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HP Mini 210-1002sa

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    4 Reviews
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      09.01.2013 21:57



      A brilliant laptop and a very reasonable price for what it does. Definitely recommend this!

      The HP mini 210 (10.1 inch display) is a handy little fella! The laptop its self is very small, compact and lightweight. When I received it as a present I saw the box and thought that it was going to be a standard sized notebook with a 13 inch screen. I was dead wrong!

      At first I was disappointed because I was used to a 13 inch screen and I thought my hands would be too big for the keyboard, but the keyboard is very good and the keys weren't so close together I found myself hitting the wrong keys or more than one key at once. It was spread out almost perfectly the only bad side to it was the directional keys were a little smaller than my liking, but after a couple days use it was not even noticeable.

      The screen is very well lit with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and although it is only 10.1 inches I found no problem watching videos on the internet or my favourite films on Lovefilm! I will say though that due to the size of the screen the web browsing experience at first was annoying because most pages wouldn't fit within the screen properly however the work around is easy, just put the zoom at about 70-80% instead of 100%.

      The speed of the laptop I thought was excellent for such a small computer! with 1gb of ram and a 1.66ghz processor it can perform all your basic processes such as facebook, twitter and youtube, word processing and for me code writing, and having such a small laptop so easily portable this was a massive bonus!

      The sound quality for a laptop is amazing, it boasts having Beats audio (Yes as in those big headphones that cost close to or more than £300 on their own) and for a laptop so small, the audio quality is actually very good, beats the gaming laptop my brother owns!

      In this review I've only gone over the main details that attract me to a product, I would've gone into more tech detail, but I thought I'd keep it simple and short so you can make your mind up yourself!

      Overall though this was probably one of the best present I have received and I definitely recommend it to anyone who just needs a laptop for basic functions such as internet browsing, video watching and taking notes in school or at work.


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      25.04.2012 13:30
      Very helpful



      A good buy for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to a laptop.

      I should warn readers that I am not technically minded. I break into a sweat trying to work a fax machine. Therefore this netbook review is not going to include much about megabytes, RAM and the like.
      At the same time, this review will explain what it is like to use this netbook day-to-day, in language hopefully any layman novice can understand.

      I needed to purchase a laptop swiftly as my husband's work laptop, which he had kindly loaned to me to use during the day, was soon to be unavailable to me. Basically he was going to be out and about a bit more and so needed to have his laptop with him.
      As a result I was faced with the daunting task of finding a laptop on which I could surf the internet, check my emails and type articles, all on a small budget of about £200.

      Enter the netbook. One of my friends happened to mention she used a netbook rather than a laptop on days when she worked away from the office. I wasn't sure what a netbook was - my lack of technical awareness again - but a search on the internet filled me in. It seems netbooks come in two main sizes, seven inch and ten inch. They also come in a range of prices. You can still spend hundreds of pounds on the more advanced ones.

      At first I was attracted by the idea of having a seven inch netbook. I was certain a small screen wouldn't be a problem and it would also keep the price down. My husband had a look in Tesco and he said a seven inch was too small. I reluctantly took his word for it and settled on a ten inch instead. Now I have my ten inch netbook I would say the screen is not too small to be able to do all I want with it but I would not want to go any smaller.

      A seven inch netbook I would guess would be OK for using as an equivalent to an android phone on the go to check emails and browse the internet. It would be too small for typing which was one of the main functions I required.

      The first thing which strikes you with the netbook is its visual appeal. I chose red as it is slightly different to the usual laptop colours of black and grey. It looks very stylish and when the lid is shut it makes for a very tidy, compact and sleek unit.

      You lift the lid up by putting your fingertips just under the rim. There is no release button or catch.
      I was lucky that my husband took my new netbook into work to have a Word style programme installed on it for typing. If you also wanted to type on your netbook you would have to invest in a similar programme as it does not come with this facility built in.

      While talking about typing, the keyboard size and ease of use is not compromised by the compact style of the netbook. I touch type and I can still do this easily as all the keys still fall easily under my fingers.

      The mouse is also as easy to use as any laptop mouse. It has the two standard left and right click buttons and the cursor pad is nicely disguised to meld in with the rest of the laptop base.

      The netbook is easy to get up and running. The main thing you need to do is to connect it up to the internet. This is easy to do as long as you have some kind of home Hub as the internet works on Wireless Bluetooth. You search for it in the settings page and then type in its password and it should connect. You only have to do this once to be able to use the internet at home.

      I have found the internet works fairly quickly considering the smaller size of the netbook. It is slightly slower than the internet on my husband's laptop but the only time I find myself really left waiting to open a website is when it contains a lot of images.

      I have also found it can take a while to open a word document and I often find myself clicking on an item twice in impatience when it is simply taking a little longer to load. I must stress this by no means affects my use of this machine. It only takes a little more patience and I think you have to keep remembering this little machine is not going to have quite as much power as a big laptop.

