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Pure Potions Lavender Nappy Salve

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Brand: Pure Potions

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2013 12:51
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Pure Potions lavender nappy salve

      I am a little ashamed to admit it but I seem to have a small shopping addiction to buying different types of nappy cream, and my daughter doesn't even have nappy rash all that often. I am a big fan of buying bathroom products that try and use natural ingredients as far as possible and I am no different with my daughter - although I love the smell of the Johnson's baby nappy cream. I actually first stumbled across the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve when I was sent a free sample with some cloth nappies that I was buying. And from the moment I took the lid off the tiny sample pot and smelt the natural lavender fragrance I knew I was hooked and have since bought two of the larger tubs.

      When you first open the tub of Pure Potions lavender nappy salve you are hit with a really pleasant lavender scent, it's not an overly strong fragrance but it is unmistakably lavender. The nappy salve itself looks a little generic but it is just lovely when applied to any skin. As I mentioned I have actually bought two larger tubs of the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve after trying the sample pot because I wanted one tub to act as a dribble rash salve and the other tub as a nappy salve. Personally, I didn't really like the idea of mixing face products with bum products, especially after having cleaned up some spectacularly poopy nappies.

      As a nappy salve: -

      So far we have been quite lucky and my daughter hasn't really had any nappy rash or very little and she hasn't had any since we moved from using disposable nappies onto fluffy reusable cloth nappies. But I still like to use some sort of nappy salve or cream on her bum just to make sure she doesn't develop any nappy rash and to keep that area of delicate skin in lovely condition. She does also get some irritated skin areas in between the creases of skin in her legs, which I think is just because her skin does get continual damp there. But so far with using the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve every time I notice a little red patch it seems to clear up almost immediately and we've had no real problems.

      As a dribble rash salve: -

      I would probably be tempted to look for a different nappy salve after I have used the current tub of Pure Potions, but I would continue to buy it again because of how great it has worked as a dribble rash cream. Initially my health advisor suggested using Vaseline around my little one's neck and chin, both of which were red, chapped and looking a little sore. However, with Vaseline as great as it is I personally didn't find it all that great as a dribble rash salve mostly because it didn't sink into the skin and it smeared all over her clothes, hands and me. Whereas the Pure Potions lavender salve has a much lighter texture and does still provide a bit of a barrier between the skin and the drool but it also sinks into the skin relieving some of the red soreness and generally just gives the skin some relief and time to heal. I really couldn't believe the difference in my daughters rather irritated skin after only a couple of days use and even now with her skin in a much better condition I will continue to use the salve and have never since had any real problems. Yes her skin does occasionally still get irritated and look a little sore but nothing like the chapped harsh red skin that had me a little worried. Her neck and the problem skin creases also have healed and no longer look like they might turn into sores.

      Other uses for the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve can include: -

      I have also been using the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve to treat my daughters quite mild cradle cap and although it hasn't completely cleared, it has been looking better than it was.

      I have also been stealing the odd bit of the Pure Potions lavender salve to use as a nipple cream if I haven't any Lansinoh Lanolin to hand, and although it isn't as good it will do the job in a pinch.

      And finally I have also been using the Pure Potions lavender salve as a lip balm and it's by far one of the best lip balms that I have ever used.

      So what makes the Pure Potions lavender salve all that special? As far as I am aware the key ingredients of Pure Potions lavender nappy salve is of course lavender and beeswax. Lavender is one of my favourite natural scents but lavender is also known for its relaxing, healing and antiseptic qualities and its ability to help with inflamed skin. Making it ideal for nappy rash, dribble rash or just keeping my baby's skin soft and healthy looking while making her even nicer to smell. Whereas, Beeswax helps to form an anti bacterial barrier protecting the baby soft skin from moisture which can further aggravate nappy or dribble rash.

      There is no denying it, the Pure Potions lavender salve is quite expensive and typically retails for £8.99 for a 60 ml tub. But I like the salve so much that I wouldn't hesitate to order another tub of this when ours looks a little low. However, even a small looking 60 ml tub does seem to last quite a while because really a little of the salve does go a long way.

      I'm not really one for discussing packaging but I will say that Pure Potions have made a sturdy little tub with a well fitting lid and I have certainly had no problems throwing it and carting it around in a very messy and over filled changing bag. I have also had a few people comment on the salve so between the packaging and fragrance it seems to be well received.

      If it hasn't been clear from my review I really love the Pure Potions lavender nappy salve and it comes highly recommend from me and my little bundle of joy.

      Definitely five out of five stars.  


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