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Acer Aspire One A150-Bw-1GB

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      28.09.2009 23:56
      Very helpful
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      great laptop works wonders very small and lightweight

      I got the acer Laptop after my first two laptops were broken by my daughter. I was not looking for anything inparticular just something that was a bit smaller so I could hide it away! My partner then found this one for me and ordered it. It wasnt a ridiculos price lie others out there now so was even better. When it arrived I could not get over how small it was and also light. Was great for carying anywhere , didnt have to have a huge bag for it when out and about and I coud hide it away! (It is hard though to go to such a smaller one after using a normal sized one or worse if have a huge one!)
      I love this little notebook!
      Mine came with Windows XP on and this is what im used to so was fine and installation was very quck as everything was preloaded on so unlike my now newer one didnt take an hour to turn on!
      Worked great. Has 3 usb ports on it and an sd card slot. It doesn't have a cd/dvd player on though but this wasn't a problem for me as I had a portable one I could plug into the laptop- a bit of a pain but I coped fine probably not great if your used to having one.
      Brill little notebook especially for people travelling about with it.


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        20.08.2009 20:25



        Great little Internet surfing device!

        This little Netbook is absolutly fabulous. I have owneed my for about 2 months and haven't had a problem with it yet The build quality of this net book is fantastic and it looks very sleek (and I personally feel that it looks more expensive than it is)

        I find the mouse pad easy to use and seems to have the right balance of being not too sensitive or undersensitive.

        The battery life lasts approx 2hrs which is fine as i normally plug mine in anyway when im using it at home.

        The keypad great as it seems larger that most other netbooks i was looking at before i bought this one.

        This net book is absoultly perfect for browsing the interent, playing games eg solitare and writing small word documents
        . I haven't tried to write a large word document(other than long posts on forums and review sites!) on it yet however i net books are not really designed for large quanitys of work on it anyway.


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        21.03.2009 23:46



        Dont Compare it to Laptops, this machine is great if you want to check emails & surf.

        I bought this version of the acer aspire one before christmas 2008. Since I bought mine my mother brother and next door neighbour have all been so impressed that they to have purchased the exact same machine.
        My machine came pre installed with Linpus lite (lunix) which is a little strange if your used to windows in any form. From getting the machine out of the box i was online within 5 mins. It was so simple.
        The 1st thing you will need to do once you get connected is to goto the settings menu and click the live update. This gets all the up to date bits and bobs the aspire one needs to be upto date. This process is almost fully automated and took about 30mins tom update and install.
        The software included is more great - its not windows office, but a free version called open office it includes a good word processor, spreadsheet, and a presentation creator (like powerpoint). all these program`s have and option when you save to make them comptable with the windows equivelant. Everything runs at a good speed and is very similar to office software.
        There is a low resolution web cam which is fine for web chatting, but your not gonna win photographer of the year with it.
        There are 3 USB ports located on on the sides (2 on the right 1 on the left). Also a Erthanet port and too SD card slots. One of these will take upto an 8gb card and when its added it just blends into the Hard Drive so your hard drive goes from 120gb to 128gb . not amazing but handy little feature.
        There is a Instant messenger on the machine and it has a step by step setup guide, its compatable with MSN, Yahoo and quiet a few other chat programs.
        The down sides: The 1st thing is the touchpad/mousepad its a little clumsy as the button are on the side and not on top of the pad so it makes it feel a bit odd. I have bought a cheap little USB mouse which is fine - dont get me wrong its perfectly useable with the touch pad, just a little awkward.
        The battery life, it claims the standard 3 cell battery that comes with the machine will give 3 hours of usage. In my experiance i have struggled t get 2 hours. My next investment is in the nine cell battery which should give around 8 hours.
        If you cant get on with the operating system it is fairly easy to install windows xp. But then you need to get the virus checker and all that installed.
        If your looking for a small and stylish and easy to use out of the box unit, this is so much better than most of the competition out there.


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        07.01.2009 17:36
        Very helpful



        Bigger than a PDA, smaller than a laptop... this is what you need!

        Last night saw the addition of this beautiful little machine in to my life.
        Are netbooks just a computer 'trend' ???
        Let's find out!

