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Smartipants Nappies

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Brand: Smartipants / Type: One size re-usable nappies

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    2 Reviews
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      17.04.2012 11:58
      Very helpful



      A convenient, efficient daytime nappy.

      My Smartipants were an impulse buy. Fill Your Pants have a 'pre-loved' section where they sell off nappies that have been out on their trial, returned, cleaned up really nice but are a bit reduced. I spotted a Smartipants nappy in there for just a tenner instead of the normal retail of 13.50 and decided to give it a try, especially since I love the smartfit covers soan much. It's a pocket nappy, where there is a waterproof outer with a pocket on it and a separate microfibre insert that goes inside for the absorbent bit. They come in a wide range of colours for the shell. the inside and insert is white, but there's no white trim like the smartfit covers that could get easily stained.

      We can get quite a good fit with these, and they pass the 3 year old test of a try-on of my older son so would fit a range of sizes. T has worn these so far between the ages of 2 months and 5 months. However, they only have 2 sets of rise snaps which gives less adjustability than the smartfit cover. There are lots of poppers round the waist to adjust waist size and two horizontally aligned snaps so you don't get a flappy bit likely to cause droop which could cause leaks at the side. However, they don't feature 'hip snaps' which further snug the fit. Once assembled, they go on as easily as a disposable, so fine for out and about.

      We have consistently got 3-4 hours out of these nappies. Once he fell asleep wearing it and slept through a change time, and though I was slightly worried about it we had no leaks at 5 hours. The 'suede' style inner was dry and so was his bum. We've had loose breastfed poos in these with no leaks. The sleeve where inserts go is quite narrow and doesn't leave much room for boosting. I wouldn't attempt to use these overnight.

      One of smartipants's unique selling points is the pocket opens at both ends creating a 'sleeve'. This means that when you remove the nappy, you can put it straight in the wash without having to remove the inserts and the insert comes out in the wash for easy drying. Saves maybe a few seconds if that, but does save a bit from getting hands dirtier if the nappy is dirty. This is one of the quickest drying pocket nappies we've got - the outer comes out of the wash almost dry, and the inner is dry in 4-5 hours out on the line or by our rayburn. Smartipants claim to have a 'poo resistant' inner to prevent stains. Our breastfeed poos have left marks that have remained after a wash at 30/40. They come out after one or two washes, but it does cast doubt on this claim.

      A convenient and efficient nappy for part of your stash for daytime use.


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      08.11.2011 21:29
      Very helpful



      A great cute looking slim fitting cloth nappy

      When I was pregnant I decided to go "eco" and use washable nappies. So I went and purchased a number of different types to see which one I got on best with.

      These are by far my favourite day nappy in my collection.

      ~ Cost and Availability ~

      These are available from a few online retailers. I got them from "Fill your pants" website, you can also get them from "Natural Nursery" & "Keep It Real Nappies". They all retail for around the same price:

      1 Nappy for £13.50
      3 pack for £38.00 (£12.67 each)
      12 pack for £145.00 (£12.08 each)
      24 pack for £275.00 (£11.46 each)

      They are not the cheapest nappy available, but not the most expensive either.

      ~ The Product ~

      The nappy is quite new nappy for the UK, it comes from the US and has proven quite popular over there. This is probably why it is not available in many stockists yet, but I think they will soon prove to be a good competitor to the more established Totbots, Bumgenius etc brands available.

      The nappy's are a all-in-one, birth to potty, pocket nappy.

      The all-in-one means that the other shell of the nappy is waterproof so doesn't require a wrap.

      Birth to potty means that the nappy's should fit babies from 7lbs to 35lbs which should last until your child is potty trained. To do this, the nappy has poppers down the front, which folds down the nappy to reduce the length of the nappy and makes the fitting around the legs smaller.

      The pocket part of this nappy is a new innovation exclusively in these "Smartipants". It's called the "smart sleeve". With normal pocket nappies the nappy has a space inbetween the inner fleece (that touches your baby's skin) and the waterproof outer shell. In the pocket you stuff and absorbent pad to keep any liquid away from your baby's bum. The pocket is only open at one end, and once you put the pad in, you fold a lip over the end (like a pillow case end). When washing, you have to pull out the pad to ensure it is cleaned properly.

      With these "Smartipants" the pocket is open at both ends and the pad magically slides out of the nappy in the wash (and it really does! After about 20 washes I have never had one stay in). So you are not required to touch anything when putting this in the wash.

