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National Parks in Australia (Australia)

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Country: Australia / World Region: Australasia / Pacific

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2010 12:19
      Very helpful



      Another Amazing Place to Visit

      Litchfield National Park is much smaller than the Kakadu Park but it is a must to visit when you are in the Northern Territory and it is not very far from Darwin
      Litchfield became a national park in 1986 and it is becoming very popular with tourists. With people going to see Wangi and Florence Falls and one of the must attractions to see as they are so breathetaking.

      Some of the best places to go in Litchfield are the places that can be visited only by a 4x4 wheel vehicle . These will be areas that Tour Buses and Tourists which come in there droves will not be able to visit.
      Wangi Falls is very popular with tourists and there you can swim if you like it also is surrounded by rainforest. Also there are plenty of walks including a walk which is three kilometers in distance which takes you actually over the Falls and then back to the car park. Florence Falls no one really knows how these waterfalls got their name but there is a story which goes back to 1869 when the Goyders party of land surveyors which was called Florence Falls only after a few weeks just arriving at Darwin Harbour.It is on the eastern part of the Tabletop Range.There is a three hundred metre walk to the Lookout which you will be able to see over the gorge and breathe taking views of the Florence Falls and also the dry sandstone plateau.
      Shady Creek Walk is about 900 metres and will take about 45 minutes walk from the Plunge pool back to the car park. When you are on the walk you follow a small stream and this travels drown from this secondary plateau which will take you through a Rainforest Gorge then it crosses the creek by using the footbridges and eventually through woodlands and back once more to Florence Creek crossing and after passing a very nice area to have a picnic it is only a very short walk to the car park and toilets.
      Magnetic Termite Mounds are wedge-shaped grey and several metres tall. Termites build these mounds and it is another thing to see when you visit Litchfield Park
      It is best to look out for the best tour as there a quite a few to go with. Some of the tours to Litchfield Park also include a trip to the Crocodiles and to see them there is a boat cruise that is what we did and very worthwhile. You will see crocodiles jumping out of water amazing.
      When ones walk round to see the caves there you will see Aborigional Art from a long time ago it was so amazing to see.
      I wish I had longer to spend there as I found it a great place to visit and so much to see an explore-another time perhaps.


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      01.11.2009 02:55
      Very helpful



      It was amazing seeing kangeroos!

      I went to my first australian national park last week.

      The Blue Mountains is about 45 mins drive from Coogee, I went with oz experience in a small mini bus. For 95 dollars you get a guide, transport and lunch for one day.

      We had to leave at 6.45 am to be picked up. After briefly stopping at the ozexperience office to register we were taken to a small town at the beginning of the blue mountains.

      We got breakfast, had a little look around, there wasnt really much there to see and then got back on the bus.

      We went to a clearing and saw 3 kangeroos, one was a baby. We went right up close and they were so cute! That was definately the highlight of my week!

      For our first trek we went to see a huge waterfall. The walk down was quite scary as theres no rail or anything and theres a huge sheer drop down! The waterfall was very pretty, although out guide seemed to spend more time stopping on the walk to look at nature and didnt give us very long at the actual site.

      We then trekked back up what seemed like thousands of big steps to our lunch. Lunch was pasta salad, cheese or ham roll and fruit and a cereal bar. We all stocked up so we had extra for breakfast the next day.

      We were then driven along to our second walk. Our tour guide although very knowledgable wasnt very interesting as he repeated himself a lot.

      The second walk involed going down 600 steps to see the 3 sisters formation. Apparently 3 sisters wanted to marry people from another tribe, but then the elders didnt want them to. They were put on the mountain, and were cursed to stay there. The moral is to always listen to the advice of elders. It made it a bit more interesting than just looking at 3 rocks.

      Another cool thing was that theres a huge overhang where the miners had carved out rock. If you face the rock in a big group and shout, it echoes all the way across the ravine. It was a really cool trick that you would miss if you went on your own.

      We saw a bush fire in the distance which was huge, it got bigger as we drove away, and you could see the smoke from sydney

      We then caught the miners train which goes vertically up the mountain side. It was scarier than a rollercoaster as theres nothing holding you in. Its really fast, and you are sort of hanging on hoping you dont fall forward. Its only held on by a cable, and its very rickety looking. Half way up you shoot into a cave. Before that you do get a great view but if you have a fear of heights like me its probably the longest minute ever.

      After a stiff drink after the scary train we got back on the bus and were driven the 2 hours back to sydney. Im glad I went on a guided tour as it makes you see more, and they know a lot about the area. The worst part is that I didnt think we spent long enough at the sights.


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      Australia as a country is renowned for its natural environment. It has a number of stunning National Parks, including the Kakadu National Park, the Uluru (Ayres Rock) National Park, and the Purnululu National Park, home to the Bungle Bungle sandstone range and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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