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Acer Aspire One A110X

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4 Reviews

Acer Aspire ONE A110X - Black Edition - Atom N270 / 1.6 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HDD 16 GB SSD - GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0 - WLAN : 802.11b/g - Win XP Home - 8.9" Widescreen TFT 1024 x 600 ( WSVGA ) CrystalBrite - camera

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    4 Reviews
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      27.05.2009 22:49



      fantastic little netbook for travelling

      This little computer is just perfect for the traveller in you. Its light and small with enough memory to be all you need for emails and internet and with enough USB ports to have pen drives for external storage. Once you have set up the system I took off a few preloaded stuff and loaded MSN messenger live so that I was use the handy webcam and built in microphone which is again fantastic to chat to the worrying parants !!
      Plus I got this little gem for £209.00 + £5 P+P from Tesco Direct which is better the Amazon offer shown above !! BARGIN !
      Im taking this little netbook to the states so make sure your insurance covers such an item and I plan to chat away to folks at home with the webcam and emails. Plus with a few movies on a Pen Drive I can use it to watch a movie on the 11 hour flight !!


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      19.03.2009 02:43
      1 Comment



      Does what it says on the tin!

      This little netbook has it all,
      - it looks great (sleek Black) ,

      -it's small and easy to carry anywhere you go ( i fit mine into a backpack crammed with books no problem)

      - The camera is great, clear picture, as the name suggests!

      - It is very light at only 1 KG although i'd recommend what i have which is the 6 cell battery, gives it a great battery life and only adds 0.2 KG to the weight

      - For a netbook this thing is fast, i love using mine, it's really sharp.

      -The widescreen is great, it's just the right balance of size and compactness to be a really versitile netbook.

      -The memory is plenty at 1GB it runs sweet with windows vista.

      -Oon drawback i would mention is the storage space. It's only 16 GB which will fill up fast but hey, it is just a net book and external hard drive is all you need for more space.

      All in all i am really happy with my little black book!
      Get one and get surfin,


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        14.03.2009 18:20
        Very helpful
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        Would run better with Linux or a lite version of Windows XP.

        My son bought one of these the other day, having had a play with it, I'm not that impressed with the speed at which it runs. I used to own an early EeePC, and that was much faster.

        This is a well-built little sub-note, but it does have it's problems. Its Atom CPU is rated at 1.6GHz, but in reallity, it struggles to run even Windows with any great speed.
        This sub-note (can't call them 'netbooks' anymore as Psion trademarked the name 10 years ago) runs slower than an old 897Mhz Toshiba laptop with 512Mb RAM & Windows XP.

        The initial first boot-up took over 30 mins as Windows had to install 9 drivers (2 alone for the camera). Being Windows-based, this already slow sub-note also has to run anti-virus software. In this case, McAffee is the program of choice for this. Although mediocre in providing actual protection, it does the job long enough to download & install Avast.

        Typically, MS has installed its 60-day trial of 'MS Office Student Edition', if you already have a copy with a 3-computer licence installed on another PC, don't bother tying the product key with this version as it won't accept it.

        The screen is nice and bright, but to see the icons clearly, you will need to increase the font size a little.

        WiFi is very good at picking-up networks, and, being Win XP, configuring the connection is as easy as entering your WPA password.

        The ASUS EeePC was originally designed for children, so had nice strong hinges. The Aspire One, although aimed at at different demographic, still has good, strong hinges. You also get 2 card slots, one of which handles SD cards, and the second handles SD, MS, MS Duo & Pro, and MMC cards. Theres no support for the faster, higher-capacity CF cards, but as these only tend to be used in DSLRs & HD camcorders, this isn't an issue.

        A plethora of USB ports makes connecting external kit from mice to printers a doddle, unless that is, you need to install drivers. The One has no CD drive, so any drivers required need to be downloaded from the net (or copied across onto a USB pendrive on another PC). It does make me chuckle that the re-installation media is a CD, and not an SD card.
        The keyboard is nice and responsive and has a smooth touchpad built in.

        The battery life is good at around 4 hours constant use.

        I have heard that there is a version of this which runs Linux, knowing how much more efficient this is, I would expect it to run about 20% faster. However, I haven't seen, or tried this model out yet.

