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Acer Aspire ONE 522-C5Dkk

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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2012 00:20
      Very helpful



      Videos on the go at full HD quality - an ideal buy.

      There are many things good about Acer Aspire ONE 522, one of them being the AMD Fusion cpu. This little dual core part also incorporates a nifty Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip and helps it to be quite a media friendly netbook.

      One of the things you notice with the Aspire One is the sleek design. It is however sadly glossy and quite prone to smudging and fingerprints. I wished Acer would use matte plastics like Asus. That aside, the netbook is quite a decent size and the ports for USB, HDMI and VGA as well as audio is nicely located on the sides. There is a bit of a problem with the vents where if you use the netbook on for a while, the underside gets quite warm - still its usable on the lap.

      There is quite a decent (what I would say standard) 250GB hard drive and is capable of storing quite a fair bit - but I suspect you won't be using this for that. If however you do photography on the go and like blogging - the storage on this netbook may be sufficient.

      The keypad is nice and responsive but I do not like the sound it makes and sometimes its a bit too sticky. On the plus, the trackpad is quite nice and responsive but quite easily smudged.

      This is one of the few netbooks that probably could run a standard version of Windows 7 instead of Windows 7 starter that it is shipped with. The only thing preventing this is the 1GB standard RAM. Upgrade to 2GB or 4GB and it isn't a problem. I always insist running Linux on netbooks anyways.

      The biggest plus factor for this netbook I would say is the graphics chip - the Radeon HD 6250 which allows full 1080p playback and that too flawlessly. There is no jump, stutter and the frame rate is very steady. It is also capable of outputing video to a larger display without any issues and is in fact one of the few netbooks able to display full HD video with such ease. It is however still lacking in the gaming side so don't expect to play the latest titles - it can handle some older generation games like Counter Strike.

      The CPU performance is adequate but it is quite slower in terms of compression and other CPU intensive applicationss compared to an Intel n570 for example.

      Acer Aspire ONE ships for around £199 price mark and if you wanted a netbook that lets you watch videos on the go at full HD quality then this is an ideal buy.


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      02.02.2012 23:59
      Very helpful



      A great product for use as a second or main computer.

      I am dedicated to Macs and mine is about seven years old; it has been used to death, the screen wobbles to-and-fro and there are three keys missing. I am afraid it will go at any minute. I bought this little beauty because we came into a little bit of money and split it. I chose to spend my money on a netbook. I had a bad experience with an Acer before, but this was the only netbook I could afford and my husband and I spent a lot of time checking processor speeds so I didn't make the same mistake again.

      I bought it from PC World in Mansfield and I took it home after pushing my way through some pressure selling of their technical support and an antivirus. I didn't buy! It is available in lime green or black. My local store only had it in black, so I settled for that.

      It came preloaded with McAfee antivirus which caused me more problems than not. The default browser was IE (who uses that anymore?) so I changed it to Mozilla. The operating system on this device is Windows 7. It comes in a large box with a main colour scheme of black and white. I still have the box and I use it as a mini desk to put the netbook on. It stops me crouching over it and doing my back in when I use it on the bed! Included is some bubble wrap (vital, I think) and a Quick Guide.

      My original issue with my old pink Acer was that it seemed to be a device JUST for searching the internet. If you installed anything it didn't half complain - with slowness. I installed iTunes and Windows Movie Maker and that was it. I did not bombard it with lots of programs or documents. In fact, I used my other laptop on which to start, complete and save documents. After installation of two standard programs it ran so very slowly. You wouldn't believe it. This version of the netbook does not seem to have that problem. I asked the sales person if this one came with Movie Maker and he said yes. I was relieved at this because it would mean that I didn't have to install something it wasn't 'used to' and risk slowing it down.

      McAfee and Internet Explorer ran very slowly. It would get to a point where I was sat waiting up to two minutes for a page to load. This was rectified slightly when I started using Mozilla as my default browser. It still ran a little slowly and my McAfee subscription started to run out. It ran scans all the time and Mozilla had trouble doing anything. I couldn't watch videos online when McAfee did anything and Mozilla became unresponsive. My husband uninstalled McAfee (what a feat that was) and installed a highly recommended antivirus (a free one). It now runs like a dream!

      The keys on the keyboard are not too small (so it is quite suited to both genders with big and small hands) but they are slightly noisy. I am sure this matters to some people when they are on a quiet train or are finishing a presentation for work as their spouse sleeps.

      The webcam is quite good, but it is not the highest quality. The picture is quite grainy, but I have seen much worse. I recorded a video of some quiet sounds and there was a constant pipping buzz on the video. When recording a video, your voice may be a bit ahead of your mouth movements!

      The adjustable brightness is very varied and the difference between the dimmest and the brightest setting is great, so adjust to your eyes' delight.

      It is so light! I got this for travel use. I visit my in-laws a lot and I was used to lugging around a laptop with an aluminium casing. This little thing fits perfectly into my medium-sized handbag, including the charger.

      The battery life is fantastic. Never have I found a device with such great battery life. It charges in about an hour and the battery (disconnected from the charger) will last for around five hours. I believe the spec said four hours when I bought it! It gives you plenty of warning when the battery is going low. It doesn't give you two minutes' notice and then pass out.

      The charger doesn't have the most adapter friendly plug on the end, but this is a minor disadvantage. It is quite bulky.

      It has the usual office programs on it with the useful programs: spreadsheets, databases, word processing and slideshows. I don't think I have had to install anything; everything was already on here for me.

      The other day I was panicking because I needed to take some photos to be put on the internet. My husband's camera was dead and we still don't know where the charger is. I have no idea where the cables for any of my cameras are, and the rechargeable batteries went walkabouts during the move. I managed to find the batteries but I was still left with the problem of getting the photos onto any computer! I hunted through the boxes in the other room and discovered my memory card reader. Fantastic. Then, I thought this Acer must have a card built-in card reader like the previous versions. It has! Fear not if you lose your USB cable!

      Techno lingo -

      Processor: AMD dual-core processor C-50
      10.1" LCD screen
      250GB HDD
      1GB DDR Memory
      3-cell Li-ion battery

      We chose this netbook because of graphics chip. This is because internet videos, with certain browsers, will use the graphics chip to draw the video instead of the processor. As a result, this means I can watch high-res videos and do stuff at the same time. I needed a laptop that could delivery great quality videos and fast streaming whilst I worked on a word document in the background, for example. I did not want to close a program in order to use another one. This netbook delivered without any problems, except for that damn antivirus.

      This is available for around £199 online in various places and consumer electronics stores.


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