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Cambridge Park (Guernsey)

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Address: Guernsey Information Centre / North Plantation / St Peter Port / Guernsey / Channel Islands

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2013 19:51
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      fun for all ages

      Cambridge Park is the closest park to town being located right outside Beau Sejour Leisure Centre and a few minutes walk from Candie Gardens.

      This is my favourite park to visit as it has a fantastic children's playground which has recently been rebuilt. The children's playground used to be split into two fenced off sections, one for under fives and the other for over fives. After it was redone they put both parks into one to make room for a Skate Park with large skateboard ramps. This has only just been opened, in the last few weeks, and is the only Skate Park on the island.

      The children's area is a fenced off area which means it is easier to keep children in one place. There is a big hill in the middle and at the top of the hill is a playground for the younger children and at the bottom of the hill is an area for the older children. It is quite a big hill so I have found that if a child wanders off to the other part of the playground you can't always see but you do know they won't be able to get out which is reassuring.

      I have tried and tested all of the equipment and had a great time running around with the children. I visited a few times with a holiday club I worked for and going to the park was my favourite thing to do with them as I (and the rest of the staff) enjoyed playing on the equipment just as much as the children.

      In the younger children's playground there are:

      Four baby swings, I sat on top of these and they didn't swing very far but I am a lot taller than a baby. Even though they are baby swings I find children always prefer to use these (or try to at least.)

      A spinning bowl (well that's what it looks like, no idea what its called), this is a silver bowl shaped thing which children sit in and spin around. It is quite big and can fit two or three children into it. I found the children loved being spun around but they couldn't spin it around themselves when they were sat inside.

      A balancing boat thing, this looks like half a boat and you stand on it and steer it like a boat but it is a bit wobbly. Even when you sit on it it wobbles about so you have to try not to hit your head on the pole.

      A seesaw, this seesaw is really high when you are at the top and it is quite difficult for young children to reach the ground. I went on this with one of the children once but she told me I had to get off because I was too heavy and she didn't like being on the top. I did try it with my friend once and I didn't particularly like being on the top either so I can see where the child is coming from. I also found that the seesaw was very hard to get on so the children had no chance of getting on without help.

      Stepping stones, these are rubber circles on a small pole and they look like stepping stones to me. They are raised off the ground and as you get further into the middle the higher you get. There are five altogether and they are close another for children to step between but not close enough that it isn't a challenge. I really like these stepping stones, I played a game on them with one child which she made up, I stood at one side and the child stood at the other and the person to get to the other side quickest was the winner. Obviously we always ended up meeting in the middle and even when I won she said she had. We must have spent an hour playing that game (and i'm not exaggerating!)

      The climbing frame looks a bit like a castle. It has a small slide which is quite wide and is a good slidy slide, a ladder to get up which is made of metal circles, a climbing wall type of thing to get up and steps to get up. Once on the climbing frame there is a steering wheel and access down the slide. The children liked to imagine this climbing frame as a boat and that they were being chased by sharks down below. I think this is a good climbing frame for younger children as they can get up and down easily. I found it a bit trickier though because i'm a lot taller than a child. Attached to the climbing frame is a small area which looks like a shop and the children enjoyed pretending to sell ice creams, the one I bought was very expensive though.

      In the older children's playground there is:

      Swings, these include a large circular swing which you sit in and are pushed, two normal swings and a chair like swing. The swings are my favourite thing in the park but the children seemed more interested I everything else.

      Slide, this slide is really big and goes from the top of the hill right down to the bottom. The children loved this slide and were always queued at the top waiting to go down. I liked the slide as it was big enough for me to fit down easily and was really slippy so you didn't get stopped by your shoes. The only problem with this slide is that once you've gone down the slide its a long steep hill to get back up!

      Seesaw, this is another type of seesaw but unlike the other one this is just made out of poles and I think is meant to be stood on rather than sat.

      Spiders web thing, this looks like a spiders web and is made of rope so you can climb up it. The problem is it spins at the same time which makes it increasingly difficult. When I first tried I never expected it to spin. Children enjoy spinning around on this but they never stayed long.

      Climbing frame, this has a slide and multiple ways to get up to it, much like the other climbing frame. The steps to get up to it though are a long way from the climbing frame itself so children found it difficult to take that big step because they didn't want to fall. I tried to help them but also found it was too big a step and there was no easy way to get onto that side.

      There is one piece of equipment which goes around in circles on the spot but I don't really understand this thing and another there is a really tall pole where you grab onto the handles on top but I don't understand this either. Even when I tried to reach the pole though I couldn't reach and i'm not that short. Some parents tried to lift there children on whilst we were there but they couldn't reach far enough either.

      All of the equipment is on top of a safety surface so if they fall off there is a softer landing.

      Other than the children's playground there is also a large grass area used for playing football and other sports.

      On the stretch of grass closer to the road is a beautiful line of trees and daffodils in the right seasons. The tree lined avenue is known for being the place where the last duel was fought on the island and is name after Winston Churchill.

      There are public toilets outside but the ones inside Beau Sejour are closer and a lot nicer.

      This is a lovely park for families and in a great location just outside town. I would definitely recommend this park as the others on the island are not all that good at the moment.


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