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Tesco Baby Essentials Ultra Dry Nappies

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Nappies

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    4 Reviews
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      19.06.2013 11:39
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      Worth a try

      I've been trying to make a few cutbacks recently and trying cheaper supermarket items instead of brands. I originally used Tesco nappies when my daughter was a newborn, then moved to Pampers and stuck with them because the pricing between Tesco's own and pampers didn't seem vastly different. That was until my daughter moved up through the sizes - I suddenly noticed a few weeks ago that a similar sized pack of Tesco ultra dry nappies were nearly £4 less than Pampers in her current size of 4+.

      First Impressions
      The nappies are tightly compacted in their packaging, so even with the bigger pack the product isn't massive to store away. I bought the bigger 'economy' size that contains 44 nappies for £5.97 (the number of nappies for £5.97 depends entirely on the size - that's what you get with size 4+). They also sell a smaller pack with 24 nappies in for £4.68 so going for the bigger one made a lot more sense in the long run (in the hope that they'd be ok). Just for comparison, a similar size pack of pampers (although there are 4 more at 48 nappies) is £9.99.

      The nappies themselves feel a bit rigid - they're made of what they describe as a 'supersoft' material but isn't as soft as the pampers baby dry are. This also means that they aren't as flexible when it comes to stretching them out and putting them on but they do feel smooth to touch. They work in the same way as other nappies with two tabs that pull out on the back panel towards the sides and fasten around at the front. The nappy also has a pretty picture on the back in neutral colours of yellow and orange - I've never understood the point of these though, it's not as though my daughter is going to take any notice, especially with it being on the back. If it saved consumers money I would much rather they were kept plain and simple!

      Using the Nappy
      My daughter's at the stage now where she wriggles all over the place when I'm trying to fix her nappy on. Although she's constantly standing up and trying to get off the changer, these nappies have been quite easy to fasten. The tabs stick down well, even though I have to re-stick them down a few times during a change because of all the movements she makes. I find the sizing on the nappies very confusing (but this is the same with pampers) - my daughter is in size 4+ and I reckon she is soon to be in size 5 yet the size 4 nappies state that they can be used for babies weighing 7kg-18kg. My daughter is nowhere near 18kg (she's around 11kg) but the size 4 ones are too small for her. I think it's a case of trial and error rather than relying on their indicated weights because I've never found them to work very well for us.

      The nappy sits in place well until I change it and even though they are not from the active fit range, they stay in place with her crawling which is an added bonus as these are the nappies designed to keep baby dry primarily. I've found that these Tesco nappies last just as well as branded nappies - I need to change her around 5 to 6 times per day just as I do with the branded.

      For the most part, they live up to their ultra dry name. We have used these through the day and overnight and had very few problems with leaking apart from the odd time when my daughter's done a particularly bad nappy. They are very absorbent. My daughter is a good sleeper overnight mostly and she can sleep through with these on - she's never woken up overnight because of the nappy needing a change. I honestly don't think that the branded nappies are any better than these in terms of absorbency and dryness and obviously there is a much higher price associated with the branded.

      A big downside for us.....
      We have had one issue (and unfortunately this is a big negative for us) - my daughter did receive a small nappy rash shortly after using these. She's never previously had nappy rash, although it is small and disappears within one use of nappy cream so thankfully hasn't become more serious. It comes and goes and I can only assume that it is from using these nappies because she never suffered from any before and nothing else (wipes, creams etc) has changed during this time. It's a real shame because the nappies have been great apart from that but obviously we won't be able to continue using them because it's something I would much rather prevent than treat when it happens. I'm not sure if this is just an allergy on my daughter's part of if this is a common thing with others but I have to assume that we're an exception.

