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Lollipop Micro Polar Fleece Cloth Nappy

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Brand: Lollipop / Type: Nappies

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2009 00:06



      a good nappy for your stash but not for full time use

      This is one of many 2 part nappies in my collection of cloth. I wanted to try all that I could to see what worked best in the early days. The microfleece nappy was one of my favourites and always the first one I grabbed if it was clean.
      The best thing about this nappy in my opinion was the fit. With a skinny and tiny little girl I found this nappy best for fit. It hardly took up any space at all, and looked the most comfortable on her. It also fit nicely on my slightly larger and wider son.
      The dry time is fantastic- it's pretty much dry about an hour after coming out of the washing machine- faster than any other nappy I own.
      The drawback of this one for me is the absorbency. It gets really wet very fast and while this was ok on my daughter it didn't last more than an hour on my heavy wetter constantly feeding son.
      We chose not to get more of them, but I do still love it for occasional use.


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      15.11.2008 22:11
      Very helpful



      A great little nappy that does the job and looks cute at the same time.

      When I decided I wanted to use cloth nappies with my third child, I had imagined learning to fold terry towelling nappies, fiddling with safety pins and a lot of scrubbing before washing.

      I was amazed when I discovered how much real nappies have evolved. We have a "Cloth Nappy Lady" in our area. She gives demonstrations of a huge range of nappies either in her own home or yours, so we booked a demonstration and popped along to her house where we were made to feel very welcome.

      At the beginning of the session, we were asked to fill out a short questionnaire. It asked questions such as our reasons for using cloth nappies, our budget, what drying facilities we had etc. The purpose was to assist in helping us choose the right nappies for us. In the end, we were recommended the Motherease One Size Nappies, however, it was suggested that we also purchase one or two of these Lollipop Micro Polar Fleece nappies as well. The reason being that we don't have a tumble drier and the Micro Polar Fleece nappies are much quicker drying than the Motherease ones.

      The Micro Polar Fleece is a shaped nappy and it fastens in the same was as a disposable nappy would - with velcro coming from the back at either side and stick at the front. They come in two different sizes, 7-16lb and 16-35lb. There are several velcro tabs so that you can have them tighter for little babies or larger for when they're a bit bigger. They are (obviously) made from fleece and so are very soft to the touch. The fleece material also means that wetness is drawn away from the skin, so the babys skin is better protected.

      The smaller size of these nappies comes with a seperate fleece booster and the larger size comes with a fleece booster sewn in. This makes the nappies very absorbant, however, I wouldn't recommend these overnight for heavy wetters.

      Our daughter was 7lb 8oz when she was born and I found due to her size I needed to use these nappies more than anticipated, as the Motherease nappies were very big and bulky on a baby of this size. For this reason, we bought some more of these nappies and I really don't know what we'd have done without them. They really do dry quickly. If it's a nice day outside, these nappies can be dry in the space of half an hour. On the radiator, they take about 20 minutes and I've even had to dry one with a hairdryer once, which only took about 5 minutes.

      I use the Micro Polar Fleece nappies with disposable paper liners. With this method they wash up very well, none of them have any marks or stains on them.

      We used these with our Motherease outer wraps and rarely have any leakages - the occassional one in the morning if it's not changed as soon as we get up, but we are talking after 12+ hours here.

      When we bought these originally we bought them in claret, which is a deep red, however I don't think you can get this colour anymore and instead have the choice of mint, lavender or cream. Our larger nappies are cream and they are really cute.

      These nappies cost £7.50 each individually. When we ordered our first ones they were on a buy one get one free offer, so it's worth looking out for these kinds of offers.

      There are also 2 packs available. The first contains 15 nappies, 6 wraps and a roll of 200 liners for £145. The second contains 5 nappies, 1 cover and a roll of 200 liners and a wet nappy bag for £47.50.

      Overall, I would highly recommend these nappies to anyone looking to buy and use cloth nappies.


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    • Product Details

      Lollipop uses modern fabrics to combine great absorbency with a slim fit and a super quick dry time.

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