
      * Someday-Julia and Company
      * A Note From Linda-Linda
      * Pop-Holly, Julia, Glen and Company
      * Somebody Kill Me-Robbie
      * A Note From Grandma-Grandma Rosie
      * Casualty of Love-Robbie and Company
      * Come Out of the Dumpster-Julia and Robbie
      * Today You Are a Man-Sammy, George, and Robbie
      * George's Prayer-George
      * Not That Kind of Thing-Robbie, Julia, Clerk, and Company
      * Saturday Night in the City-Holly, Robbie, Julia, Glen and Company

      Act 2
      * All About the Green-Glen and Company
      * Someday (Reprise)-Julia
      * Right in Front of Your Eyes-Holly
      * Single-Sammy, George, Robbie and Company
      * If I Told You-Robbie and Julia
      * Let Me Come Home-Linda
      * If I Told You (Reprise)-Robbie
      * Move That Thang-Grandma Rosie, George and Company
      * Grow Old With You-Robbie and Julia
      * It's Your Wedding Day (Finale)-Robbie and Full Company

      Cast (British)
      Robbie Hart - Jonathan Wilkes
      Julia Sullivan - Natalie Casey
      Sammy - Simon Lipkin
      George- Nick Hayes
      Holly - Jodie Jacobs
      Glen Gulia - Stephen Webb
      Rosie - Tricia Deighton
      Linda- Camille Devine
      Angie - Carys Gray

      Tickets & Booking
      Booking was really easy. Althougth prices may vary from theatre to theatre tickets can be booked direct from the theatre of choice or you can book online or by telephone from Ticket master.
      we booked online through ticket master and were able to choose our own seats. Altogether for 2 tickets, booking fee, VAT and postage we paid £68 to sit on the circle.

      The Porgramme
      The programme cost £3 andis full of info on the cast and crew and also articles on marriage ond weddings. I was slightly dissapointed that the cover has the picture of the broadway stars on it not the British cast
      This ran in Manchester from 22nd Feb until 1st March but has now embarked on a tour of Britain.
      31/3/08 - 5/4/08 Bristol Hippodrome
      14/4/08- 19/4/08Birmingham Hippodrome
      19/5/08 -24/5/08 Edinburgh Playhouse

      My Experience
      Myself and Other half are massive fans of the film, The Wedding Singer, we put the DVD everytime we need a bit of a laugh cos it's totall feel good movie.
      One night inbetween christmas and new year we were watching telly and sharing a bottle (or 2) of wine when an ad appeared on telly for The Wedding Singer The Musical. The ad didn't really say much about it so we had a look online to see what we could find out. My partner wasn't too impressed when he found out Jonathan Wilkes was in it but I had seen him in Grease a couple of years before and he was good, so we went ahead and booked. The Grand Tier at the Palace Theatre was a bit out of our price range so we went for the circle seats instead. we booked through Ticket master online and I was really impressed with the service, the tickets were with us in 2 days.
      The day arrived and after the sitter arrived off we went, we had decided to drive into Manchester as on of our sons was ill we decided we wouldn't have a drink, just watch the show and come home. Parking was a bit of a problem, The Palace Theatre has a N.C.P car park it's multi storey but there is hardly any room to manovere, especially when you have an estate but we didn't know this until we were already in it. We eventually managed to get a space but on the way out we had to sit in the car for 15 minutes before we moved because of the queue to get out. It cost us £6 to park.
      The theatre staff were well organised and even at the consessions stand there wasn't much queuing.
      The staff clearly explained where the seats were and the easiest way to approach them but there really wasn't much leg room.
      Curtain up should've been at 7.30pm but it didn't start until everyone was in their seats at 7.50pm. Straight away it was fabulous and catchy and Jonathan Wlkes took to the role right away, all the costumes and hair styles were authentic 80's style and the dancers didn't put a foot wrong.
      I was slighty more worried about how Natalie Casey would take to the part of Julia as I'd only ever seen her in Hollyoaks and Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crips but I was genuinely impressed by her American accent and by her singing. I actually found this version funnier than film but was a little annoyed that they hadn't kept the song Love Stinks and used Casualty Of Love Instead. Also Come Out Of The Dumpster was rubbish (excuse the pun).
      I wondered how on earth they were going to work the plane scene with no Billy Idol but the Vegas look-like -convention was a stroke of genius and contained a few surprises too.
      The best song in whole musical was Note From Linda, sung by the character of Linda, who was more wacky in the musical than in the film.
      By the second act the audience was clearly loving it, there was loads of hand clapping, whistling and singing along.
      I've only ever been to two musicals, this and Grease but I enjoyed this one better, I think it willl appeal to everyone, it's fun, amusing and the story is really involving . The acting, singing and choerography are fantastic , they only slight moan I will have is I personally didn't think there was enough chemistry between the leads.
      Although quite family friendly there are a few F words in one of the songs, Somebody Kill Me sang by Robbie, apart from that there is nothing the whole family couldn't sit and watch.
      If your a fan of musicals or a fan of the Wedding Singer you should really try and catch this when it comes to a theatre near you.You don't have to have seen the film to watch it.


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