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Asus Eee PC 1015CX

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    3 Reviews
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      04.03.2014 12:23



      Good for a cheaper option

      I bought the Asus Netbook in 2010 with a mobile contract to replace my broken laptop. I purchased it due to its portable nature and price. I wanted a computer rather than a tablet so that I could still type longer documents if needed. It is really lightweight and easy to take around. The problem I have had is with the speed of the software and with the small memory. I have had to purchase an external hardrive to support all the things I would normally like to save onto it. Other drawbacks are that you can't play cds or dvds and I also have to buy an external port for this. luckily there are a lot of port connections available on the Asus notebook. It has been great what what I wanted from it but I think it may be time to upgrade to faster and a more instant device like a tablet as the Asus does take a while to load up and still feels like something of an event to get it out an use it. The screen is also smaller than a lot of tablets making watching movies less easy.


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      26.04.2013 03:06
      Very helpful



      I would like to give the netbook 4.5 but i cant - good for cheapos like me

      When I was leaving to go travelling I knew that I would need some-sort of netbook or tablet. I know a bit about computers, enough to get by and I was sure I would settle for a net-book as I has the advantage of added memory, to store my year worth of pictures. A netbook would be more robust as there is no big glass screen to smash in my bag and unlike some tablets, generally it would be cheaper. I also find it hard to use tablets as they can be fiddly on the application uses.

      I knew that companies like ACER and ASUS produced very cheap, and unusually for the price, very good top level netboooks. I had had an ACER and it was great, but I was taking a risk with the ASUS. I decided to get the Eee PC seashell series netbook.

      First impressions were that it was very light at only 1.1 Kgs and I liked the fact that the hard resin 'shell' seemed to be very robust and protect the screen well. It was also the shape of a sea shell in that it is a little fatter at the back and thinner toward the end that your open it and the outer shell is patterned too, a nice touch.

      One of the things I liked was the keyboard, which has raised buttons, making it easier to type on the smaller area, and the mouse area is smooth, not rubbery which makes it easier to operate. It also had a microphone and basic camera fixed in so I could skype without having to bring additional software. It has wifi and three USB inputs, an SD card input which can be used for extra memory and a tele-modem jack , as well as the usual headphone and main AC adaptor jacks.

      Once I got past the physical attributes I turned it on and noticed that it has an ASUS dual operation system fast boot-up..its very fast, your on to the windows screen in around 15 seconds. You do find as with any new PC that it has a few ASUS bought programs like 'Knowhow' and 'Emusic' which are a bIt pointless, but can be removed easily. ASUS also have their games web link and web storage link too so you can store all manner of data and materials on their secure webcloud.

      There was 80 GBs of spare memory to use up, so I had plenty of storage capacity and I knew I would be unlikely to use the SD card anyway. I was happy with this because tablets cost much more if you want that sort of memory capacity.

      As well as basic windows defender and windows update you also have OS switch which you can install and a trial for McAfee, but this is only free for a limited time.

      Basically the computer comes with everything you expect and its easy to install your wifi browser, I-tunes, all that sort of stuff.

      The operating system is windows 7 and the processor is Intel atom, which although not dual or quad core, is fast enough on this PC because it seemed far more streamlined on start up and shut down and not burdened by lots of extras as you might get with a normal laptop. I only notice the difference in speed with some internet downloads and streaming but really its not that bad, and I had very similar speeds with my other main laptop.

      One of the best things is the battery life which is pretty good for the size of the battery. On a full charge it will last 6-7 hours on the power saver option. There is a sticker on the keyboard that advertises a 10 hrs life but god knows how you achieve that.

      My main critisisms are that the sound is a little pathetic on all but the loudest of videos/ songs, ASUS have definately scrimped back here. There is no space for a CD-ROM input if you need it, but this is sort of understandable as that would add some weight and require allot of space, enlarging the netbook. The mouse pad is also quite sensitive and more than once I have found that as i`ve hovered my finger over it, it moved the cursor without me meaning too, very frustrating if you are trying to type something.

      Ive had this netbook for 4 months now and I have used it almost every day in that time and had hardly any issues, the internet sometimes freezes, rarely, but it is easy to reboot and I worry that the bottom gets quite hot so i try to keep it cool by not smothering it and keeping the processer cooling fan extract clear.

      I picked my netbook up cheap second hand and barely used from a friend, whoever you can get one of these bad boys from online retailers such as Amazon for between 160 to 230 sheets depending on the spec you want.


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      28.12.2012 12:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Does the job

      I purchased this Asus Netbook in the Summer of 2011. It was purchased initially with the express use in mind of a vacation abroad. Travelling to our favourite hotel on the Balearic Island of Menorca left an Internet problem. It would be impossible to simply ignore online committments as we had in the past. There are just too many these days. The problem with our hotel is that it has WiFi connection available but the laptop for the use of hotel customers is poor.

      I opted for the Asus for a variety of reasons. I did not want a tablet for one thing. I wanted a mini laptop and that is what I got. I chose the Asus brand having read online comparisons and professional reviews. It seemed that it was a reliable brand and that the netbook would offer good service.

      THis netbook is small and lightweight which means that it easily packed into my hand luggage. Stylish looking if you are into things like that it has a black outer hard case. Inside the black and silver look good too.

      For me the important thing was would it do the job and yes it does. With time though I have issues.

      The main problem is the speed of the netbook. The hard drive soon fills up without much usage. When I purchased the netbook, online from P C World, there was the offer of more memory. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing, not! I should have taken up the offer of more memory at a reasonable price when I purchased but money was tight. Instead I decided that it would be fine as it was and if necessary upgrades would follow.

      Now of course I need to go to the store, or employ someone to upgrade the machine for me. It would probably be easy enough to do but although I am a confident computer user I am no technician.

      I had thought that the netbook would only be used occasionally and thus have ample room in its workings. In reality it is used most days. This netbook is so useful for using whilst watching TV or even doing certain chores. It is compact, quick to "fire up" and efficient. It just lacks speed. At least it does for now. My New Year gift to my Netbook, and ulitimately me, will be more memory.

      So bear in mind:
      1 - The long haul. It will be better to upgrade when it is brand spanking new
      2 - You cannot use a netbook for discs such as CDs or DVDs
      3 - There are ample connection ports
      4 - It only weighs 3.2 pounds
      5 - Web storage is available
      6 - Windows 7 starter pack is included
      7 - The Word starter included has, it seems, a limited time frame
      8 - The keyboard and touch pad are quick and easy to respond

      Shop around for the best deal available. The price of this Asus Netbook varies a great deal between retailers. You can purchase the charger separately if necessary. Cheap and adequate covers are available.

      Cost - We paid less than £200

      I have been very pleased with this Asus. The decreasing speed can be improved with an upgrade. It will depend what you want to use this netbook for. In my case it is daily use. The times that I have used it in cafes and abroad it has proved inconspicuous and space saving.

      All in all then I rate this 10/10


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