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Asus Eee PC 1001PX Seashell

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    3 Reviews
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      11.09.2011 18:45
      Very helpful



      Good for photographers and bloggers alike.

      This little Asus Eee PC comes in 3 flavours; black, white and blue. All of them have the same specifications however but the blue one looks the best: and its the one I went for. It comes in a nice little recycleable package and is easy enough to hide away - if like me you ebay a lot of the things you use.

      What sets the Seashell apart from the other Eee PCs is that the top is not a smooth matte black, rather it has sort of carbon fiber look. The advantage of this is that you won't see any fingerprints on it and it feels really solid - even scratch resistent.

      The left side houses the charging slot and a conventional VGA out, USB port and suprisingly an SD card reader. Note that not many netbooks have SD card readers built into them. So straight away this would score well with photo bloggers.

      On the right side there are two audio jacks, another USB port and an ethernet port to boot. Although it has builtin WiFi the addition of an ethernet slot really makes using this at home a lot more convenient; especially if like me you love to run net connection straight through the router.

      Other specifications include a 0.3mp webcam and a 10.1 screen that looks bright on minimal settings. It is also very sharp and clear and the 1024x600 resolution is easy on the eyes.

      Noteworthy is the keyboard which is suprisingly large and comfortable to use. If like me you blog a lot the keyboard will not make you cringe after using it for some time. It is also soft to the touch but is at times a little springy like a desktop keyboard. I would have preferred if it were silent like some Acer models.

      The trackpad has a smooth action but can feel a little cramped. No big matter if like me you use a mouse anyways. Another bad side to it is the cheap metalic plastic single button which can become annoying and it attracts a lot of finger prints.

      I've always maintained that Asus build rock solid products and I wasn't disappointed with this one either. It feels robust and soundly built and there is no creaking when you pull the screen up. Furthermore it (the hinge) feels sturdy.

      The major downers as always with any netbook I feel is the operating system we are forced to live with. Like most other models at this price range - it comes with 1GB which again is very little even for Windows 7 Starter. And since installing Windows XP is a pain, I would very much recommend installing some form of Linux. On Windows loading up Firefox itself can take around 15 seconds which is not very good.

      Video playback is a bone of contention and there are stutters at times but that is to be expected. It is not a powerhouse for your media rich needs. What it is is a simple tool if you are on the go for browsing, viewing photos or blogging for example.

      Unfortunately I think there are some flaws in the overall such as the trackpad and the springyness of the keyboard though it is large. So I am going to ebay it soon. However for around £200 from Amazon this isn't too bad for those who perhaps like blogging or photography on the go. 160GB hard drive is plenty for the keen or hobbyist photographer I think and the addition of the SD card seems well catered for them.

      Not a must have, but it a good little Eee PC.


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      16.03.2011 05:36



      Great as a laptop to carry around for a couple of years, but you will need to store files elsewhere.

      I love my little Asus Eee PC! There is something about a computer which is so tiny and yet so functional that is highly attractive. We all suffer from a lack of space in our lives, so choosing a netbook is often seen as the best option, particularly if you want to take your laptop around with you.

      On the positive side, this netbook is tactile and light, with a screen and keys that are not too small to be useful. Unlike some other people, I have found that I get a good six hours or even more from the battery - essential in a laptop like this that is likely to be carried around. Fingers quickly adapt to a smaller touchpad. There is also a lot of online support and plenty of online updates are available.

      Unfortunately however, like several of the Asus netbook products, the memory and space available matches its physical size. It remains to be seen whether this one will stand the test of time, but to suffice to say that in common with my last Asus EEE, it is looking like eventually the space on the C drive will not be enough to even run Windows.

      If you are happy to use a netbook like this for a couple of years before a total overhaul or upgrade, then this is certainly a great option. The portability alone makes it worth it. However, don't expect to be able to store many documents, pictures or music on it. An external hard drive is necessary to make this netbook really functional.


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      04.09.2010 16:43
      Very helpful



      Best buy ever

      We had a desk top pc and my husband decided he needed the space and wanted a laptop. We shopped around and finally he found one to his needs. Where does this leave me?! His is far to technical for me as all I do is write letters, write reviews and use the internet.

      I should really learn how to do more with a computer but do I really need to when hubby does the photos, downloading etc.

      My husband was the one that suggested a netbook as its all I need.
      After reading many reviews Asus seem to be the one that came up with the best results so I decided to go with that make and have gone with model ID 1001PX Asus Eee PC.

      We looked around and Curry's had the cheapest price I bought this for £210. This doesn't come with any cover and the last thing I wanted to do was damage it so I bought a case too.


      The Asus netbook is black with sleek curves with a seashell pattern that I wasn't keen on at first but I have got used to very quickly and now love it.
      It has a anti glare 10.1" LED backlit screen with a 0.3 mega pixel video camera just above it. The battery life is suppose to be 5 hours but I 'd say more like 3! I believe you can buy a extended battery for it if need to.
      The ergonomic keyboard is the best I have ever used! I actually look professional using it. The keys are close together but I have no trouble catching as I have small fingers.
      You can choose from either windows 7 starter or windows XP home my husband advised me to choose XP because it is more of a simpler operating system to use.
      It came with 1GB of ram fitted which my husband upgraded to 2GB of ram it wasn't necessary as I found it ran quick enough for me.
      It has a high definition audio with built in speakers which are reasonably loud and sounds good it also has a built in microphone.
      The netbook is very light and easy to carry as I take everywhere with no problems.
      It also comes with a built in bluetooth so applications can easily connect between 2 or more people remotely, I have not used this yet and probably won't.
      Lastly the Asus features the new power saving Intel Atom which works in tandem with Asus exclusive hybrid engine energy management technology. It makes us feel a little bit better for being more green even though mine only lasts 3 or 4 hours!

      I have too say I am loving this netbook. Its the best purchase of mine this year! I take it to work plug the dongle in and use when I like without being in the way as its so small. Its easy too use if I find it simple then its easy.

      When I turn it on it takes roughly 30 seconds and I'm on the net. When I close it down it turns off within 10 seconds. I constantly have bubbles coming up notifying me which does not annoy me but I am sure you can turn off if need too.

      I get on really well with the screen being small as our PC was 21" monitor. It did take 3-4 days to get use too.

      This is worth 5 out of 5 stars!
      I hope I have covered everything and thank you for reading!


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