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Tesco Everyday Value Nappies

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Nappies

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    2 Reviews
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      25.10.2013 15:21



      Good value nappy for everyday use

      I have one year old twin boys so get through a lot of nappies, around a dozen a day and it is obviously very expensive. I have already switched supermarkets own nappies to try and save some money but I confess that until recently I have been guilty of being a nappy snob when it comes to the value ranges. I assumed that they would leak and be uncomfortable. I then stumbled across a discussion about these nappies on a parenting forum and they were really rated by some of the mums so I decided that for £1.41 for 20 they were worth a punt.

      The packaging is simple, mainly white and the nappies themselves feel soft and are also very simple - mainly all white with a small design on the tab band at the front.
      I had very low expectations particularly in relation to how they would feel as I had heard that they were plasticky. The packaging states that they are 'softer with flexible sides' so perhaps this used to be the case as they certainly are not plasticky now.

      One thing I did notice was that the bit that goes around the babies hip isn't very well shaped. I have one chunkier twin and one who is quite slight and they definitely suit my smaller boy best as there is less of him to wrap a nappy around. However going a size bigger than usual gives a much better fit.

      I haven't been brave enough to try them as an overnight nappy but during the day they have done the job fine and I have had no leaks and most importantly my boys seem comfortable.

      I now only use more expensive nappies at night and I am saving a fortune.


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      17.06.2013 16:12
      Very helpful
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      a great nappy considering the price

      Why would you choose value nappies?
      When using nappies for my son I was always set against buying value nappies. I previously worked in a nursery and some parents brought in value nappies, they were plasticy and horrible to put on. They were like cardboard and the fastenings were like selotape; meaning any cream would stop it sticking, and no adjusting once stuck down.

      One week while shopping we had very little money to spend, yet my daughter needed nappies. We were now a one income family with two children. I could either buy a chicken for 3 good meals and these cheap nappies, or buy more expensive nappies and live off pasta for a week. So with a sad heart. and hoping they wouldn't make my daughter too sore, I put them in the trolley....my fiancé's pay day was 3 days away so I could always buy more then.

      What were they like?
      The first pack of these I bought were maxi size (size 4) and were £1.41 for 20 nappies. This comes in a white plastic film packet with pink pictures on the front (the picture up in the corner). I now buy junior which is size 5 and instead of pink is blue, but still £1.41 for 20 nappies. They only come in these 2 sizes.

      When I got home I went to change my daughter and opened the new packet of nappies. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. they were soft and not plastic at all. The nappies are plain white, which is fine by me, my children were never bothered with the fancy pictures you find on huggies, pampers and even own brands. the fastening is Velcro so can be unfastened and adjusted.
      considering my daughter is quite small for her age, at 17 months she weighs 19pounds and wears 9-12 month clothes, we found the maxi size quite small fitting, so have moved up to the junior size to give her a bit extra room.

      Do they work?
      I am also pleased to announce they do a very good job at holding everything in. we have had a handful of leaks but not half as many as we did with the other branded nappies. We even manage to last 12 hour sleeping at night without leaks.

      Any downsides?
      I sometimes find that there is a slight chemically smell once the nappy is wet, it has never caused any problems to us, there is no soreness caused by the chemicals, its merely a smell.

      so....would I recommend?
      In a heartbeat I would recommend. These are simply nappies, they do not pretend to be anything they're not. They are soft, comfortable and absorbant....no-one sees them so there is no need to have a fancy pattern on them. I give them 4/5 stars, they lose a star for the slight smell and that they're small fitting.


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