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Slinki Minki Pocket Nappy

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Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2009 15:03
      Very helpful



      Good for night times

      This is the 3rd type of pocket nappy I have bought over the last few months, and I now have enough to cover my elder daughter's nap times without panicking about doing a wash of nappies every day.

      I chose this one because it was relatively cheap (£11.99 for a large from kittykins.co.uk) and it came without stuffing which meant I could get some use out of the old terry squares I have knocking about the place. It also comes in a variety of different designs and colours which is very appealing to my taste! I actually opted for the one that is shown in the pic because my daughter loves creepy crawlies and this is covered in bees and butterflies.

      They also come in three sizes, small (9-15lb), medium (14-20lb) and large (18-40lb), I opted for large because my daughter is about 25lb.

      The actual nappy has a soft fleece fabric outer and this same material also lines the inside. Inbetween the outer and inner is a PUL lining which ensures no leaks. There is an opening at the top on the back and this is the entrance to the pocket where you stuff your absorbant material. The whole nappy is really well made and I think it would be very comfortable to wear as although the legs are gently elasticated, there is no elastic showing, so everything that touches your baby's skin is soft.

      It fastens with large velcro tabs at the front.

      When I was reading up about this particular nappy it stated that it would suit a slim toddler which was another point in it's favour because my daughter is rather slim for a two year old with quite long slender legs, and some nappies do appear quite bulky on her, so I thought this would be perfect.

      When it arrived my initial thoughts were that it was quite bulky, there appeared to be a lot of thick material and I thought it would be too big for my daughter. But once we tried it on her it seemed to fit fine, and although she still had the 'nappy swagger' she wasn't restricted in anyway. But we found that fitting her pyjama bottoms over the top was quite difficult because the amount of material was just too much and they just would not stretch around it.

      Because this nappy comes without the stuffing, you can choose how much or how little you can put into it, depending on the occasion. And also because the 'pocket' is quite generous you can fill it with quite a lot of stuff, so it is quite ideal for a heavy wetter! I just use an old terry square for daytime naps, and a terry square plus booster for overnight, both combinations work fine and we have not experienced any leaks so far.

      The washing instructions tell you to turn the nappy inside out and fix the velcro tabs in place to ensure these don't snag on anything whilst going through the washer. So this is exactly what I did and although the tabs stayed in position, the quality of the nappy deteriorated after the first wash. There was already signs of bobbling and the nappy had also picked up a lot of fluff from the terry nappies that had also been in the wash.

      However, this has not affected the performance of the nappy which I suppose is the main thing.

      So I can recommend this nappy because it is relatively cheap (if you already have stuffing material), and it looks cute, due to the range of lovely designs, and it also functions very well. You can also adjust the absorbancy to suit your needs.

      The only two disappointments I really felt was how the quality (or appearance) went downhill after the first wash, and the bulkiness - I would not recommend this for everyday wear if your child is in nappies all the time. In my opinion, a nappy such as this one is best saved for bedtimes.


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    • Product Details

      A waterproof, lined wrap style nappy that has an integral pocket which is then stuffed with absorbent material to the level required.