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HP Mini 110-4112SA

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2013 09:48
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      Handy travelling companion

      ===When I bought this laptop===

      I was away on holiday and had my phone to browse the internet when there was a nearby wi-fi, as my phone wasn't really suitable for too much internet browsing in one day so I decided that when I get back home I would buy myself a netbook.

      Within about a week of being home from holiday I started browsing the internet for netbooks, I was put off at first because I saw that most of them had only 1gb of memory which I knew wouldn't be enough as most netbooks were running Windows 7 at the time.

      In the end I decided I would look for a netbook that I could easily replace the memory in without having to take it apart, I saw a netbook for around £180 but saw from looking at a review on the internet that I wouldn't be able to replace the memory, I found the HP Mini at Argos for £199.99.

      The reason I picked the HP Mini over other available netbooks was because I found that it looked better than some of the netbooks I had been looking at, it also had a bigger hard drive and I could also easily upgrade the memory.

      ===Laptop Features===

      When I bought this netbook from Argos in September 2012 I found the box very compact and easy to transport home, it actually just about fit into my back pack, albeit leaving the top of it unzipped a little bit.

      The netbook comes with 1GB of DDR3 Memory which I didn't believe would be enough for Windows 7 so I upgraded to 2GB as soon as I could, even with 1GB of memory it still ran pretty fast though.

      It also comes with a 320GB hard drive which I find is plenty of storage to store all your music and movies on, it also leaves you with plenty of room to install games on.

      It has a 10.1" screen which is perfect for watching videos while on the move, it is also good for browsing the internet as it is large enough to view the websites in full form.

      The battery usually lasts me a few days before I have to charge it again, even then you can still use it while it is charging.

      I find the touch pad very responsive with the mouse buttons located below the touchpad, the only bad thing about the touch pad is that it doesn't support multi touch gestures (like when you zoom in on a tablet or phone)

      The speakers built into this netbook are of excellent quality and are much louder compared to other laptops I've owned in the past.

      Bluetooth connectivity is also built in which I have never had the need to use myself but it would be very handy to use if I need to transfer files from my phone without having to find the USB cable for it.

      A webcam is also built in which I haven't used so far (to be honest I had no idea there was a webcam built in until I looked up the specs while writing this review), I believe it is front facing so would be handy for video calling via Skype.

      The keys on the keyboard are also large enough for me to type out messages quickly without pressing the wrong keys; I can also easily type out larger documents such as letters without too many problems, there are also shortcut keys to adjust the volume and the brightness which saves having to go into the settings to change them.

      Windows 7 Starter comes pre installed on this netbook which is a great OS but has a few limitations and disadvantages which I will mention in the next section of this review.

      There is also a card reader built in for you to plug in any SD cards you may want to transfer photos and other files from, it also has wi-fi built in and can be really useful when your on the move, the laptop is small enough to carry around and switch on for quick internet access.


      As mentioned above the netbook comes with Windows 7 starter pre installed which is a great OS but it means you can't change your desktop background, colour schemes and sounds, the Aero Glass theme isn't included so your only real choice is the Windows Basic theme, the ability to switch users without logging off is not supported, multiple monitor support is not supported and there is no 64 bit version of the OS.

      Also mentioned above the laptop comes with 1GB of memory which still means the laptop runs really well but it might get the occasional slow down as most of the memory will have been used up, if anyone is buying this netbook I would highly recommend upgrading to 2GB at the first opportunity (It only has one memory slot though).

      There is no disk drive built in due to the small size, however you can buy an external USB disk drive for less than £20 if you need to install any media from a CD or a DVD.

      ===Overall Rating===

      Overall this is a very good netbook and hasn't given me too many problems, I would give it 5/5 if It had 2GB of memory and a better version of Windows 7 installed, It still gets a 4/5 from and would recommend it to anyone looking for a netbook of the 10" range


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