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Botanics Gentle & Mild Baby Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Boots Botanics / Type: Baby Cleansing wipes

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2012 00:29
      Very helpful



      I've deffinitely found my new staple face wipe ... now for the rest of my make-up bag

      I am going through a faze currently of making sure all my products are animal friendly and contain no parabens, so as you can imagine Im backwards and forwards to Boots searching the aisles, reading the back of the packets. I have looked at the Botanics range quite a bit recently, however didn't know they did face wipes; I accidently stumbled across them in the baby isle and once I checked the ingredients I whacked them into my basket as a thumbs up.

      ~~ Brand ~~

      Botanics is in my eyes the Boots version of Origins, their packaging styles and overall belief in 'the power of plants' seem very similar; with Boots Botanics however being more affordable. I just checked out the website of the company and garden that supplies the plants and it looks very well established indeed. Due to the brand Botanics, being a line from Boots, they don't have a website, nor do they actual state on their packaging whether they animal test or not. I'm going to say I really hope they don't as they seem a very good eco based brand, however I'll be writing them to find out.

      ~~ The Wipes ~~

      Now the beauty of these wipes over others of all brands on the market is that these are biodegradeable, so can be put into your normal waste bag, or better still popped into a composter; if you have one of these. They softly clense, have Linden flower for soothing and Calendula that protects aswell. They are hypoallergenic and alcohol free; so far so good eh. These wipes are found in the baby section of Boots and are labelled up as their 'Baby gentle & mild clensing wipes'; I don't have children currently and so use these to remove makeup on an evening, or as a freshen up, however I think these would be a very product for use on children also.

      Now I have a thing about buying face wipes, I love it when the packet is brand new and all nice and neat in it's little rectangle shape. I tried these for the first time earlier on and on actually using them was the tipping point for me and is why these are my new go to face wipe. Basically the wipes is a good quality thickness, so doesn't start to 'fray' between the material as your using it. The scent is fresh and smells clean, without it being over powering, I think these wipes are actually fragrance free so your purely getting the natural scent of the flowers and plants used to make them. The best for me about using the wipe is that previosuly on my 'Simple' branded ones I found that as I wiped it around my face it started to wrinkle up on it's self and it was like wiping my face with a rolled up moist tissue. Were as with these beauties you get use of all the wipe and so can get some good swipes of it around your face... (I hope this is making sense ladies)

      ~~ Price & repurchasing ~~

      Now Boots tend to always have 3 for 2 offers on which is a good way to bring the price down, the wipes on their own are priced at £2.35 for 60. Considering how good these are they are well worth the money, and I will deffinitely be repurchasing. I often find it hard to find a propduct I really like and buy it again, however this product has changed that, I just checked online and they are currently out of stock, so they must be doing something right!


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