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Tesco Ultra Soft Newborn Nappies

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2012 19:25
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      A good quality nappy at a good price

      With recently having my little boy I have a large supply of baby stuff to review including several brands of nappies I collected before he was born. One of the brands of nappies I decided to try was Tesco own brand Newborn Nappies, I have to admit I was drawn to them by the very reasonable price they were sold at compared to other brands available. I was curious to try these nappies to see if they were of the same quality as the more expensive brands, however if they were not then I hadn't wasted a huge amount of money.

      The Tesco Newborn Nappies come in a plastic wrapper, similar to that of most brands of nappies, the packaging is bright yellow with the Tesco name at the top and the words Baby Newborn written in large blue and yellow writing just beneath. There are various bits of information about the product written just beneath about the nappies including the amount per pack, the size also appears on the front as well. The majority of the front of the packaging is taken up with a picture of a woman holding a baby, this information appears on both the back and front. Various information about the Tesco Newborn Nappies also appears on both sides of the packet as well. All of the information is clearly set out and easy to read, some of the information is demonstrated with the use of symbols.

      The Nappies
      The Tesco Newborn Nappies look just like any other nappies when you remove them from the packaging, they are mainly white and each nappy has a yellowy orange strip around the front of the waist and each nappy has an animal picture on the front of it including a lion, a giraffe and a hippo, the designs and colours on the nappies are unisex so are ideal for all babies. The Tesco Newborn Nappies are described as being "Soft and Comfortable for Your Newborn Baby", I have to agree that when I removed the nappies from the packet they did feel soft to touch ideal for a newborn baby, I was happy for my baby to be wearing these. The nappies inside have a "dryness embossed top sheet" designed to help keep your baby dry, the legs are slightly elasticised and are flexible along with the waist, again for extra comfort for you baby. The main different with these nappies compared to other brands I have tried is the overlapping tabs, the nappies have the regular sticky tabs on the sides at the back of the nappy but they also have tabs on the sides at the front of the nappy, again this is designed for extra comfort. When I put the Tesco Newborn Nappies on Jayden they felt of a reasonable thickness, they didn't feel too thick that they were going to be bulky for him and also for me to dress him, yet they did not feel so thin that they would leak easily.

      The Tesco Newborn Nappies come in various sizes all indicated by a number, we purchased size 1 which is Newborn and aimed at babies weighing 2 - 5kg or 4 - 11lb. I did think that this was quite a large range of sizes for one nappy to cover especially as Jayden is quite small and a lot of the newborn stuff is a little on the large side, however anything smaller would be too small so I was hoping these were going to fit.

      Price & Availability
      Obviously these nappies are only available in Tesco as they are part of their own brand range, although the variety of sizes you can buy does vary depending on which store you purchase them from, they are also available online from the Tesco website. I purchased a pack of 24 of these nappies, to be honest I'm not sure whether they come in different sized packs or not, I didn't notice any when I purchased these and online only the 24 pack is available in this particular size. The 24 pack of nappies cost me just £2.57, this is quite a bit cheaper than other brands in a similar sized packet so I was really hoping that these nappies would be of a decent quality.

      My Opinion
      When I first opened the packet of Tesco Newborn Nappies I was pleased with the feel of the quality of them, they felt soft to touch and as I have mentioned of a decent thickness, I also quite liked the design of these nappies with the cute animal pictures on the front of each one. When I first held one of the nappies up against Jayden it did look a bit on the big side but when I put one on him I was very pleased with the fit, the extra tabs on the front of the nappy helped to securely fasten them around his waist, the nappies fitted nicely around his legs and stayed securely in place as he kicked his legs. After he had worn the nappy for a while I was extremely pleased to see that they did not leak at all. Jayden seemed quite happy in these nappies, they were flexible for him to move his legs around and were not bulky under his clothes, the dryness embossed top sheet ensured that his skin was kept dry at all times. Overall I was extremely pleased with the Tesco Newborn Nappies, not only were they cheap to buy they did exactly what they said they would do with no leaks at all. I will certainly be buying these again in the future and would definitely recommend them to anyone.


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