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Acer Ferrari One 200-312G25n

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    3 Reviews
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      19.11.2010 18:42
      Very helpful



      ** Acer Ferrari ONE 200 **

      This year my husband thought it was time for me to get my own laptop. So when it was time for valentine he surprised me with this beauty. It's a small but perfect netbook that has everything that I need.

      Some details
      * Dimensions: 28.5 x 20 x 2.4 / 3 cm
      * Weight: 1.5 kg with battery
      * Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core
      * Memory: 3 GB (expandable to 4) DDR2
      * Hard Drive: 160 GB
      * Display: 11.6 "and a resolution of 1366 x 768
      * USB ports: 3 (USB 2.0)

      The first thing what people say when they see the netbook is 'Wow it's a Ferrari netbook'? Well the design is Ferrari and the netbook has a bright red cover with the logo of Ferrari. The laptop has a few little accents that make me think of a car like the rubber feet's underneath which looks like wheels. All over the netbook you have a few accents of racing which looks nice but I have to say I was wondering if my husband bought the netbook for me or more for himself. I did see that he was a bit disappointed when I said he was not allowed to use it.

      The cover of the netbook is made of (Ferrari) red shiny plastic and in the centre you will find the logo of Ferrari. The back is made of black shiny plastic and also has a webcam. The part of the keyboard is made of gray/black material which reminds me a bit of racing. The material is actually very nice and it doesn't show any greasy fingers. The touchpad is integrated and is made of hard, black plastic and has two buttons which are made of silver plastic. The bottom of the netbook is made of black plastic.

      When it comes to the indicators and controls on the netbook it's all about simplicity. At the top you will only find the power button and three lights. At the front is a slide button to turn the Wi-Fi on or off and next to it is a small indicator which will show you when the WI-FI is on or not. That's all but design wise I don't see where they could have place more buttons. The existing keyboard buttons have a lot of double functions which is shown on the keyboard itself. You can adjust the screen brightness, volume and more by simply pressing the FN button and then the button with the little symbol. Quite easy to do.

      The netbook might be small but luckily he has 3 USB 2.0 ports which is great to connect your wireless mouse. It has also a LAN port (for the network connection trough a cable) if you don't have a wireless network. You can also connect your headset and microphone. It has also a ATI XGP possibility which I'm not familiar with but apparently you can connect a device to improve the graphics on your netbook. The netbook also comes with a card reader for you SD, MMC and memory sticks. The netbook comes with a AC adapter that has about 1,5 meter cord which is just long enough.

      *The use*
      Because the netbook is equipped with an AMD dual core processor and 3 GB of memory he has no problems with any software and goes fast with Windows 7. I don't foresee any problems in the nearby future only it's not one for the heavy graphics but the screen is also simply to small I think for that. For this reason I don't this netbook for games and I do use it more just for internet, skype and Microsoft word. Every programs starts quickly and nothing stalled yet.

      *Hard disk*
      The netbook comes with a 160GB Sata hard drive which means for me more than enough space! I have my pictures, music and some movies on it and still have plenty of space left. For me it's even a bit too much but I won't complain about having too much space. The hard disk is divided into multiple partitions and I have a C: and D: drive.

      On paper you should be able to work four hours on one battery charge, but in reality it is about 2.5 hours. This of course depends on what you currently are doing. If you are using a wireless internet, USB mouse, USB stick and have it on the highest brightness then it demands a lot of the battery. I was a bit disappointed because you simply expect a little bit more time without needing to charge it.

      *Noise and cooling*
      One of the downsides of the netbook is the noise it makes. The cooler is quite loud but this is not really disturbing. You just need to turn up the TV or radio when you using the netbook. The laptop produces a fair amount of heat but it won't burn your legs or anything. It's just a bit warm.

      The netbook has a display of 11.6 "and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This makes it a big bigger than most netbooks and thus more pleasant to work with. The display listens to the name Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT LCD 16.7 million colors, which mainly means that you have a screen to with sufficient clarity and a good viewing angle. The display is reflective so sometimes you are looking at a reflecting of yourself.

      The keys have a fairly normal size. The keyboard seems resistant to water, though I would not recommend trying this with a cup of coffee or something. Of course there was no room for keys like Home, End, Page Up, Page Down. These are now hidden under a FN + key combination, giving them still somewhat easy to find.

      The integrated speakers are of reasonable quality. Acer says on the box that this is athird-generation Dolby Home Theatre, but they are just netbook speakers. They are fine for playing sound with movies or a song, but to me is absolutely no substitute for a speaker or headphone set.

      The webcam has a standard resolution of 0.3 megapixels which is great for MSN and Skype.
      Unfortunately it lacks an internal microphone.

