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Asus Eee PC 1015PX

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2 Reviews

ASUS Eee PC 1015PX - Atom N570 / 1.66 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HDD 250 GB - GMA 3150 - WLAN : 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 - Windows 7 Starter - 10.1" Widescreen LED backlight TFT 1024 x 600 ( WSVGA ) - camera - black

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2012 14:54
      Very helpful



      Good value for money, definite pluses, just some things that could be improved

      I've had this notebook for several months now. Main use is for internet browsing, with some wordprocessing which I do using freeware. It came supplied with Windows Starter and the bare bones Windows Office suite, which I soon stopped using as it annoyingly keeps plugging at you to buy the full package, keeps linking to the internet for various things, basically getting in the way of your word processing tasks. I don't play games, though doubt anyone would choose to purchase this for that particular reason...

      I won't go into performance particularly as the uses I have for it aren't very processor-intensive. I've never used the webcam either. The most useful info I think I can impart here is about the physical aspects of the machine. A close relative has a very similar Acer notebook and it's very interesting to compare the two side by side.

      The screen quality on this notebook is very good. It's matte for one thing, and easily viewable from a wide range of angles. It's much sharper and the colours are better than the Acer, by far. The Acer has a high-gloss and very reflective screen - not great! One thing I dislike about the Eee screen however is that the hinge stops it being folded out more than about 45 degress backwards. Because you want to use it in all sorts of situations, for me sitting on a couch or using it in bed being the two most common, it actually sometimes causes problems not being able to open it out further.

      Another physical issue which detracts is the weighting of the laptop, because of the battery. If you open out the screen to its maximum, the keyboard will tip up at you, and this can make it an ergonomic nuisance particularly if balancing it on your lap or the armrest of your chair. That way lies problems with RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. My sister's Acer, on the other hand, never does this, because the battery unit projects slightly and give a counterweight to the screen. Also her screen folds out almost flat.

      With a small device like this, those limitations actually make a big impact on the comfort factor. One problem with the weight I have discovered, is that it can tip over even if you put it on a flat surface with the screen out to my usual viewing angle. I nearly had a disaster one day as I put it down, went out of the room, and there was a crash - it had tipped over slowly and fallen on the floor! Thankfully it still works ok, apart from one odd thing. Ever since that happened, it now boots into a grey Eee PC splash page instead of directly loading Windows, and tell me that Boot Booster won't work. Worried, I looked this up on the net, and it seems to caused by a myriad of reasons. It's not really a fault as such, as it's a feature for starting up the machine faster and can be disabled at BIOS level. I've opted not to tamper with it as the machine still works perfectly ok. But it could well worry people and lead them to fiddle and cause other problems. Forum discussions seem to indicate this has been coming up on Eee PC's for years, so I'm not going to worry too much about it. But it seems a superfluous function and more of a problem than a feature!

      Still on the subject of weight, although I don't think of this machine as being particularly heavy (it's only a notebook after all) it's distinctly heavier than the Acer. If you need one while travelling that might be a factor to consider.

      A good thing about this notebook is that the mains connection doesn't have a big bulky charger or transformer compared to other similar notebooks. It's very neat and that's useful for carrying around. The battery life is holding up well I think in comparison to the Acer. Another very positive feature, is that you have to use it for quite a long time before it becomes notably warm, and it never gets really hot, so you can use it directly on your knee without scorching skin. That's probably its best feature of all.

      The touchpad is ok to use, overly sensitive but I find that with every laptop I've ever used. The two silver buttons below the touchpad, which replicate mouse buttons are kind of stiff to click, tapping the touchpad to do double clicks etc is probably better and will invoke less RSI.

      The speaker on this machine is located underneath, gets totally muffled and the sound is very poor quality, and can't be turned up very loud. Almost completely useless. If listening to audio, I plug in Sennheiser headphones, and the sound then is actually fairly good.

      The keyboard is very good. Very low profile keys, just a nice level of pressure to operate, much better than the Acer. Also there's no big gaps between the keys and the underlying base, thus nowhere much for dirt, crumbs, etc to get in and affect the function of the keys, and easier to clean as well.

      To sum up, I'd say this is quite a decent notebook at a very competitive price. It's got some design pluses but also some flaws such as the weighting which really do annoy when you're using it for extended periods.

      Would I recommend it? It's not a five star machine, and I struggle between awarding 3 or 4 stars because some features such as the screen and keyboard quality, battery heat and life are very good indeed, but ergonomically the weight issue and limited screen hinge movement are a permanent irritation. Recommended, with reservations I guess.