      I would definitely recommend giving these nappies a go. I think we've just been unfortunate to experience the nappy rash and if it wasn't for that appearing I would definitely consider switching to these permanently to save some money. I rate them 4 stars overall, with the appearance of the nappy rash taking a star off. I don't think it's fair to take any more away incase my daughter is an exception experiencing it and would advise people to give them a go to see if they fair any better because it's a great saving to make if the nappy rash stays away.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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        13.06.2013 22:33
        Very helpful



        A very good own brand disposable nappy

        When it comes to buying Jayden's nappies I'm not too worried about the brand I use but I like to use something that I know is going to keep him dry and comfortable.

        Since he was born I have regularly used Tesco own brand of nappies (as well as other brands in between) and have always been pleased with them. I currently use Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry nappies and have done for a while now and have been very impressed with them.

        Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry nappies come in a green plastic packet which is tightly wrapped around the nappies inside. The majority of the front is taken up with a picture of a smiling baby with the words Tesco Loves Baby written in a red heart on the left hand side and Ultra Dry written just underneath, on the front if the packet is also a few facts about the nappies and how many are inside.

        The back if the packet is plain green with a picture of one of the nappies in the middle, around the edges if this are facts about the nappies with arrows pointing to the various parts and features.

        On the sides of the packet written in very small writing you will find a few warnings and even instructions in how to change your baby, the warnings are mainly about keeping the plastic packaging away from children and animals to avoid suffocation. 

        The Nappies
        Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry Nappies are made from the standard nappy material that has that soft papery feel to it. The majority of the nappy is white, the waistband is green and yellow striped with the number corresponding to the size in the middle.

        On the front of the nappy is a picture of an owl with flower and heart shapes surrounding it in green and blue with a green spotty heart on the back, there are also blue spotty bands going around the legs. The colours used on these nappies are unisex making the nappies ideal for boys or girls.

        These nappies are designed to keep your baby comfortable and dry, they have stretchy sides around the legs which give your baby plenty of freedom when they move around, they have the standard stretchy, sticky tabs at the side allowing you to securely fasten the nappy around your baby, again giving then plenty it room for moving around and keeping them comfortable.

        Inside the nappy is an absorbent core with an extra dry layer helping to keep your baby dry both day and night. These nappies are really soft to touch and dermatologically tested so you do not have to worry about the nappies causing discomfort or irritation, the soft material reduces the risk of the nappies rubbing on your baby's skin and making it sore. 

        Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry Nappies come in a range of sizes starting with Size 3 and going up to a Size 6. Jayden wears the smaller size 3 so he will be able to wear these nappies for a while now. 
        Size 3 Midi 4 - 9kg
        Size 4 Maxi 7 - 8kg
        Size 4+ Maxi + 9 - 20kg
        Size 5 Junior 11 - 25kg
        Size 6 Extra Large 16+kg

        Price and Availability
        Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry Nappies are only available from Tesco being part of their own baby product range. I usually buy a packet of 36 nappies and this costs be £4.68 which I think is an excellent price for such a good quality product. They also come in larger packets of around 60 nappies, these are often on offer for 2 large packs for £10.00 or just over £5.00 for 1 packet. 

        My Opinion
        We have been using Tesco Loves Baby for a while now and I have been very pleased with the quality. These nappies give Jayden plenty of freedom a do not restrict him at all, he seems to be comfortable in them and they also keep him dry and fresh, when I change him his skin is always dry and they hardly ever leak, there has been the odd occasion when his nappy has leaked but this happens very rarely.

        The nappies are low in price but still of an excellent quality. We will definitely continue to use this product and would highly recommend them to anyone. 


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        07.01.2013 14:44
        Very helpful



        An all-round good value nappy that I would definitely (and have done) recommend to a friend.

        Until my baby was six months old, I would only use Pampers nappies. I thought they would be gentler on his sensitive skin. Then when money got a bit tight, we decided to try own-brand nappies.

        We went for the Tesco Ultra Dry, as they promised overnight dryness for up to 12 hours, and at around £6.50 for 44-50 nappies (depending on the size), they were great value for money. On the subject of sizes, they start at size 3, and go up to size 6. I find the sizing quite generous, and the tabs are strong and nicely elasticated.