        The Aspire One has lots of competition, with the current range of netbooks varying from 7", £115 up to 10", £300+ machines.
        I would say the 'One' falls solidly into the top half of the genre in all aspects.
        Here's my review of the product after around 4 hours usage and lots of internet research.

        ___Un-boxing & Setup___
        Packaging was good, small, and secure.
        Opening up the box reveals the One, sat on a lift out section of cardboard, with the manual, warranty booklet, battery and power cable underneath in their own little cardboard chamber.

        With everything unpacked, your left with your netbook, a battery, and a power cable.
        The battery is a cinch to install, simply slot it into the back/underneath of the unit and slide the small 'lock' key over to hold it in (just like any other laptop battery really).
        Plug it in, and away you go. My unit was around 80% charged out of the box, but I'm not sure if this is the same with every unit.

        ___Usability & Design___
        The Aspire One is currently available in 4 colours - Black, White, Blue and Pink - i chose a white one as in my opinion this looks the best, with it's lovely glossy black bezel around the screen.
        The unit is a nice size, around the same as a hard back diary. This HDD model is slightly heavier that the SSD model, but is still comfortable to hold and carry (can't remember exact weight, but around 1kg).
        There are numerous ports on the sides of the unit.
        These are:
        > VGA out - For connecting to TV/Monitor
        > SD Card Slot - For storage expansion, but with it having a 120gb HDD i can't see many using this
        > 3x USB ports - plug in anything from a mouse, to a USB DVD Drive, or maybe a Bluetooth dongle!
        > Multi Card reader - For importing data/pictures/music from your SD/MMC/RS-MMC card and more.
        > Audio jacks - mic in and headphone jack
        > Ethernet port - for connecting to wired network

        All of these are placed and spaced well and would not hinder use in any way with items connected to them.

        The One feels solid and sturdy from the moment you flip up the screen, this was a must have for me - with a unit this size the last thing you want is a flimsy feel.

        The keyboard takes a little getting used to, obviously due to the size, but that again feels solid and each key has a nice amount of travel and 'click'.

        The one thing that takes a little getting used to is the track pad and buttons. Instead of the classic pad with buttons underneath, Acer have plumped for the button either side approach.
        Strange at first, but you get used to it.
        I will also point out that the mouse track pad, in standard form, may be a little quick for some, so this may need to be tweaked via the windows control panel.
        Everything else works well and as you would expect, just a lot smaller :)

        This is something that shocked me to be honest.
        The Aspire is surprisingly powerful. I originally purchased the Linux version of the Aspire, which runs an Acer customised and cut down Fedora distribution called Linpus.
        When using this, everything was very responsive and quick to load - boot up time was quick and everything was ready to go very fast.
        I have since installed Win XP (that's why I'm reviewing this version). I originally thought that the performance would suffer, obviously with Windows being more resource hungry than the Linpus distro. I was pleasantly surprised that, again, everything was swift, boot was quick (although a little slower than before), and even programs such as Adobe Photoshop was able to run - albeit a little laggy.
        For everyday use, i can't see this little beast struggling with many programs at all. I personally have installed Open Office on it, but i know of people running Office 2007 with no problems to report.
        Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a gaming machine, or a video editing behemoth, but it will impress!

        With all this performance, i wasn't expecting much from the battery to be honest. However, i nice healthy 2.5 - 3 hours is good enough for me!
        This battery life obviously depends on what your doing - i.e. wifi turned on, screen brightness right up etc.
        If that's not enough though, you can always get the 6 cell battery to almost double your run time (at an extra cost of course).

        I mentioned at the top of the review that this falls into the top half of the netbook genre - this includes pricing too.
        The Windows version averages around £260 inc VAT (from what I've seen at least) - although, if you're handy with computers you may want to do what i did and go for the cheaper Linpus version and install windows yourself (providing you have a genuine license of course).

        Even paying the extra for the XP version still makes it a good purchase, some of these units run in to the £300 upwards bracket and most are not much better (maybe on paper, but in everyday use you wouldn't notice it).

        Overall, i am extremely happy with the Aspire One.
        It's easy to use, a very nice size, and more importantly for me it feels like a good piece of technology that the manufacturer have put thought in to.
        Recommended to anybody with this budget!

        P.S. - This machine also has a very strong internet fan base, probably more than most others. So help is never far away!


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