        My son has been lugging this to school nearly every day, and, unlike his Samsung, it is still intact and has no missing parts.
        I am very tempted to buy one for myself.


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          26.01.2009 15:56
          Very helpful



          Very affordable netbook

          Acer Aspire One A110
          Are you ready to enter in the new world of Netbook?
          The Netbook, word show that there should be a new device for Net users, of course it now very popular word in the market.
          Netbook is a low configured Notbook with small screen size and weight for ultra portability that can be carry easily to everywhere and it gives mobility for internet uses.
          First Player in the netbook market was Asus and the brand Asus Eee PC got good popularity and this is called as Netbook. Sony also has launched some good configured Netbook and they got good response from upper class market. But the latest sensational eatery from Acer creates huge competition in Netbook market with price and configuration. Launching Acer Aspire one. Acer created a solid platform for best configured Netbooks.
          I am a fond of Acer Aspire One and can't live without this as this is my new friend at the moment. I am going to discuss all important features of this Netbook keep a quick look on it.
          Size and Display
          The most attractive feature of this netbook is its size and display. Netbook has small and affordable design with Width: 24.9 cm, Depth: 17 cm, Height: 2.9 cm, and of course the weight is more important, and there are two options about its weight. One is with 3 cell battery and another is 6 Cell battery option. 3 Cell battery netbook has about 1 kg of total weight but if we choose 6 cell battery option than it will increase by 200gm and total weight will go up to 1.2 Kg.
          But I strongly recommend 6 cell battery that will be good enough for back-up duration.
          Display size is about 8.9" TFT, with 1024 x 600 (WSVGA ) resolution. Screen size is proper fit for your mobility.
          Processing Speed
          Netbook is all about netbooks so that there is no option of high speed processor as all other notebooks have but this netbook has good Intel processor with Intel Atom N270 processor and total clock speed of this machine is about 1.6 GHz. The front size data bus speed is something 533 Mhz. The processor is look like something similar to 2 years earlier of notebooks but for this netbook it is completely to mobility. Intel has invented Atom processor range exclusively for mini notebooks and these notebooks are called as netbooks.
          Chipset is another considerable point of this netbook and it has good latest Mobile Intel 945GSE Express chipset. Mobile and everything for mobile.

          Memory Size
          Next most most important feature of this netbook is its memory size and it is now available with 1GB of DDR2 RAM and we can upgrade it to 1.5GB.
          Netbook is available in various forms and configuration as this has pre installed Windows XP and 1GB RAM is good enough for this.
          Storage capacity is next point of consideration and there is a good 16 GB Solid State Drive, but but I am completely disappointed with this memory. For Windows XP this size is not good enough but there is no worry about this. Aspire One is also available with HDD and there are two option with 120 GB and 160 GB. What you want more?
          6 Cell battery is best for this netbook, always prefer 6 cell battery for netbook and you will definitely get more than 6 hours of back-up for general uses. 3 cell battery has slightly lower back-up time with about 2.5 hours, but 6 cell will be perfect for you.
          Graphics card is average in mobile notebook and there are no desirations for higher graphics as this netbook has a Intel GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3 graphics card and it has an average performance for average use.
          All other interferences are available in this net book and I think this is a best available netbook in the market with very cheap price and very good configuration.
          Highly recommended at all.


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      • Product Details

        The Aspire One is a communication device designed to make online activities fast, simple and cool. The Aspire One is a brand new product which, despite its size, is not just another notebook: it's a stylish all-new digital device designed to deliver continuous access to the internet no matter where you are. The Acer Aspire One provides continuous access to the Internet in an easy-to-use, stylish and ultra-compact platform. It's designed to be an affordable and simple solution for web browsing, checking email, instant messaging, VOIP calls, streaming video, viewing photos and listening to music.

        The Aspire One is Acer's first 8.9" Netbook, powered by the latest Intel Atom processor technology, providing leading performance for all your on-line requirements. Aspire one is lightweight, compact and fits snugly in a backpack or tote bag. It also offers a stylish design with a unique selection of colors to suit personal preferences and lifestyles. The smooth surface is comfortable to touch. Distinctive details, such as the attractive orange hinge ring, highlight the appealing look and feel.