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Wonderoos Pocket Nappies

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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 15:44
      Very helpful


      • "easy to use"
      • absorbant


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      fluffy, absorbant and so cute!

      As a self confessed cloth nappy addict i love trying out new or different brands of cloth nappies.
      I bought my first wonderoo about 6 months ago from an online shop fill your pants (i know!) And paid around £16 for it which is about average for branded nappies so no complaints there. I got the nappy in a gorgeous lilac PUL that is so pretty and the inside is lovely and soft micro fleece.
      The nappy is a pocket nappy and comes with a small microfibre insert that poppers onto a trifold bamboo insert so its a really thirsty nappy and holds up to my 23 month old heavy wetter just fine! The tri fold insert has a pink and blue snap to add on the microfibre insert depending on if you have a boy or girl so that the absorbancy is in the right place for your baby, i love this feature and its not something i have seen on any other nappy.
      The nappy washes really well, i wash on 60 degree washes and its done great no stains or shrinkage. Colour has held out really well.
      The nappy dries fairly quickly except the trifold but thats to be expected with it being made of bamboo.
      I get a really great fit on both my girls and the poppers are super easy to use and adjust so that you can get the right fit. Compared to other birth to potty nappies its cut a little bit larger than most which i find as an advantage as it will last longer size wise.
      Its one of my favourite go to nappies so would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting to give cloth a try or are brand new to cloth.


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      30.07.2009 21:01
      Very helpful



      It's okay but not for my children

      I bought one of these about a year ago for my daughter when I was starting to sample different sorts of nappy. This one is known as a pocket nappy and it's a one size (it will fit from birth to potty (approx 8-35lb) using the various poppers positioned on the front of the nappy).

      The nappy comes in a variety of different pastel & bright shades and you can either buy it 'empty', or complete with two inserts, depending on where you shop. As with many pocket nappies, the Wonderoos has a soft PUL outer cover which is waterproof, and a lovely soft fleecey inner which is soft against your baby's bottom and wicks away any moisture keeping their bum dry.

      Between the PUL and the fleece is a pocket where you stuff your absorbent material. The inserts that are designed for this nappy are made from microfibre terry and are hourglass shaped; there is a large one and a small one and they popper together if you need to use them both at once (as I did for my heavy wetting toddler).

      The smaller one is designed to be used on its own for a newborn, then the larger one on its own as your baby grows, then of course you can use them together, as I did, if your child likes to wee a lot! They fit very snugly inside the nappy, and I thought it was quite good that they were hourglass shaped because they seemed to cover more area than a standard rectangular insert which seem to be the norm for most other pocket nappies, so an hourglass shape gives the promise of a little bit more protection I suppose.

      It is very gently elasticated around the legs ensuring no red marks on your baby's legs, I found this to be very gentle around my skinny daughter's legs and there was never any irritation.

      Once the nappy is on, it has quite a strange appearance; well it did on my daughter anyway. Because my daughter was a toddler the first time I used this, I didn't need to resize the nappy using the poppers, it fitted her perfectly as it was, but it still didn't look quite right. The back seemed to be really wide so she looked like she had a big square bottom. Then the front gaped at the top, and no matter what setting I put it on around her waist you always seemed to be able to see down the front of her nappy and it used to sag after she had run around in it a few times.

      And when she had it on under her trousers, it just looked awful. I know most reusable nappies give a 'teletubby' type look to children's bottoms (I should know I have plenty of reusable nappies), but this one just made her bum look lopsided and just downright awful. This is definitely a nappy to save for night times or when you know you won't be going anywhere!

      I'm not sure whether this is how they fit on other children or whether my daughter is just a funny shape, but it just is not a very visually appealing nappy!

      Having said that, it does perform very well and I have seldom experienced any leakages. The only time this nappy has leaked is when she has had it on overnight and I haven't changed it straight away in the morning, or if she has had it on for a prolonged period during the day time (say more than 4 hours).

      I think the good thing about this nappy is that it seems really breathable because the outer cover is really lightweight and the two inserts although they are quite thick don't seem to be suffocating to her bottom (probably because it gapes at the front!)

      I have since tried this on my younger daughter (who is 9 months at the moment) and obviously I had to adjust to settings to fit to her smaller frame, but I was again really disappointed with how it fitted and looked. You adjust the size of the nappy by using poppers across the waist, and down each side on the front, so basically you can tighten it as much as you like around your baby's tummy, and adjust the rise of the nappy to suit your baby using the poppers on the front (this reduces the height of the nappy to get a more snug fit).

      Once I had got the right fit on my daughter, it just looked so messy, there seemed to be a lot of excess material because the outer PUL is quite generous so once you downsize the nappy, it tends to have a scrunched up look, which isn't very pleasing to the eye! I also found that using just the large insert was not enough to contain my daughter's wee as efficiently as her other nappies do, so I had to use both inserts which made it quite bulky on her 9 month old bottom.

      I cannot imagine this fitting nicely on an 8lb baby at all so I would be surprised if anyone uses these from birth.