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      22.10.2011 00:55
      Very helpful



      Great little netbook thats a must have

      I ebayed the old pony the Toshiba (check my other review) and decided to try this gallping horse for a while. The Asus EEPC 1015px boasts the latest Intel Atom n570 dual core processor and only at £199 from Amazon. It is without a doubt a lot faster than the previous generation of n4x range of cpus but with the added benefit of being able to playback full 1080p hd video!

      Let me break it down from top to bottom and to start at the top this little netbook looks amazing. I picked up the matte black version and there is an air of class about it. In an elegant clamshell form its simply beautiful. There are other colours like white and blue, but I think black is the best. I love the fact that its so hard to get fingerprints or smudge this laptop because of the matte material used.

      Moving on it also features a beautiful 10 inc screen that is LED backlit. This means that colours appear more vivid and is easier on the eye. Sharpness and contrast are equally good and dare I say one of the best in the class. Unfortunately the area around the screen isn't the same matte finish as the rest of the netbook but rather a glossy black which is prone to fingerprints and smudging. No matter though as the 1024x600 resolution is more than adequate for such a small screen size.

      For the price you could easily think Asus have cut corners here. But even at £199 they include almost everything you could want or need from a netbook nowadays. A great onboard wifi and bluetooth connectivity. A decent webcam that does what its supposed to. A VGA out and enough USB ports to keep the media and device hungry people happy. 1GB ram works well with windows 7 starter and with windows 8 on the way (windows 8 uses a lot less resources) there is potential to upgrade. 250GB is enough for photo storage and blogging and some media but seek times can be slow on large video files as the hdd is only running at 5400rpm.

      Now the main talking point is the n570 processor which actually covers for the inadequacy of the meagre intel graphics chip. You won't be playing any games, but you can be sure to have full 1080p playback without stuttering or freezing. Also compared to the AMD c-50 cpu which boasts great graphics, this n570 performs better on applications. So file compression, spreadsheets, applications in general run faster on this netbook compared to its price point counterparts. This also benefits the battery life and typically 6-7 hours is achievable.

      I really am glad to have got my hands on this little beauty. I managed to get the bargain as the sellers on Amazon do offer discoutns from time to time and I managed to get it exactly at £199. Honestly an n570 netbook that looks great and performs thoroughly can't be bought any cheaper than this.

      10/10 from Asus.


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  • Product Details

    With a powerful Intel Atom dual-core, this netbook provides the perfect combination of multi-tasking productivity, with a richer multimedia and Internet experience. Add in a battery that lasts all day, and you have the updated Eee PC 1015PX netbook, the perfect travel companion.

    The Eee PC 1015PX gets the job done, all day long with ASUS-exclusive Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) technology. SHE intelligently helps optimize the system, to give you max power when you need it, and max battery when you don't.

    With a 10.1" LED backlit screen (1024 x 600), the Eee PC 1015PX displays crisp and vivid graphics in a portable form factor. Coming in a stylish seashell design that's easily distinguishable in a variety of matte or glossy colors, there's one that reflects your personal style and taste.

    A comfortable typing experience is at your fingertips with an ergonomic chiclet keyboard and a large touchpad with palm rejection technology. Stay comfortable even after extended usage with the Eee PC 1015PX.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: ASUS Eee PC 1015PX - Atom N570 1.66 GHz - 10.1" TFT
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 26.2 cm x 17.8 cm x 3.6 cm
    Weight: 1.25 kg
    System Type: Netbook
    Built-in Devices: Stereo speakers, wireless LAN aerial, Bluetooth aerial
    Processor: Intel Atom N570 / 1.66 GHz ( Dual-Core )
    RAM: 1 GB (installed) / 2 GB (max) - DDR3 SDRAM ( 1 x 1 GB )
    Card Reader: Yes
    Hard Drive: 250 GB - Serial ATA-300
    Display: 10.1" LED backlight TFT 1024 x 600 ( WSVGA )
    Graphics Controller: Intel GMA 3150 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0
    Audio Output: Sound card
    Networking: Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0
    Notebook Camera: Integrated - 0.3 Megapixel
    Input Device: Keyboard, touchpad
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter
    Microsoft Office Preloaded: Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office 2010 suites. Purchase an Office 2010 Product Key Card or disc to activate preloaded software on this PC.
    Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR Qualified , EPEAT Gold