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Acer Aspire One 722

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    5 Reviews
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      09.12.2013 14:41
      1 Comment



      Cracking bit of kit whether you be downloading film and audio or just surfing the net this is for yo


      Aspire One D270 White
      CPU: Intel Atom N2600(1.6 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)
      Memory: 1 GB DDR3 Memory
      Battery: 3-cell Li-ion battery
      Storage: 320 GB HDD
      Ports: 1 x HDMI, 3 x USB, 1 x VGA, Ethernet, Audio input / output and memory card reader on the right hand side of the unit (which will take an adapter allowing fast transfer from your standard phone and camera memory capacities).
      Screen: 10.1 inch LED LCD
      Media: Front facing 1.3 MP webcam, installed with Windows 7 Starter

      Whats in the Box? / Accessories:

      The Netbook with battery separate, individually wrapped.
      Charging Unit (Power: 30w, Power Input: 100-240v, Power Output: 19V 1.58a), which comes as two separate parts again individually wrapped for additional protection.
      Instruction manual - with the basics, and a quick start guide on how to use the computer for the first time including setting up the wi-fi connection among others.

      First Start Up:

      On first starting up the machine you will be greeted with the familiar Windows welcome / set up screening asking for date and time, name for the computer and basic things like password and that. Really simple and straight forward.

      The Netbook comes with only the most basic apps shall we say like calculator, paint, internet explorer and so on so if you really want to use this as a sort of entertainment hub or to use it to your homework shall we say then you will want to download some new ones as long as an internet connection is present.

      Works really well even with limited internet security settings I have had no problems what so ever using this piece of kit for years without need to scan or wipe or seeing the dreaded blue screen of death.


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        14.10.2013 16:25



        is the balance in favour of a portable netbook; or a more functional and powerful computer?

        this is just over a year old now - and has proved a good enough basic computer. but not a sparkling one. its advantages include a good 12 inch screen - better than the smaller screen size of many netbooks. this also allows the keyboard to be a reasonable size - even for fat fingered people such as myself. in fact that s why i have a netbook rather than a tablet - i just can t get on with the on screen keyboards that are the main feature of tablet computers. its also decently priced still - less than £300 the last time i looked. clearly its fast enough for emailing and other basic tasks. but please don t ask it to play grand theft auto - it s not powerful enough for such activity. with netbooks you don t get a cd/dvd player and only get a minimum of usb ports; but in most other respects it matches the full size portable pcs of a couple of years ago - but not those of today that are more powerful. good wifi connectivity completes an overall positive picture - but is the portability sufficient to outweigh the other disdvantages. i m undecided - but will keep it till it breaks.


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        09.09.2012 01:51



        For the price I don't think you will find a better portable laptop

        This model has a 4GB RAM with 320GB, which is good. The weak point is the processor, which is Dual-Core but only 1GHz, but dispite this the performance of the Acer is very good. In fact I run demanding CAD software packages on this laptop all the time without the performance being affected too much at all.
        The most important thing about this laptop is portability. It's very light and I can barely feel it when I carry it in my backpack, and the battery life is fantastic. I can get more than 4 hours out of the battery, but this is shortened considerably if I'm playing music or watching videos. But still, excellent batterly life. The keyboard is compact, and takes some getting used to if you are switching from a larger laptop, but once you have adjusted you will find it very ergonomic.
        Being a compact laptop, the screen is rather small and therefore not ideal for watching movies on with your friends, but I find it perfectly adiquate for watching movies on my own with my headphones on.
        Other things to be considered are the speakers, which aren't loud, but then again you can always plug in some external speakers.
        The major downside to this laptop is that it has no CD/DVD-ROM, and I have had to download software and drivers as opposed to buying them in store. The alternative is to buy an external ROM, which considering the cheap price of the Acer, may not be a problem.


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        12.01.2012 21:04



        A very reliable well priced netbook

        The Acer Aspire One Netbook is a fabulous piece of kit. Having an 11.6 inch screen it is much easier to deal with than the smaller netbooks available. The Acers 4GB memory gives you ample capacity for work, pictures, documents and music alike.
        The Acer comes ready loaded with all the programmes you need and comes literally ready to use (apart from needing charging) and is the most simple laptop I have ever owned. The screen is clear and well lit and the mouse pad is remarkable responsive to the lightest touch.
        The keypad is somewhat smaller than a regular laptop which takes a little getting used to but it is again very light to the touch.
        I use my Acer quite alot on long train journeys and find it invaluable, its compact size and light weight make it so easily portable that I can just pop it into my handbag and we are off, and considering that I am slightly disabled that is a god send.
        I am seriosly considering buying one of these for my 11 year old daughter and would recommend it to all ages, whether they be a young child just starting out, a teenager with limited space, a working adult needing reliable portable office back up or an older or disabled person requiring something light and small for letters or internet surfing with a wireless connection
        The Acer One comes in a variety of colours and is provided with a good quality charger.