      *Experience and Opinion*
      It was a perfect gift even as it has a manly look because of the Ferrari. I think he looks really good and is unique. The netbook works perfectly and I haven't had any troubles from the first time I turned it on. It's quick and all the programs work fast without stalling. I can use the webcam without any problems and because of the preinstalled programs it's ready to use. I can watch my movies and listen to music while being on the internet. With windows 7 connecting to our wireless network were very easy. The only downside is the bit of noise and it becomes a little bit warm but I can live with that!

      * Customized Internet Explorer 8.0
      * Adobe Flash Player 10 (always useful, you do not need to install)
      * Adobe Reader 9.1
      * Ferrari wallpaper and screen saver (for the Ferrari fans among us)
      * McAfee Internet Security Suite Trial (I use AVG)
      * Works with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (Service Pack 1) (trial version, I use Office)
      * Microsoft Office Ready (bare version, I use the real one)
      * WinDVD (if you want to watch DVDs)
      * Acer Crystal Eye (for the webcam, I just use MSN or similar)
      * Acer eRecovery Management (for the laptop to restore a recovery point, similar to the standard Windows functionality that I also use)
      * Acer Launch Manager (needed to use the FN buttons)
      * Acer Video Conference Manager 4.5
      * CyberLink PowerDVD (a DVD player)
      * Norton Online Backup (I use another backup program)
      * Google Setup and Google Toolbar
      * Windows Live Essentials - Wave 3 (various Microsoft programs)

      *What do you get in the box*
      * The laptop
      * AC Adapter
      * Battery
      * Manual and guarantees


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        12.07.2010 02:16



        A dead end in netbook evolution.

        I bought this as a replacement for several netbooks after I grew very tired of their performance limitations. The Ferrari One is a step in the right direction, but it has its flaws.
        First off the processor is more powerful, it can actually multitask, something that the Atom is just not capable of. It is finally possible to listen to music at the same time as flicking between web pages and documents. With this faster processor comes the obvious flaws, increased heat (The Ferrari One very quickly develops a scalding base), increased noise from the constantly spinning fan and decreased battery life (plan on actually using that more powerful processor AND wifi? Well your battery life isnt going to clear three hours)
        Three hours, I know thats alot for a laptop, but this still isnt a laptop and the long battery life of my previous netbooks was the one thing I am not willing to compromise on.
        Aesthetically I had to swallow hard before I purchased this laptop. It is VERY bright red with a prominent Ferrari logo. I also includes stupid faux car touches such as rubber feet contoured to look like tyre treads and a very obnoxious VROOOM sound set as the startup sound.
        You can count that the rest of the laptop/netbook is fine. The keyboard is roomy, the unit as a whole is not too heavy and there is plenty of connectivity (Including an absolutely useless XGP port). However that is something that netbooks too offer.
        My opinion? Im putting mine on eBay, make of that what you will.


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        15.02.2010 17:05
        Very helpful



        One of the best compromises between performance and size available

        I've previously bought laptops as desktop replacement machines, but decided I needed better portability this time round. The Ferrari One caught my eye, as although it is marketed as a netbook (as not to compete with other Acer models), the specs are closer to those of an ultra-portable laptop. I took the plunge and couldn't be happier!
        The performance is impressive, handling Windows 7 with all the eye-candy and without breaking a sweat. In fact, it loads faster than my previous 17" Toshiba P100 ever managed to. It's important to note that the Ferrari One has a 64-bit dual-core CPU, which is vastly superior to the Intel Atom found in most netbooks. It also has a discrete ATI graphics card, another rarity in netbooks. With the standard 2Gb of RAM (upgradable to 4Gb, possibly 8Gb when the 4Gb unit prices drop), normal productivity tasks (using Office 2007) and web-browsing is nippy and very responsive. It doesn't end there, this little gem is even capable of playing relatively recent games at decent frame-rates. I've tested Red Alert 3 and Myst V and both play surprisingly well. I'll soon be trying out GTA IV to give it a real test, and will update this review once I've had a go. It's important to note that both the CPU and GPU can be easily overclocked using software tools available from AMD. Only attempt this if you know what you're doing though!
        There is also the novel feature of an XGP port (eXternal Graphics Platform). This carries the promise of plugging in a box containing a desktop graphics card for boosted gaming performance. However, I haven't seen any such cards available in the UK yet.
        The screen is fantastic; the 1366x768 resolution means you have decent room to work with. Contrast and brightness and also top notch for a laptop. The keyboard is easy to use and importantly is flat, meaning there won't be any marks transferred to the screen when you close the lid. The HD and RAM are easy to upgrade, thanks to the inclusion of separate hatches on the underside.
        Batter life is below the netbook standard due to the higher performance hardware. You can expect about 5 hours from a full charge, unless you're gaming or watching HD video. On that note, 720p videos run perfectly smoothly, however some 1080p movies I tried were choppy (probably due to having to downscale for the screen resolution).


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