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Canaima National Park (Venezuela)

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Canaima National Park is situated in south-eastern Venezuela

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2010 02:42
      Very helpful



      Near south America then Canaima its a must!

      My parents took me away twice a year one would be a cheap holiday and the other would be a dream destination. This particular year they took me to Isla Margarita, ( caribbean Island just off Venezuela).
      They booked a trip where I was extremely lucky to visit the Canaima National Park more well known for the worlds highest waterfall the 'Angel falls'. Canaima national park is located in the south east of Venezuela in Bolivar state which is close to the borders of Brazil and Guyana.

      Does anyone remember the film 'Arachnophobia'? The 1990 cheesy comedy horror about a poisonous spider. Canaima was where part of the film was shot. The town the people lived in was Canaima. I watch this not long ago and suddenly I thought I recognised behind the actors, so I looked it up and they it was 'canaima national park'.

      *Canaima National Park*
      My parents booked this trip when we were in Margarita. They knew before this holiday that they were thinking of this adventure so well prepared with immunisations. So check with your GP first and months before!
      We were picked up from our hotel and we were on a 4.30am flight directly to the Angel falls where we flew over the spectacular 979 metre waterfall. The plane was a small pleasure flight and I have never felt so scared in all my life! It looked old and if it was going to fall apart.
      Anyway this was the most beautiful place I have ever seen how could anything be so amazing. The weather was not great but still managed to see the worlds highest waterfall. This waterfall is 151ft higher than the worlds tallest building (Burj Khalifa in Dubai) The 'Angel Falls' was discovered by an American aviator Jimmy Angel in 1935.

      We landed near the Canaima lagoon where we met our wonderful guide that took us on a boat trip around the Salto El Sapo lagoon. I thought they were joking when they said they fish for piranhas in these waters and to keep our feet and hands out of the water!! I have only just learnt that in actual fact they do fish for piranhas there!

      We then got to the other side of the lagoon where our trek through the jungle started. We hiked through pure thick jungle for around 45-60 minutes when we arrived at a curtain of waterfalls. The noise was so loud just pounding through your body. We walked underneath several some small and some so big and scary.

      You needed a decent pair of shoes as I remember one part we walked underneath a waterfall was a lot of water and I mean a lot there was no metal railing, rope nothing and the rock that we walked on was very slippery. The noise was so loud I found it difficult to hear the guide as he helped me across this small pathway.

      We then rested at what I believe to be the back ground of the film 'Arachnophobia' at the beginning where they caught the spider.
      This was a large lagoon off one of the waterfalls we could swim and take time to look at the beautiful surroundings.

      My feet took some bashing I had some huge blisters that I could not bare my shoes to be on. So yes I walked back through the jungle with nothing on my feet. I do remember seeing ants the size of a man's thumb nail carrying huge leaves and still did not put my shoes on? Why no one commented still lies with me!

      After a very spectacular and tiring day we arrived back at the Indians village where we ate some weird grub that to be honest I didn't touch. I walked around their village and they lived in man made huts that looked just like teepee's but I think made out of straw type stuff?!
      The Indians were lovely people and very welcoming.

      You can go on a two day tour or even longer and this I would suggest. It was a very long and tiring day. You can also walk to the falls which again I would recommend as well as flying. If your going to go make it just that more special!

      The rainy months are from May to November which is handy to know if you want to fly over. We travelled in December and it was misty but still were able to see. Weather is something we cannot predict but don't let that stop you!

      I would recommend you take a waterproof back pack, proper treking boots/ shoes, raincoat, insect repellant (not spray), swimsuit and change of clothes.

      This day trip that included all drinks, all food, flights and guide cost around $300. I thought this was very reasonable and well worth it!

      I don't know where else they do these trips from and how much but if your around this part of the world then make sure you ask!

      I would highly recommend this life experience!! Thank you for reading and I do hope you found this interesting and useful.


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