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Acer Aspire ONE D255-2DQkk

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    3 Reviews
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      19.11.2013 21:07
      1 Comment



      A great little lap top which has lasted me a long time

      I have had my white little Acer since 2010 and it has served me very well. Three years later and it is still going strong.

      There is not much memory on it at all, so it is kind of restricted in terms of how it can be used. For example, my little machine does not like it one bit if I have lots of windows open at the same time. I can not surf the net and talk on Skype without the baby (my nickname for it) kicking up little fuss and crashing from time to time. That is no problem though. I have a large lap top for my main work load and this one is perfect for trips. I keep all my documents stored on Dropbox so that I can access my work from wherever I am and the baby does the rest.

      Of course, it is too small to fit a CD drive or any kind of significant storage. However, the USB ports counteract that, allowing you to plug in any external storage device you need to.

      You should not really use a netbook as a main lap top- unless of course, all you want to do is surf the net from time to time. But it is perfect as a second lap top for use when you are on the go- or for quick reference. This netbook is surprisingly sturdy and very light.

      Mine came withh Windows 7 starter kit for free. It suits my purposes just fine, but you may want to invest in another operating system if you want the extras that the full version brings. Aside from that, highly recommended.


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        24.01.2012 22:01
        Very helpful



        for the average browsing

        The Acer Aspire ONE D255-2DQkk is my best friend right now measuring a small 258 mm this little net book can be put away anywhere for safe keeping or just so it is out of the way such as on a shelf, in a cupboard, mine sits underneath my bed ready for the evening and night time browsing, I used to be on this 24/7 however I've become more sociable with my family and choose to sit downstairs on the computer so my net book comes out in the evenings, this is small enough to place on your knee and still have room to spare like a cup of tea, I always rest mine on my knee at the same time. This net book weighs a small 1.25 kg, it is very sturdy and light weight allowing you to take it with you while your on the go, I like to take mine out with me when I go to a friends or my sisters house this is much easier than taking a laptop because I don't have to change bag as this fits in my normal bag with room to spare for all my other items.Looks wise this looks very professional, neat and clean, this can come in various colours and you can stickers and cases for the front but mine is a silky shiny black colour like the picture above. The key board on this is very small measuring approximately 200 mm. The keys themselves are set into the laptop and are soft touch keys,this means you can move across the keys with ease while fast typing and not have them sound like your bashing the keys, these keys are also suitable for typing for a long period of time. The touch mouse pad is located below the keyboard a long with the left and right mouse button.

        They keys on this net book are most of the keys that are on a full sized keyboard there are all numbers and a QWERTY keyboard set out, all F number are present and arrow keys, some of the other keys such as end and print screen at on different keys rather than like a normal keyboard where they have their own key, the keys are rounded at the corner and because they are the thinner keys it is easier to move from one key to the next if you are a fast typer like me you will know what I mean, sometimes on bigger set keys I spell a lot of words wrong. The start up button is a silver button located above the keyboard. The touch pad is very sensitive and if you touch it to hard it will sometimes do what you never intended to do and also if you have more than one finger on it in different places it will also do something different, but most of us know how to use a touch pad mouse anyway, the touch pad is very fast and thankfully the mouse is able to keep up with it but for some reason sometimes you lose the curser on the screen and you have to wiggle about on the touch pad to find it again.

        Every so often your going to need to give this net book a good clean especially if your using it as often as every day, there are several ways you can do this, you can take an very lightly damp cloth and just run it over the screen keys and casing however you need to make sure this is barely wet otherwise you could cause some unintended damage, another way it to just give the casing and screen a quick dusting because of it's shiny casing you do see any specks of dust or any marks on this. I eat and drink while on my laptop and I find there are lots of crumbs and food go between my keys and I don't want it to go mouldy and my keys stop working soi bought one of those tiny keyboard Hoovers to get all the little bits out that fall down the sides and then wipe over the keys with a cloth, you will need to clean the keys as they carry an extreme amount of bacteria.

        There isn't too much you have to do to set this net book up, it automatically comes with everything you would need to get the internet up already on it all you have to do is set up the writing size and various things like that and of course put in your account details for example mine is under my own name and how old I am, things like that and then you just have to connect to your wireless connection. Starting this up the windows loading screen comes up within a few seconds, it only takes roughly a minute to load the net book to the main windows screen which is great for if you are in a hurry and don't have time for a slow loading time, the net book will automatically pick up your internet connection that you originally installed when putting the wireless net-book on of course this also depends on how fast your internet connection is, if you have a bad overall connection it will also be bad on the net-book.

