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Little Lamb Fleece Nappy Liners

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Brand: Little Lamb / Type: Nappy Liners

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    2 Reviews
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      20.01.2014 09:56
      Very helpful
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      If you use cloth nappies then you'll want to use these

      If you use reusable nappies then, unless the nappy comes with one built-in, you are likely to find yourself using liners. A liner forms a layer between the wet nappy and baby's skin, draws moisture away from the skin (and into the nappy) and make the disposal of poop a lot easier. When I first started using cloth nappies on my then two year, I used the disposable, paper version, but after trying these Little Lamb Fleece Liners in my now ten week old son's nappies I was converted, never to go back to scratchy paper.

      One of these wonderfully soft liners is supplied with each shaped Little Lamb nappy, with spares being available in a pack of ten for just £6. One slight disappointment is that the liners are only available to fit the size one and two Little Lamb nappies and not size three, meaning that I cannot buy exact replacements for my three year old boy's night time nappies, although Little Lamb do say that they are suitable for use with all nappy systems.

      Brand new these liners are fluffy to the extreme and I have to admit that I rather like the sensation of stroking them (when clean of course). Made of a similar material to fleece blankets, these liners are designed to go between the nappy and baby's skin, where being water repellent they draw the moisture away from the skin and into the nappy and/or booster pad. Being made of a synthetic material the liners do not need repeated pre-washing before use, a single wash is enough to remove any residue and prepare these rectangles for use and they come out of the washing machine virtually dry.
      I've been using the size one version of these liners with Baby JJ's two part nappies for about eight weeks now and am very happy with their performance. As they are so soft and fluffy, I am very happy for them to be next to his delicate bottom and they do a great job at keeping his bottom dry. I can't say that these liners are capable of holding all of his poop away from the nappy, but Baby JJ is breastfed and produces some epic, explosive, bright yellow, runny poops and they do manage to contain the majority of it.

      Big Brother wears the size three nappies at night and these came with some much larger versions of these liners. With his far more grown up poop, the liners catch all the poop 99% of the time, with only the occasional leakage. Something I have noticed with Big Brother is that disposable nappies tend to leave him sore to the point of blistering, with this rash being considerably reduced when using cloth nappies with paper liners and virtually eliminated using these liners. If he's given a choice between wearing a disposable, nappy with paper liner or nappy with one of these liners he will choose these every time.

      While I just stick Baby JJ's liners in the nappy bucket no matter if they have poop on or not, I do have to deal with Big Brother's poopy liners in a slightly different manner. Any solids need to be flicked off the liner into the toilet and very occasionally the liner needs to be held in the toilet while flushing before it is placed in the nappy bucket. Either way the liners are then washed with the rest of the nappies (in my case I start with a rinse then give them a 40 degree wash with an Ecoegg). Most of the time the liners have come out of the wash without any staining, but there has been a rare occasion that a yellow (or brown) stain has been left behind. When this happens I simply place the liners on a window sill and the sun does a fantastic job of bleaching them over the course of a day.

      Some of these liners have been used well over twenty times now and while they are still white and fluffy and do a fantastic job, you can tell that they've seen a fair amount of action. Still they are brilliant value, coming in at just 60p a liner, they only need to be used less than 25 times to have made a saving on the Little Lamb Paper Liners (£3.50/100 liners). While I could probably make my own liners by buying a cheap fleece blanket and cutting it into rectangles, I do love how super soft and fluffy these are and so am recommending them to anyone who uses cloth nappies, with my only gripe being that they do not sell the size three separately.


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        13.11.2011 16:33
        Very helpful



        Perfect soft liner for cloth nappies

        For some of my cloth nappies I need to use liners. I started off using the paper liners, however, I find that the paper ones stick to my little girls bum and smears her poop all over. After a bit of investigation, I found that fleece liners are designed to wick liquid away from the baby's bum and absorbs the poop better, to keep the baby's bum drier than with paper.

        ~ Cost and Availability ~

        I got these from "Fill Your Pants" website for £6.95 for a pack of 10. I've not seen them in any high street shop. However they are available from a number of online nappy retailers for around £5-£7 for a pack of 10.

        ~ The Product ~

        The liners are made from a cotton fleece which is quite a long pile making them quite furry. They are really soft and cosy against baby's bum.

        They come in two sizes:
        - Size 1 = 0 - 9 months (7lb-20lb) which measure 11.5cm * 30cm
        - Size 2 = 9 months to potty (20lb - 38lb) which measure 14cm * 35cm

        I have size 1 and they perfectly fit in loads of my nappies. They are rectangular straight sided and not shaped like some liners are. They are quite thin, so will not add any bulk to your nappy.

        They are designed to quickly wick any liquid away from baby's skin to reduce nappy rash. They are also extremely soft and cozy, I feel I have to stroke my face with them every time I pick one up! (clean!).

        As my little girl is still exclusively breast fed her poop is still rather runny, and I find that some of my nappy's don't absorb the poop, however, these do a great job of this. They also keep any mess away from the expensive washable nappies, reducing the chance of staining on the nappies, extending their life.

        These will also be useful when we move onto solids and her poop gets denser, as you can tip any solids into the toilet and put the liner into the wash.

        These liners come in a bright white colour.

        With the paper liners which cost around £4 you will get through a pack of 100 in 1-2 weeks, so these will save you money in the long run. As they are very well made they will last a very long time (probably multiple babies). I have two sets now (20 liners) for full time use. Also they do a much better job than the paper liners.

        Just one little problem I found, the packs of 10 come bundled together and tied with a little green satin ribbon with the Little Lamb label, however, I noticed that my pack only contained 9. I contacted the retailer and they sent the extra out immediately, just have a quick count when you receive them!

        ~ Washing ~

        I put them in my nappy bucket with the rest of the cloth nappies and wash in a big load. I do not pre-soak as they don't need it. I wash on 60C on an intensive cycle.

        These liners have been used regularly with bright runny breastfed poop which normally stains everything and they are still bright white (it has surprised me).

        They do not need to be tumble dried as after a fast spin they come out completely dry.

        After washing these liners still feel as soft as when I bought them, with no piling or degrading of the materials at all.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        These are the most scrummy soft liners I have ever felt, and are so cosy against my little girls bum. I would recommend these to anyone who needs to use liners in their cloth nappies.

        ## Update ##

        After using these continuously for about 8-9 months, these are still as good as new! They do feel a lot softer when tumble dried, but are still soft when line/radiator dried. There is still no piling, pulling apart of the materials and they have gone through loads of washes, some at 90C. They are well worth the money!


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