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Symanski Park (Warsaw, Poland)

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Park located in the district of Wola in Warsaw, Poland.

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 11:45
      Very helpful



      Not a bad park

      Symanski Park is another park I stumbled across on my travels throughout Wola, the district of Warsaw in which I live. I was surprised to see two large parks very close together. Symanski is just across the road from Sowinskeigo Park and there is a path way leading from one park to the other.

      The difference between the two parks is that one is a typically old fashioned urban style park, very similar to parks in UK in the early 60s and the other, Symanski, is very modern. Well, most of the park has been designed in a modern way although I thought it looked like the modern area had been extended on to the traditional park area.

      As you enter from the Wolska road you come towards a large pond with ducks and the park designers have made little channels throughout the park so that the water from the main pond can flow through so it looks like there is a moat around the park. Some areas are fenced but only with low fencing which is quite jolly made from steel, coloured in blue and red.

      To match the coloured fencing the walkways and cycle paths have been laid with pastel designed tiles which form swirly patterns. There is also a concreted area for skateboarding and for kids who want to practise their roller blade skills.

      The far end of the park to the left is the biggest area for walkiing and sitting. Flower beds surround the walkways but last week when I was there the beds were empty but it looked as though fresh soil had been applied preparing the area for planting. New trees had also been planted in this area too. Two brand new playgrounds have been added as well as various water fountains which add a certain sort of elegance to the park.

      If you cross over from the newly renovated area of the park you will come to the monument of Edward Symanski who was the patron of the park. The monument displays the head of the poet set on a plinth. Leading up to the plinth are several stone steps with rows of conifers on either side of the steps. This is set in it's own green area with lots of trees around the grassy verges. After finding the monument of course I had to go home and find out more about this man. I was pleased to find from Wikipedia that he was a socialist poet who was born in Wola. His father was a left wing activist (PPS) and involved in the underground political movement. Edward only lived a short life as he was captured by the Germans and taken away to Auschwitz where he died at the very young age of 33. I have taken a liking to this monument although at first I thought his ears were too large - made him look like an intellectual Dumbo but having looked at old photos of the poet the sculpture is very realistic - he did have big ears!

      To the right of the monument is a small park for children with swings and a roundabout and a path that leads across Ulica Elective towards a side entrance of Park Sowinskeigo.

      Symanski Park is very clean and tidy and all around are waste bins for litter. There are plenty of wooden seats too. I did notice that this park seemed very popular with the elderly, young Mum's and teenagers.

      I enjoyed my walk around the park and I really liked the wacky paving designs and coloured fences. It's a little out of the way for me to go to on a regular basis but I will go again definitely when the weather brightens up.


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