      So how does it wash? Well I've been using this for a year and it has been through the washing machine many many times, at 30, 40, 50 or 60 degrees and it has survived extremely well. The cover still looks the same as it did when I bought it, although the fleece inner is starting to bobble slightly. The inserts are now starting to have an 'off-white' look to them which really isn't a problem as this doesn't affect their absorbency, and they are still soft. I have never tumble dried them (I don't have a dryer) so they have always been dried on the line and the outer cover dries within an hour and the inserts obviously take longer but no more than a day, even when it's not sunny.

      So, in conclusion I can say that this nappy serves its purpose because it contains both my daughter's 'movements' efficiently, it washes and dries well and doesn't deteriorate over time. However, I am not impressed with the style of the nappy or the way it looks, and I am glad I only bought one because it just does not suit my daughter's bottoms.

      You can buy the Hip Hip Baby Wonderoo from www.kittykins.co.uk for £10.99, the inserts are available separately for £5.40 for the set, so that is £16.39 for one nappy...not cheap!

      They are also available on Ebay for £12.95 complete with inserts.

      So if you are planning on buying one, shop around and check they come provided with the inserts.


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        22.09.2008 11:49
        Very helpful



        Very easy way to use washable nappies

        When I was pregnant with our daughter, the thought of throwing 5000 nappies into landfill sites during her first two years totally appalled me. I'm not a big environmental crusader, in fact I'm not particularly environmentally minded at all, but the thought of pile and piles of dirty nappies lying around our countryside helped me make the decision to at least give washable nappies a try.
        For the first 6 weeks, the washable nappy plans went out the window, as we struggled with sleepless nights and enjoyed getting to know our daughter. But once those 6 weeks were over, I renewed my plans to try real nappies and bought a starter kit of Wonderoos by Hip Hip Baby. The starter kit included three nappies plus inserts, a wet nappy storage bag, a roll of flushable liners and three washable wipes.

        Wonderoos are a birth to potty pocket nappy, which won the Which? Best Nappy of 2007. They're made with a colourful waterproof outside layer, attached on three sides to a microfibre inside layer, forming a pocket between the two layers. The nappies come with a dual insert, made of either microfibre or hemp. This has a small part and a large part, which can either be used independently or poppered together. The insert is then placed inside the pocket to form the absorbent part of the nappy. The nappies can then either be used as they are, or with a flushable or washable liner on top.
        The nappies are designed to adjust to fit all ages up to potty training, rather than having to buy different sizes as your baby grows. They do this with a series of poppers on the nappy which allow for adjustment of both the height of the nappy and the width round your baby. The different size inserts also allow for a growing baby, as the smallest insert can be used for a newborn and the bigger insert, or even the two poppered together, as they grow. As our daughter is only 4 months old, it remains to be seen whether they will still fit her all the way to potty training, but at the moment there's plenty of room for growth.

        The scariest bit about using a washable nappy is the washing. With Wonderoos it really couldn't be easier. There's no need to soak them, so they simply go into a dry nappy bucket. The inserts separate from the outer during washing, so the only reason to handle a dirty nappy is to take it off your baby and throw it in the bucket. And with a nappy mesh bag inside the bucket, the whole bag can be easily removed and put straight into the washing machine. They wash at either 40 or 60 degrees and they can be easily dried on a line or put in the tumble dryer.
        From a financial point of view, they aren't the cheapest real nappy on the market, the best price I've seen them for was a special offer at £7.95 each, but a realistic price is closer to £12. This is a big expense up front, but compares favourably with the cost of disposables over the time they're needed. Of course if they're used for a second child, the financial savings are improved. There's a small expense involved in laundering them, for us we do 4 or 5 nappy washes per week. But they're designed to be washed with very little powder and without softener, and can be dried on a line, so it's really only the washing machine costs that need to be factored in.

        After using these nappies just once, I was absolutely hooked and went out and bought a whole set of Wonderoos. We now have 23, which is plenty to ensure we never run out, even if I'm a bit slow with the washing. I'm still not quite brave enough to try them on longer trips away, as it can be difficult to launder them in someone else's house and the thought of carrying dirty nappies around with us is off-putting. There's also a lot more paraphernalia to take with you, so it's a lot easier to use disposables in that situation.
        When compared with disposables, Wonderoos come out really well. They seem no more likely to leak than disposables, although there is an increased likelihood of just a little wetness wicking onto your baby's clothes. They even go through the night, if used with both inserts. They smell nicer than disposables when wet and are no worse when dirty. Our daughter loves wearing them, and we've never had a problem with nappy rash or soreness. In fact because of the quick drying microfibre layer, Wonderoos stay as dry against our daughter's skin as a disposable. The biggest recommendation of all is that even my husband loves them. He wasn't that keen on using washable nappies at the beginning, but now even he misses them when we're away from home!

        Just as easy to use as a disposable and stay dry against your baby's skin
        Easy to wash
        Very cute!
        Better for the environment
        Better for your pocket in the long run, especially if used with more than one child
        No need to buy different sizes as your baby grows

        Difficult to travel with
        A little wicking of wetness onto clothes
        Big expense up front


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        One size pocket nappy.

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