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Acer Aspire One D250-0Bb

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    2 Reviews
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      31.10.2010 12:04
      Very helpful



      A great netbook - very highly recommended :)

      Aspire One D250-0Bb

      I have just started university and we do have a iMac and laptops but they are too big to take there, and knowing me I would break them too! So I decided to buy a little netbook (some people call them notebooks), but they are all the same thing - mini laptops! They are really quite cute and come in different colours. I have been using this for about 2 weeks and I am really happy with it.

      *General Product specifications*

      ~10.1'' screen
      ~Acer CrystalBriteTM LED-backlit
      ~1'' Thin
      ~Two built in high definition speakers
      ~Windows XP OS
      ~1.1kg with the three cell battery pack (the one it comes with)
      ~Built in digital microphone
      ~Three UBS ports
      ~Multi in 1 card reader
      ~1GB RAM (Random access memory)
      ~1.68 Ghz processor

      *Ease of setting up*
      It was really easy to set up this little netbook, I just plugged in the power and then that was it. I obviously had to install the full microsoft office CD and my printer software (using the external disk drive already reviewed) but other than that I didn't have to do anything!

      The Windows XP Home edition was already installed and with mine (and I think with all of them) you get a free trial of windows microsoft office - which includes all of the basic powerpoint, word, excel and outlook too!

      *Setting up the internet on my netbook*
      This again was quite easy as this product is already Wifi enabled, So it can already detect and connect to open networks. All I had to do was connect it to my secure wifi network and then that was it.

      *Keyboard/touch pad*
      The keyboard is obviously smaller than the normal ones for laptops/Macs and stand alone Pc's but it is easy to use. The buttons are closer together and there is no separate section on the keyboard just for numbers - like most pcs and laptops do. But this is no disadvantage really as it is still really easy to use and I can use it just like a normal laptop keyboard. And it has all of the same buttons as a normal size keyboard too, such as the brightness, volume and sleep.

      The touch pad is also a little bit smaller than on regular size laptops but again it is easy to use and feels just like a normal touch pad. Although the only slight disadvantage of the smaller touch pad is the right and left buttons are not as easy to press and it can be a little bit annoying, but that is the only flaw.

      The screen is 10.1'' (diagonal) so it is quite small, but this is not a bad point as it is still a good size and it can be viewed easily. One thing that surprised me about the screen of this netbook, is that it is really really sharp and detailed and the picture is really vivid! Just like a normal laptop which is great even thought the screen is small it still performs like a regular size laptop.

      *Webcam and speakers*
      One thing I really like about this product is that it has a webcam! A lot of regular sized laptops have a in built webcam now, so I was surprised that this one had a webcam as it is small, but it does.

      It has a 0.3 megapixel resolution and yes that does sound really rubbish as normal digital cameras have about 10 megapixels and this only has 0.3 megapixels! But when I use it, it does not look bad at all! It is quite sharp and detailed - obviously not really detailed but it is quite good. The colours are also really vivid and true to life.

      The speakers on this product are really good, the sound is really clear and precise. The volume of the speakers can be changed using the buttons on the keyboard and they can be turn up quite a lot - if you want to use it as a small audio system.

      *Battery Life*
      This product comes with a three cell battery which is really quite small and thin and it is really light weight too - so it does not add too much to the overall weight of the product, but with the battery the netbook can only last about 3 hours! Which is not a lot and from using this product with the three cell battery it usually does not last three hours!

      But I bought this off an ebay seller and they also put in the aspire one nine cell battery which has a battery life of 9/10 hours which is so much better and from using it with this nine cel battery it really does last about that amount of time on one charge. But the only problem with using the bigger battery is that it is huge! It is a lot bigger than the three cell and it does add to the overall weight quite a bit - but it is still not as heavy as a normal laptop.

      The nine cell battery for this is that big that when I put it down on the table it lifts the back of the netbook off the table about a centimeter. But at least the fans are not covered when I put it down!

      It is really portal - even more so if you use the smaller battery compared to the larger one! But it is really light, it is thin (1'' thin) and it is small. It fits into my bag really nicely and it does not take up too much room too. It is light weight and small but it does feel quite durable and sturdy.

      *Noise levels*
      When I have quite a few applications/windows open or if I am installig some software using the external disk drive then the fans obviously make more noise as the processor needs to be cooled down so it does not over heat, but the noise is not that much at all. it makes a lot less noise than a regular size laptop or pc and it really is minimal.

      *How responsive is it?/Processor*
      It is quite responsive when you only have a small amount of windows/applications are open but when you have more windows open it does become less responsive and takes longer to do what you want it too. But other than when it has a heavy work load and the processor has to work harder it is fine.

      The only other time it is not really responsive is when I change the volume on the keyboard. It comes up on the screen the volume level (like the battery bar on your phone) and then it is quite slow to respond, taking a bit to change the volume. But other than that it is quite responsive and the processor is fast and works well.

      *Additional information*
      You can also have your own profile and you can have a password on it and make you files/documents private and you make a guest profile/account for other people who may use it.

      It comes with the three cell battery not the nine cell one and they are both really easy to swap around. You just take it out of the back and then 'clip' the other battery pack in.

      Only has 1GB of RAM which is ok but not fantastic but it is great for what I need it for - just office documents and the internet. But it can support 2GB of RAM.

      Charging is easy to and it has a small light at the bottom left of the keyboard which when it is not fully charged or needs to be charged it goes red, but when it is charged it goes green.

      I bought mine off an ebay seller (new) and it is really great. I bought it for £169 with postage which is a really good price. You can buy it from tesco.com for £266, amazon.co.uk for £206 with postage and you can get it from other stores. It does seem to be a quite widely available netbook.

      Good points
      *Easy to set up and use
      *In built webcam
      *Goes into sleep by its self when it is not being used
      *Really really sharp, detailed, vivid display
      *Functions like a regular size laptop/pc
      *Good processor speed
      *Comes in four different colour - I have the sapphire blue version, which is really nice - it is a metallic blue colour
      *Wifi enabled
      *Small and light weight - but it feels durable and sturdy
      *Does not make a lot of noise
      *Does not take long to charge up
      *Good prices If you look around
      *Very portable
      *Does not take long switching on or turning off
      *Card reader slot (not used yet so I can't really comment on it)

      Bad points
      *1GB of RAM may not be enough for some peoples computer needs
      *3 cell battery that it comes with does not have a log battery lift at all - but the nine cell battery has a 9/10 hour battery life when fully charged


      Thank you for reading my review


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        07.04.2010 10:25



        Acer one aspire D250 is great. The only bad point about it is the Wireless card isn't up to scratch. When using it in windows it is slow. Also when trying to get it to work in Backtrack (linux) you'll be better off buying an external wifi dongle. Apart from that it's a great piece of kit but the price you pay for it will not be the end.


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