        Despite the websites saying this will support windows 7 this is very misleading as the highest it will support is windows XP which in my opinion is the best windows anyway, this will only support windows 7 if you buy this version of the net book with it already installed. This was one of the last net books/laptops and computers to be sold with windows XP on it so when I browsed through it I was please to see they had put a massive amount of Microsoft software on it, this included MS word, excel, power point, movie maker and a lot more as well even though I knew I would only use MS word this pleased me a lot. One of the first things you will want to do is replace the internet explorer browser with the google chrome browser because it is faster and more efficient, the pages load within seconds and every click is very smooth and fast, like the internet should be

        I download a lot on my net-book ranging from programmes to games to music to films. Downloading programmes such as I-tunes, VLC player these are really fast to download taking only a few minutes to fully install and complete the process but of course again this mainly is due to your internet connection. Getting music and films on this net-book is also very quick taking no more than 20 minutes to get a full tv series and again of course this does vary and depend on the internet connection. Playing games on this net-book is really good, the graphics card isn't overly large but it is big enough to support gaming on face book and other silly games such as bejewelled and gold miner, however these games run extremely smooth without any lagging except I found that on castle vile on Facebook when your castle area expands a lot it takes a long time to actually load the game so I gave up on it. As for games such as World of Warcraft or mine craft I found that this wasn't very suitable as it took to long to load and when it did load actions were delayed and it look a while to move around the maps. As for watching films this doesn't have a disc drive which is why it is so compact and small however you can download programmes such as VLC player and this allows you to watch films on it which is what I do, The VLC player is a little slow to start up the film but no buffering is required it will start straight away with no jumping or lagging, it is also in sync, the sounds is very crisp but I always plug mine into my stereo so that I can listen to it as if it was on my Television.

        This does not have a built in disc drive which allows it to be compact and small although you can buy an external disc drive that plugs into your net book via USB this is automatically picked up by your net book there i no installation needed, this will allow you to watch films, play games or do other things such as transfer music or pictures to a disc or other important files in case anything does happen to your net book. The durability of this net book is great it is really sturdy and mine has been dropped more times than I'd acre to say, the amount of food and drinks that have been splashed on it and it's still going strong, however if you do happen to spill a drink over this make sure you wipe it straight away but if it gets under the keys or behind the screen then you are not going to be using this net book any more. The battery life is really good, if this is fully charged which only takes a couple of hours to charge it to 100% the battery will last up to 8 hours but of course will be cut short if you are play games but if your just doing general browsing or on Facebook the battery will last next to 8 hours. However do be warned the wire isn't as long lasting as the laptop and you'll find this will break after about a year and you'll have to replace it.

        You can buy this from pretty much anywhere that stocks pc's/macs/laptops and net books such as super markets, argos, pc world and more. This was originally £250 but I bought mine refurbished for £180, refurbished is basically a new used item. Someone has bought this item, opened it and returned it because they simply didn't want it, it has then been sent back to the manufacturer, wiped and then put back to it's original settings and then in fresh packaging.

        RAM - 1GB
        Hard drive - 160GB
        Webcam - 1.3 megapixel
        3 USB Ports
        Memory card reader
        LCD screen
        screen size - 10.0"
        height - 24 mm
        width - 258 mm
        depth - 185 mm
        Graphics card intel graphics media accelorator 3150
        8 hour battery life


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          10.09.2011 23:21
          Very helpful



          Good netbook with great features and specs.

          This is a delightful little companion for those who like to use some computing on the go. Firstly this comes equipped what would seem a paltry 1GB ram and for Windows 7 starter, it can certainly feel paltry. The HD space however is actually pretty good for a netbook of this size.

          As I said, 1GB ram isn't ideal for Windows 7 and I set about immediately looking to change the operating system. Unfortunately, the netbook does not house any optical drive so I was stuck for options. Luckily though, theres enough USB ports and I had decent sized Sandisk Cruzer to attempt some USB based OS installation. I could have went the windows xp route, however that would cause severe driver headaches. I decided instead to opt for an Ubuntu distribution of Linux.

          Installation was simple and quick and everything worked fine without having any driver issues! Great, thats a new operating system that runs faster and is more secure on this beautiful netbook. It was then easy to install office applications (OpenOffice) and other media playback solutions (VLC player). Anyways, I probably digress but I would like to emphasize that this netbook is great with Ubuntu. Pity that it uses Windows or it could have been much cheaper.

          Anyways, as far as other features are concerned, lets make one thing clear - this isn't a laptop so the small display does what its supposed to. It should be noted though that the screen is clear and sharp so no quips there.

          Connectivity is very good and the onboard WiFi performs flawlessly. Theres the usual audio jacks, 4 usb slots and a VGA out. Yes even a small netbook this size features a VGA out - so if you aren't all to pleased with the screen, plug it to your desktop display and enjoy silent browsing, word processing or video playback.

          The 1.3 VGA webcam is standard and works great if you want to talk to your friends and family. What I find best though about the Aspire One is the screen which is a beautiful LED LCD. These types of screens are generally brighter as they are backlit and so provide great viewing angles both indoors and outdoors.

          I should perhaps take the time to mention that the netbook just looks amazing. It is simple and glossy black, however, there is something eye catching about it. Be warned though fingerprints may become common pretty quickly.

          Furthermore, the build quality is superb and I've never had any issue with reliability (though it does come with 1 year standard warranty). The keys are soft to the touch and easy to use for extend periods. The touchpad is respnsive so no problems there. Battery life is decent at around 3 hours of heavy usage.

          Bottom line is that its a light netbook that looks great and works great minus Windows 7.


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