      The only slight problem I find with this is that when the nappy is folded down to the smaller sizes, the pad can sometimes stick out a bit. You have to be careful to make sure the pad stays within the waterproof outer shell to ensure you keep your little ones clothes dry. When I first used these I had a few instance of when I picked my little girl up and found that her back was slightly damp, then discovering the little green edge of the pad poking out.

      Another innovation this nappy states is the "Leak guard technology", this is where the pocket does not actually go right up to the elasticated leg holes, but are stitched about ½ cm in. This is so the moisture in the pad does not go near the sides of the nappy, where leakage is more likely. This does seem to work as I have had no instances of leaking with this nappy.

      The lining (which touches the baby's skin) is a suede cloth, which is very soft to touch as so far has not piled or degraded in any way. You can use liners to dispose of solids, however, as my little girl is still exclusively breastfed, her poops are still rather runny so find that the liners just stick to her bum and smear the poop all over her. I find these nappy's work brilliantly without liners, the poop sticks to the lining rather than her bum and keeps her relatively dry. Since using them the lining is still bright white and no staining at all, which has really surprised me.

      The other shell is a soft cotton feel, it doesn't feel plasticy at all. It comes in a wide range of gorgeous colours, ranging from pastel pink and lavender to bold blues and reds. At the moment there is a lovely limited edition "blueberry pie". They only come is plain colours so there are no animal prints or patterns, which I find are easier to match with my little girls clothing.

      The pad that fits into the pocket is microfibre and has it trademark green overlocked edge, so are easily identifiable from the rest in my stack. They are a similar size to all other pocket nappy inserts I have, however, the microfibre does seem to be a better quality than my others, and are not piling yet. Microfibre is a good absorbent material, but is extremely quick to dry.

      These nappies are fitted using snap fastening (poppers) which can be a bit fiddly to start with, but you get used to it quickly. There are a lot of poppers along the front to allow you to choose the best fit. This has an advantage when you baby works out how to open Velcro and decides to go streaking! Poppers are much more difficult for little hands to undo. On each side there are two poppers, therefore more protection and stronger fit on wriggly babies. Also, they are super strong and have a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee!

      When open, these nappies lay completely flat, which is great when trying to stack them up as a lot of my other nappies go all over the place and don't look very tidy.

      With pocket nappies, they are very family/childcare friendly, as if you prepare them with the pad in the pocket and the poppers to the correct size, they are pretty much the same as putting a disposable nappy on, just remember to take a wet bag for them.

      These nappy's feel extremely good quality and well made. They are all made in the US in their own dedicate factory, so I expect these nappies to last until my little girl is out of nappies and for my next one (or two) babies.

      ~ Washing ~

      These nappies do not need to be presoaked and I normally just chuck them in the washing machine on a 60C intensive wash (the company says you can wash these safely at 40C, but I a bit apprehensive to do this).

      The nappy itself comes out after a fast spin pretty much dry, but I put the pads to tumble dry on cool for about an hour. This is not necessary, but I am a bit impatient and don't have much room to have them laying around. However in the summer they will take a very short time to dry on the line. So are great nappy if you don't have a tumble dryer.

      ~ My experience ~

      When the nappies are on, they are pretty slim fitting and look soo cute. They are much slimmer than my "Naughty Baby" nappies which I reviewed the other day. These are my preferred nappy for when we go out or have important visitors.

      With my little girls explosive breastfed poop they contain everything really well, and I haven't had any leaks (other than when I left the pad sticking out at the back).

      I liked these soo much I am going to order another lot.

      These are not the cheapest of nappies, however, as they are so well made, they will definitely last until one baby is out of nappies, and will probably last two or three.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I would recommend these nappy's to everyone! They are great looking and work really well.

      Both myself and my other half love the fact that you don't need to pull the absorbent pad out of the pocket when its all wet.

      For a cute cloth bum these are ideal.

      ~ Update ~

      Just wanted to do an update for this review after now about 8 months of use. These are still by far my favourite nappy! I have a whole set and use these exculsively for day time use. The nappy's look pretty much still like new, apart from one which has a slight piling to the inner suede lining (and when I say slight I mean such a small amount). None of my nappy's have any staining and come out of the washing bright white, no greying at all. My daughter now nearly 1 can go for about 4 hours without any leakage with these. I still don't use these at night, as my daughter is a heavy wetter at night & the pocket is quite tight (she requires 2 fleece inserts and 2 bamboo boosters to get her through!). But daytime these are the best!


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