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        07.10.2011 23:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good Lap top. Don't under estimate this machine!

        *Acer Aspire 722*

        This is my first Computer review, so with all the technicalities i may not be the best, but I will do my best to explain! Any advice would be great! Enjoy.
        This Net book is 11.6 inches from corner to corner, and so is a little bit bigger than your normal teeny tiny netbook. It has 4 GB memory, which is pretty decent again compared with other netbooks, especially for the price. I saw one of these for sale with half of the memory, and less storage for £250, so this one was a good deal.

        There is 320 GB Storage, again a little more than average net book. It comes loaded with Windows 7
        It has Microsoft Office starter pack. (Basically, a very basic, and no frills version of office, but it is not a trial, you can use that to create your word documents). I did a bit of shopping round and brought mine for £349.99 from PC world. Just for a little help if you're looking. Tesco: £249.99. 2GB memory and 250 GB storage (from what I remember)
        It has an AMD dual core processor, and has a HDMI out socket, as well as 3 USB ports, after just double checking. There is an inlet for Microphones and speakers as well, as well as cable internet in let too.
        Just note, there is no CD drive in this netbook.


        -It is fast, and has a good clear screen. This is due to the fact that it is a little bit bigger (1.5 inches bigger). It makes a difference when using the laptop, sometimes, with others you can feel as though you are squinting to see the screen properly.
        Loads webpages fully, and displays them big enough so they can be seen clearly.
        -Has a quality design to it, it looks like a expensive net book, and doesn't look cheap and tacky.
        -It can run multiple programmes/windows simultaneously with ease, which is very good if you are doing many things at once, and have a busy work life, or even simply if you like to run Facebook in the background whenever you are online. Here is an example, I open 10-20 tabs on Internet Explorer at a time when i read and rerate reviews. I work through them, and i have never had this computer stumble on me, it hasn't frozen, told me it's "not Responding" or said that it has "encountered a problem" I think that is evidence enough!
        Acer says it has a "Full size" key board, which makes using it easier quicker.
        -Touch Pad. It has a function called "Multi Gesture". Much like when you "pinch" the screen of an iPod, it zooms into the photo or a website, if you "pinch" the touch pad of the net book, it will zoom in on the site, word document etc. Personally, I have only used it a few times; however I do see what uses it has, especially when looking at awkward websites, or when you need to zoom on a small part of a document, but then need to see a full page for a diagram. There are other movements such as circling your finger on it will cause rotation. Aside from the "novelty" effect of the touch pad it is Very responsive, and I have no issues with it.


        -The Key board may be full size, but I find it hard to adjust from a laptop/desktop key board to the smaller Acer one, the buttons themselves are slimmer although all the buttons are present in their "regular" position. I end up clicking the = button instead of backspace etc. However, after a few weeks' worth of use, it becomes a lot easier to use.
        *How it runs applications*
        It runs all of Microsoft office perfectly, slide shows display really well. Websites load and fit the screen well. Viewing photos is good on here, and watching clips on YouTube show up very well too. PDF viewer shows perfectly.

        *The Look*

        There are 3 choices from what I know. They have Black, Red or Blue. I didn't choose the colour I had, as they only stocked the red, but I would have chosen it anyway. It is like a Malteser box colour red, which has a metallic quality to it. It almost looks as if there are hints of glitter with in the paint.
        The screen/lid doesn't clip into the body of the netbook when it is closed, which I was a little bit surprised about, however, I haven't missed not having it clip down. The screen hinge is rigid enough to hold itself closed.
        The back of the lid has "Acer Aspire one" written on it in white writing, which is blended in, and a moulded 3D water ripple effect on it, where the "One" is written. It isn't an important part of the lap top admittedly, however, I like it, and we all want a handsome looking bit of technology, am I right? :D
        *From My Personal Use*
        I recently start University, and so needed a netbook which was portable, but still ran multiple applications and could keep up with my constant window switching.
        I have to access my emails through the Uni and use the virtual earning forum, and this Netbook seems to cope brilliantly.
        It is very quick to respond and doesn't lag behind what I am doing. (Remember my Dooyoo rating method!)
        It is half way between a netbook and a laptop, it's much better than your standard 10.1 inch netbook, which usually have 1GB of memory, but obviously it's not as robust as a laptop in terms of processing. It can't be used as the primary computer in the household, but it can do it's fair share of work.

        *My Opinion*
        The problems with this netbook are trivial, and do not hinder the use of the lap top in anyway, they only add to it if you use the functions. I have never been lucky when it comes to PCs and have always picked a dud. Until now. This is the best computer I have ever had; it's brilliant and hasn't failed me so far (touch wood). I recommend this 100% great buy and is perfect for most people. Whether you just want to pop onto Amazon, or if you need to check 100s of emails, and write 3 different word documents at one time while on Facebook and Hotmail and Google, it is perfect for you.


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