        The design is very baby friendly. They are pale green and white, with animal pictures all over and a larger, more detailed, animal on the front. My little boy is 20 months old and loves pointing out the different animals. The size is also clearly indicated on the front too.

        They feel soft and cottony, and not at all like plastic, unlike some cheaper brands I have borrowed from friends in the past. They also feel quite thick, and well padded for my baby.

        As mentioned before, the packaging states overnight dryness. Nine times out of ten, this is true, but on occasion my little boy has woken up a bit damp. That is often down to a restless night or a bigger drink before bed though. It has in no way put me off purchasing them again.


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        24.03.2012 11:51
        Very helpful



        A nappy that does exactly what it offers

        When it comes to my daughter one thing constantly being purchased are nappies. As a first time mother I didn't look down the route of washable cloth type nappies I opted for disposable so since her birth 17 months ago I have been using a variety of brands but always stuck generally with Pampers and more recently Huggies. However, my local Tesco isn't particularly large and they only stock a small variety and when I shop later in the evening there is little left.

        On this one occasion all named brands had completely sold out of my daughter's size (a size 4) and left on the shelf were a few packs of Tesco's Baby Essential Ultra Dry Nappies. As I needed nappies I opted for a pack, I'm quite happy to try any brand of nappies and if they keep my daughter dry and comfortable at a cheaper price than the named brands then even better!

        The Tesco Ultra Dry nappies come in the same style of pack as all the other nappies do. Tightly packed in bound by plastic packaging. The pack has a blue/pale turquoise colour theme featuring a baby wearing a nappy crawling. There is the usual information you'd expect to see on a pack of nappies although limited. One thing I did notice was that unlike the Pampers and Huggies packs is that the Tesco nappies don't have the perforated edges which make the packs easy to open - not a major negative just something I noticed when trying to open the pack of nappies!

        Like all nappies I have used there is nothing special about these. However, you can definitely tell that they are not a branded named nappy. There is just something about the quality in terms of the patterns, colours and designs that Tesco have used. The nappies are white with a simple blue and yellow design which features a monkey which has been slightly cartoonised. The theme is incredibly simple and looks a bit cheap compared to the Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh images that Pampers and Huggies have.

        However, moving on from the design the nappies are incredibly soft and are exactly the same sort of thickness as other nappies I have used. They have the usual little side wings which are actually quite deep which is great as there is nothing worse for the child than a nappy leaking. They again feature the tabs at the sides but they don't seem as stretchy/flexible as other nappies I have used but as my daughter is incredibly petite this is not much of a problem as she is so tiny anyway!

        As said above my daughter is incredibly petite at 17 months and weighing in at just 18lbs there is nothing to her which means sometimes nappies don't always fit her well. The Tesco nappies I found did actually fit her really well. They were nice and deep on her and even though the tabs at the side are not very stretchy they were perfectly fine around my daughter's slim waist. The fit around her legs was perfect as well as the waist. I couldn't have asked for more really. The ultra dry nappies were such a snug fit I was actually quite surprised - in a good way!

        The best thing of all is that they kept my daughter completely dry. I've used so far two packs of these nappies and my daughter has worn them throughout the day and during the night and she has never had a leaked nappy which is great. It has offered all that you'd want in a nappy, it kept her dry and comfortable and hasn't caused her any discomfort whatsoever. I can't complain about them whatsoever. I think I have finally found a budget brand of nappies which do actually do the job they promise rather than leaking or simply being cheap and poorly made.

        Overall, these are decent nappies which I will happily buy again. There is nothing I have seriously complain about. They do look a little cheap compared to the named brands but they do just a good a job as the named brands. Definitely a recommendation if you are wanting decent nappies at a slightly reduced cost!

        ~ Useful Info ~

        Brand: Tesco
        Availability: Tesco stores or www.tesco.com
        Sizes: From 2 upwards
        Price: Variety but I pay just over £6.50 for a pack of size 4 containing 50


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