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Nappy Needs Blueberry One Size Pocket Nappy

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Brand: Nappy Needs / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 15:37
      Very helpful



      Lovely nappy to look at but it doesn't work, so no good!

      These nappies are fairly new on the market and seeing as though I'm testing a few different types of pocket nappy at the moment, I thought I would give these a go seeing as though they look so cute!

      I have tried them on both my 4 month old and my 2 year old so they fit a good size range!

      The nappy consists of an outer layer made from a laminated minky (what ever that is) fabric which is so so so soft to touch, even after several washes it has retained its softness, and then there is an inner layer of fleece. These two layers form a pocket into which you stuff your absorbant material. This particular nappy comes supplied with it's own insert which is part microterry and part hemp.

      The nappy is a One Size nappy which means it can be used from birth right up to potty training. This is because there is a row of poppers along the front of the nappy which means you can adjust the height of the nappy to coincide with the size of your child. You secure the nappy onto your child using a hook and loop (velcro) fastening on the front, which makes for a quick and easy nappy change (especially on wriggling toddlers).

      I was really impressed with the strength of the velcro, you really have to pull at it to get it undone, so I don't think I need to worry about my toddler getting this nappy off when my back is turned!

      There are also laundry tabs inside the nappy where you can fix the velcro tabs before putting in the wash to ensure they don't snag on anything else that might be in there with them.

      The legs of the nappy are well elasticated but are covered in the minky & fleece fabric so it's really soft against your baby's legs but is also a good snug fit. I really liked this part because my daughter suffers when I put her other nappies on too tight, but these just seem to cling to the shape of her legs and leave no red marks.

      The absorbancy is really good, even with just the one insert (I will try and describe this). It is about 70cm long, the hemp part being 40cm and the microterry part being 30cm (approx). It is 13cm wide. There are 3 rows of poppers so once you have folded the insert you can adjust to the size required, small, medium or large, depending on what setting you have the nappy on. It's really slim but really absorbant so it makes the nappy have a slimline look.

      On the first couple of uses we experienced leakages, but this was due to me being too eager and not washing before using (you are supposed to wash reusable nappies a few times before the first use). So once it had been through the washer 4 or 5 times it really started to work excellently.

      They wash really well, I've been washing them at 40 degrees and line drying. I was surprised at how quick the insert dries outside, even at this time of year. If I peg them out at about 7am they are usually dry by midday. The outer layer only takes an hour or two - amazing!

      Another good point about this is that it looks so damn cute on her botty.

      There are loads of different designs, the picture on here just shows a boring red one, but we currently have a blue, yellow & green spotty one and a lilac & pink spotty one. Other designs include animal prints, other spottys, camouflage...all really cute.

      The downer is that they are not cheap (from about £19 upwards I think)

      ********UPDATE JULY 2010**********

      Since I wrote this review, I have experienced decreasing success with these nappies. They are very prone to leakages, mainly around the leg area. Sometimes they can leak after my daughter has only done 1 wee, I have been experiencing this for 6 months or more and never has my daughter been able to wear this nappy for longer than an hour and half without it leaking. Sometimes I really stuff it full to maximise absorbancy, but it still leaks!!! This happened with both my children, so it can't be down to how it fits.

      I don't usually use these nappies unless I really have to, and then sometimes I just put a disposable on my daughter if I have nothing else because I can't be bothered with the leaks.

      I wouldn't recommend this nappy, despite my initial thoughts in this review, and especially since they are so expensive.


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    • Product Details

      The nappy has two rows of popper snaps on the front to adjust the rise of the nappy to fit smaller babies. The outer layer is laminated and waterproof keeping wetness in with an inner layer of high quality microfleece to draw moisture into the nappy and away from babies skin.

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