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Boots Terry Nappies

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Brand: Boots / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2009 16:44
      Very helpful



      Very disappointing from Boots

      On a recent trip to Boots, I noticed they had this 6 pack of terry squares, and because I needed some to replace a few of my old terries that were becoming raggy and a bit threadbare, I decided to buy a pack. The main reason I impulse bought them was because they were only £9.99 which didn't sound too bad for 6 nappies. And although the pack was sealed, it was a clear package so I could see that the nappies had a certain amount of 'fluff' to them.

      When I got them home I immediately opened the pack to examine them. My first impressions were good, they seemed of good quality, very fluffy, if a little bit thinner than my 'Zorbit' terries (see earlier review). They did have a perculiar smell to them though, but I was confident that this would come out in the wash, and I did wash them a few times before their first use, and the smell did disappear.

      When comparing them to my favourite Zorbit terry squares, they at first appeared thicker and better quality to the Zorbits, but on closer inspection I realised this was not the case. The Boots terries appear fluffier because the actual 'pile' of the fluff is longer so they look more fluffy, so although the 'pile' on the Zorbit nappies is shorter, they are much more densely packed so are thus better made and more absorbant and will therefore more likely last a lot longer.

      But when you consider the cost, you are getting what you pay for. For a 6 pack from Boots it was £9.99 which works out to be £1.66 per nappy. I paid £32 for a 12 pack of Zorbit nappies and this works out at £2.66 per nappy. So a pound cheaper for each nappy, I can't really complain at that, especially since I was just buying them as a top up supply.

      When I began using the Boots terries I was very impressed, they folded really well and worked extremely well with the nappy nippa (three-pronged fastening device). They also had good absorbancy and are adequate for at least 4 hours wear on my now 6 month old, they also work excellently over night with an additional booster pad.

      As I was working my way through the 6 pack, when I came to use the third nappy I realised it was not square and more rectangular in shape (this makes it quite difficult to fold into the nappy fold I use for my daughter), and I also noticed this was the same for one of the other nappies in the pack. So I got 4 squares and 2 rectangles. I was pretty disappointed with this because when you buy a pack of something, you expect them all to be the same. One of these rectangle shaped ones also had a lot of loose threads along the edge, which was also very disappointing.

      I didn't expect such poor workmanship from a retailer as highly regarded as Boots, but when I came to check the labels on the nappies I noticed they were made in Pakistan, not something I was particluarly impressed with - surely a company as high profile as Boots could source their nappies from somewhere in the UK.

      If all six nappies in the pack had been of the same size and same quality I would have been happy to give them my full recommendations as a good cheap nappy, and especially so since they are available on the high street - something which is not very common for reusable nappies.

      But because I was so disappointed to find a couple which were the wrong shape and also not made very well, I have to downgrade them, purely because it just isn't acceptable to have rubbish nappies hidden in a pack of six. If I was buying these nappies singly I would never pick up the rectangular shaped ones or the ones with threads hanging off, so why do they think I would be happy with them in a pack of six with 4 good ones and 2 rubbish ones? It's beyond me.


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      Soft and absorbent. Ideal for baby's skin.

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