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Nappy Nation No Fold Terry

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Brand: Nappy Nation / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2007 16:04
      Very helpful



      Shaped absorbent nearly bombproof nappy that dries mere minutes longer than a terry

      When choosing a cloth nappy, these days there are a lot of options out there for parents. Like many products, there is not only a wide array of styles, but types. You have your pocket style nappy, your all in ones, your flat nappies, and the shaped nappy.

      Shaped nappies tend to be a big favourite with parents as the there is no folding involved, and usually there is elastic at the legs and waist to help hold in explosive leaks of the smelly kind. During the summer months, this is just fine, as the multiple layers tend to dry just fine on the line though it can take all day, and in thicker types, perhaps just need a small amount of finishing off in the tumble drier. But what if you prefer to not use a tumble drier, or plain don't have one? In that case, in the past, and even today, many parents turn to disposables. This however, is a waste of money, when simply buying the right nappy the first time, or to replace the too long drying ones, can easily solve the problem.

      Okay, so let's say this is you:

      1. No tumble drier or prefer not to use one as much as possible

      2. Prefer a shaped nappy

      3. Want the option of cotton or bamboo

      4. Like to have the choice of nippa, pins, or velcro fastening

      5. prefer a British made product

      6. Do not wish to spend an extortionate amount

      7. needs to fit under your preferred wraps

      8. easily boosted for going out or night time

      9. would like to be able to use the same nappy all through the nappy stages

      If this sounds like you, I can share what I found to be quite nearly THE perfect cloth nappy. It is the Nappy Nation No Fold nappy, and comes in both cotton or bamboo terry. You also have a choice of getting it aplix (vecro type) fastening, or nippa/pin fastening. It is slim fitting, highly absorbent, with hidden elasticaion both at the legs and the back, so senstive babies do not suffer a reaction from the nylon elastic. It comes in three sizes, but you can get away with just buying two sizes, as the size 2 can have the front folded down for smaller infants.

      What makes this nappy so different is that it requires no origami to fold it, yet the soaker pad bit unfurls so that the result is a shaped , absorbent nappy that dries nearly as fast as a flat terry. I have pegged this nappy onto a sock airer in winter, allowed to dry overnight, and never been disappointed. This was in spite of the fact that my old bathroom was quite cold at night during the winter, as it had a tile floor and a huge single glazed window over the bath. On warm, not hot days, I have had these dry on the line in under 2 hours, and on cool days with a breeze, in under 3.

      The nappy is made right here in the UK, so environmentally concious parents can be happy with fewer airmiles, and if choosing the bamboo fabric option, can feel a bit smug about the lower environmental impact as bamboo is a very eco friendly crop. Indeed, the bamboo terry gives another reason for parents to be happy as well, as it is actually more absorbent than cotton, so ideal for heavier wetters. For children who can wee for England, a slim microfibre or bamboo booster pad is all that is actually needed to add maximum absorbency for overnighters. So slim fitting is this nappy, that I have used it successfully with wraps designed for prefolds, and had no issues whatsoever. This means that that cute High Street outfit grandma went ahead and purchased can actually get a look in, without the need for a disposable in order to wear it.

      I myself prefer the nippa version of this nappy. I have tried both fastening types, but find the natural slight stretch to the fabric means the nippa verion fits longer about the waist than an aplix fastening one, as I can "pin" it further out if desired. Fit wise, I can give another accolade to this nappy. Baby 1 was a fat little butterball. The size 1 I was given fit from birth right up to about 6 months of age, without leaving marks on her legs, leaks, or any other issues. Baby 2 was a scrawny, long little fellow with pipestem legs, and again, this nappy adjusted easily to fit thanks to the nippa version being more positionable. Baby 2 also had GERD and other problems, and was prone to some rear volcanic activity, but the nappy performed well beyond my expecations, with nary a leak. This is actually more than I can say for name brand disposables we got as samples through the post.

      Since it is fast air drying, you can get away with only needing 10-12 of each size. So if you wish to make the most of your money, you can get 10 size 2 and fold down the front from birth, so that the nappy will fit and be of use well past age 1. From about age 1, you will need another 10 size 3's. These sell for about £10 apiece, so £100 plus the cost of some wraps will last you a year. This may seem like a lot, until you tot up the cost of disposables over the same period, and the fact that if you plan on using these on more than one child, the next child nappies free. Alternatively, the actual cost can be reduced by selling on the bustling second hand nappy market, where these get snapped up pretty quick. Indeed, you can also save yourself some pennies by getting these second hand as well. The stage 3 nappy still fits my son at night at 4 years of age, so you definitely get your money's worth! Many cloth nappies do not go up to size 3 either, so choosing this nappy means you don't have the problems with having to hunt down a new type of nappy once junior gets too large for the infant sizes.

      As I have said, I mainly used these with wraps designed for prefolds. Even boosted, these suffered no leaks when using such a wrap. I used the Junior Joy wraps (Ebay, 2 wraps for £5) and the Bummis Superwhisper wrap (now Tommy Tippee), as well as the Tots Bots fleece wrap for at night. Nappy Nation also make their own wraps, but I cannot comment on these, as I have not tried them. I can also add that wraps for shaped nappies also fit without gaping, as I have also used the Motherease and Tots Bots PUL wraps over these. So if you are a parent who resorted to sposies on wet or cold days, and you have wraps for fitted nappies, adding some of these to your collection will save you some money as well.

      For the cloth nappy initiate, I can also verify these are simple to put on. Place under baby, pull the middle bit up between the legs, bring the sides over, and fasten. If using a wrap suitable for prefolds, and you have a nippa fastening type wrap, you do not even need to fasten, as the wrap will hold the nappy securely in place.

      Washing these is a breeze. Simply pop into the washer with half the normal recommended amount of detergent, and wash at 40-60 degrees. Do not EVER use a fabric softener on it, unless it is the type specifically for terry towels to increase or presefve their absorbency (Sainsbury's do one quite cheap) as softerners place a coating on the fibres, and will cause cloth nappies to repel water over time instead of absorb it. Then line dry, or give it a tumble in the drier, your choice.

      You can purchase these from several places online. You can visit Ebay, second hand nappy auctions sites, or buy from Twinkle on the Web as well as Plushpants. Nappy Nation also do their own website. A quick Google will give you a link direct to these shops, and I have purchased from these myself with no problems. The nappies (and wraps) are also available via Plushpants for their nappy trial rental scheme for £1 a week (see their website for details).

      Bottom line:
      Get these and never have to resort to disposables due to lack of drying space and time. The cost is nearly identical to other shaped, traditional cloth nappies, but with far greater versatility and more options as to style, making this ideal for nearly everyone.


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    • Product Details

      This clever nappy has the benefits of a shaped and fitted nappy, Aplix hook and loop fastening, with the advantage of a quick drying time not much slower than flat terries. Made in the UK from a fluffy white terry to a patented design, it consists of flap

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