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Pudgies Unscented Baby Wipes

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4 Reviews

Brand: Pudgies / Type: Wipes

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    4 Reviews
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      13.05.2011 23:23



      I always use these wipes and buy them in bulk.

      I love these wipes. Why spend £3 on something your going to throw away the second after youve used it when you can get the same for 50p. I buy mine from Home Bargains never seen them anywhere else.

      These wipes may not look good quality but compared to others for the same price there is no competition.
      They are unscented so you don't have the problem of having to smell a not so nice fragrence for a whole pack of baby wipes. Some parents may worry that as an unknown brand there could be problems but Ihave never had any issues. They have never caused any irritation to my child or myself.

      They are quite large about the same as a Jhonsons baby wipe and the same wettness. The only problem I would say is they are a bit thin which can be a pain because they fold over to easily when your using them. I use them for changing time and cleaning up spills and sticky hands as you would any other wipe.


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      10.11.2010 21:32
      Very helpful



      A good price for household cleaning wipes

      These are good baby wipes for cleaning the house with but I rarely use them on my baby.

      I buy these regularly and pay about 50p for a pack which is great value for money.

      I use these to dust with quite often as they leave surfaces clean and dust free and I also like to have them on hand to clean up any mess my toddler makes as I can use them to clean floors and pick up crumbs. I think for the money they are essential to have for everyday use around the house.

      I only use them at nappy changing time in an emergency though. These wipes feel very thin and you can instantly tell that they are not a good quality wipe by their thickness. They are so thin that I think they feel a little bit rough so wouldn't want to use them on my baby's skin. Another thing that lets these wipes down is the fact that they are quite dry and are not wet enought to clean a baby's bum effectively. I think I would end up using lots more of these wipes than a more expensive brand because it would take several of them to do the same job.

      The fact that they are quite dry works well when using them to dust though as it doesn't leave surfaces wet but leaves them clean and dust free.

      I would recommend them for cleaning up everyday spills around the house though as you don't need something fancy for this purpose and so these work perfectly for me in that respect.


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      20.05.2010 13:21
      Very helpful



      A great product at a great price

      I have 3 young children and go through a lot of baby wipes. These are consitently the cheapest wipes that I have very bought. They are regularly stocked in Home and Bargain for the very reasonable price of 59p a pack - even supermarket own brands are priced higher than that now.
      The packaging is a thick type of plastic cellophane, purple and white with the Pudgies branding and a picture of a teddy bear. There is a perforated circular hole in the top of the pack, which once open has a sticky resealable tab so that your wipes will stay fresh.
      There are 72 wipes in the pack which I think is quite generous as most wipes have only 63 per pack. Each wipe opens out to be about 5 inches by 8 inches in size.
      They are not the thickest of wipes, but they are quite strong and I have always found that they do the job as well as any of the premium brands.
      They are fragrance free and dermatologically tested. I've used these regularly on my children from a very young age and never had any kind of allergic reaction.
      They are great to use at nappy changes and are also soft enough to use on babies and childrens faces.
      I don't see the point of spending more money on a bigger branded product when this one does the job just as well, so unless a cheaper product comes along I'll be buying these for a long time to come.


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      27.04.2010 00:50
      Very helpful



      A wipe that stays wet at an affordable cost with added benefits of crinkles

      Since before having my now four year old daughter I have bought many of brands of baby wipes and these wipes have far got to be the best whilst also being the cheapest I have found.

      The first time I purchased them was from Poundland for yes a £1 , but a few weeks later I spotted them in Home Bargains for 59p so I now get them from there religiously every week now.


      As well as the picture shown here which is the fragrance free product , they come in a yellow and purple packet to which is the scented range. With a picture of a teddy bear on the top .

      Both have that crinkly feel of thin plastic , which is a huge advantage for when I was out and about with my baby girl for the first two years as the feel , sound and texture kept her little hands and feet entertained for ages , especially when I wanted to chat to people , chuck her the packet and I would get five minutes silence other than the crinkle noise.

      On first glance you see a sticky tab you can re seal on the top , unlike the plastic ones you find on other wipes .

      So after alot of use the stickiness does seem to loose its effect most times, yet the wipes still stay fresh and damp throughout { unless you place them in front of the fire }
      Which I find amazing as others I have tried in the past normally dry out too quickly and I used to have to wet them under a running tap to regain the wetness again , Until I found Pudgies.

      As the packaging is light , small and flexible they fit into most handbags , baby carriers, trolleys / prams , car glove compartments, bathroom drawer , school bag , and handy to have lying around in the kitchen too.

      ---------------Uses ------------------

      Not only are these the best wipes I have ever bought , due to the extreme wetness of each and every 72 wipes included in the packet compared to other more expensive brands .

      I have committed to parting my money with in the past I find endless uses for these to get my moneys worth so here is just a few ways I use them and why I buy two packets a week and still have some left over :

      Wiping all those chocolate stained face bits off my daughter , and other dirt and grime she attracts to her body when she pokes her fingers into anything that is remotely sticky looking when we are just about to leave the house or in a public place.

      Suitable for when my daughter was a baby for all mothers uses
      Cleaning make up off
      Having a quick wipe over my shoes
      Quickly wiping spills off hard surfaces
      Wiping down my leather sofa
      Wiping ash trays clean
      Wiping down the dash and mirrors inside the car
      Cleaning anything that has grubby marks on or around it

      The reason why I find so many uses for these is because they are suitable for babies they do not contain any harmful chemicals that would damage things unlike some cleaning products.

      --------------- What it states ------------------------

      The Fragranced packet I have only contains some English as the rest is another language I think Spanish but I am unsure . However it reads :

      Manufactured in the EU and is a trademark of Nice - Pak International Ltd , Aber Park , Flint , CH6- 5EX

      Contains :
      Aqua , Polysorbate 20 , Parfum , Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol , Methylparben , Proplparaben , 2 - Bromo -2 - Nitropropane - 1 , 3 -Diol

      Lightly Fragranced
      Dermatologically tested
      Kind enough for hands and faces
      Ideal for use at home or on the move

      Avoid direct contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse with water.

      -------------------Overall -----------------------

      I have found these an everyday use in life now and find them a better alternative than the branded names available in shops , with a much cheaper price tag . Whilst keeping little ones happy with Crinklyness .


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