      The real plus with this particular netbook is the battery life. As long as you charge the netbook initially overnight you should, from then onwards, get a good ten hours of use out of it at a time. From then on you can generally charge it for about two hours to get it back to full battery power. I tend to have it plugged into the mains a lot at home anyway. However, I have used it all day sitting on the sofa and it is lightweight enough I have held it in one hand whilst cooking in the kitchen.

      I have installed iTunes on it and now use it as a portable music player for use in the kitchen and bedroom. The only downside with the music facility is there is no slot for CDs so you cannot copy your existing albums onto iTunes but have to rely on downloads. You can apparently buy a CD adapter to connect into one of the three USB ports on the netbook. It also has a port for earphones.

      Other features include an integrated webcam, a memory reader and software including Adobe Flash Player, Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger, Quick Sync and Adobe Reader.

      My netbook cost around £230 from Argos.


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      07.07.2011 00:55
      Very helpful



      A girly girls laptop :)

      I'm going to start this review by pointing out that I am not very technical minded, I don't understand the memory and stuff on a computer. Okay, I know it makes them work better but as far as I am concerned as long as my computer is fast enough for me and holds the stuff that I want I'm happy, and although I understand it needs a large memory to do this, I don't understand how this all works.

      So you may want to see this review as an idiot's way of explaining how good this laptop is, and if you don't understand all this business either you may find it easier to understand than coming from a technical person's point of view?

      My laptop broke a couple of months ago (which is why I have been away for so long! Trust me, I've missed this place!) and I have been begging my dad to buy me a new one for weeks (obviously with the intention to pay him back). So I sent him to the Argos sale for me a few weeks ago and asked him to pick up a laptop for me.

      Being a girl, I asked for any laptop that was pink. When he rang me explaining all this technical stuff, my only question was 'is it pink?'. If he said no, I didn't want it!

      == HP 210 Mini 10 Hour Netbook - Pink =

      I've copied the name of this laptop as it is on the Argos website as I'm not even sure what it is called (that is how bad I am!). It is currently in the sale in Argos for £199.99 from around £260. My dad picked mine up in the sale and it came with Windows 7 full package (he may have paid extra for this, so look into it before buying).

      I'm going to stop calling it a laptop and start calling it a 'Netbook' as that is it's official name.

      The Netbook is very small, with a 10 inch screen and lightweight. This is great if you are constantly on the go, as it means you can carry your laptop around, without it being too heavy and bulky. It slips easily into most of my handbags and most of the time, I can't even tell that I am carrying it around on my shoulder (and neither can others as it is easily concealable!).

      It also has 10 hours battery life, so if you charge it up for a couple of hours before going out it will last you all day. I tend to leave mine on charge when I am at home and using it, then unplug it when I am using it out and about, and it hasn't died on me yet!

      My favourite thing about this Netbook is that it came in pink! I know it's not a major factor for a product such as this, but I like girly things and this is a really girly Netbook! And I think the fact that it slips into your handbag makes it even more girly!

      Anyway...I know that the speed of the internet depends on both your connection and computer, so I asked my mum to bring her old laptop round and tried to upload the same page on both computers. My new HP Netbook opened the webpage much quicker than my mum's older laptop, even though we were both using the same internet connection so I will safely say that the internet seems to work fast on this. (However, this could be because I haven't filled it up with all my rubbish yet).
      The Netbook also comes packed with different programs, I haven't used many of these (and probably never will) and I only use my computer for the internet, games and uploading photos. Some of the programmes pre-loaded include; Microsoft Auto route, Microsoft Money, Windows Task Manager and Windows DVD Maker.

      HP Games is also loaded onto the Netbook, this looks a little like a gaming website where you can browse different games and play free trials before buying. I have played on many of the free trials, which are extremely childlike and not really any good to adults, and will safely say that I will not be buying any of them. However, if you are buying this Netbook for a teenage girl, I am sure that they would play on many of these games as they are quite entertaining and the main theme tends to be weddings or fashion.

      Without sounding stupid, that is pretty much all that I can say on this as that is pretty much all that I do on it. But I have looked at the specification and features of the Netbook.

      It comes with:
      Inter Atom N455
      Processor Speed 1.66GHz
      1GB DDR3 Ram
      250GB hard drive
      10.1 in display
      Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
      3 USB ports
      1 Ethernet port
      Built in Wireless
      Built in 0.3 MP Webcam
      Built in Mic

      A lot of this means nothing to me but I figured they might come in useful to others.

      Overall, I do love my little Netbook, but mainly for it appearance, the fact that I can carry it around and the fact that the internet is fast. Anything else on it is a mystery to me.

      I do hope that this review has hoped those who are like me and do not understand so well, and hasn't annoyed those who are technical minded too much.


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        16.07.2010 17:52



        a good handy netbook.have had it for nearly 2 months now! works perfectly, the internet connection is great and the voice quality too, except its a bit better onwith the headphones. the battery lifes great and it literally gives me 6-8 hours without any recharge! amust but if going to but a netbook, but the only downside is it having a small screen that gets a little getting used to, and no cd/dvd rom! but other than that its a wonderful purchase.


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