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Packard Bell DOT_S/B-014 UK

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      22.02.2013 15:51



      Tiny and yet so amasing i will never look back

      My experience of laptops had never been a good one. For a "portable" computer i always found them to be stupidly heavy not something i really wanted to carry from place to place. This and they never really had the power i needed. Moving to net-books was a dream and this has been my favorite to date.

      -The laptop-
      Visually it is very light and has a minuscule profile when folded, fitting in small bays with ease. On the outside it has three USB ports, an sd card reader, an Ethernet port, a VGA port and a pair of audio jacks. Inside boasts wireless support. A 1.6Gz processor, 1gb ram and 360gb hard memory. It's available in white black purple and red.

      -the good-
      Mine retailed at £200 brand new which was a steal, The dot s boasts great value for money. The battery time it's roughly four hours and unlike most laptops has kept it's battery life over time. The processor and ram can handle complex program's like photoshop suprisingly well. It's lightweight compact size make it a dream to carry. The power supply is also very light and compact compared to others. Though thanks to its battery you will rarely need to carry it.

      -the bad-
      As with all net books, It's got it's limits. Multitasking, while possible hurts the processor I've found slowdown from music and Internet alone in the past. The keys are a bit fiddley, their flat profile makes hitting multiple keys commonplace.

      -the conclusion-
      For the price this is a brilliant beautiful netbook. In my opinion it's values outweigh its flaws and if you are seeking something with power then this may not be your ideal choice.


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      25.05.2011 17:53



      Perfect for light users

      We bought this after our 'lovely' children managed to tread on our last netbook and smash the screen. Turns out it would cost over £200 to fix and it was cheaper to buy new and transfer all our data over. Essentially we chose this because it was the cheapest. We both use the internet a fair bit and do a bit of word processing but that is about it so we didn't need any of the slightly more expensive options. It's also an attractive looking netbook as well easy to use.

      The only real negatives are the it can get slightly warm (perhaps we use it more than is really intended), the speaker are not fantastic and the power savings options are a bit glitchy. The screen goes dark when not in use and (normally) lights back up when you start using it again but occasionally it doesn't.

      This is a great value, nifty little netbook and perfect for light users. The battery is not brilliant but again I think we are probably heavier users than the item is really intended for. If you are after something for a little light internet browsing, some basic word processing that is cheap and attractive then I can certainly recommend this.


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      14.04.2011 00:29
      Very helpful



      Fantastic purchase if you don't have quite enough to buy a full size laptop.

      My husband has never been the easiest to buy for where computers have been concerned as he's always quite heavy handed with them and less security conscious than I am, so when he accidentally broke 2 of the keys on his Acer Laptop a month ago, I was quite reluctant to purchase this little netbook knowing that he might easily break the touchpad, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how robust this little thing really is.
      It's survived being knocked over by one of our dogs, as well as my hubby hammering the touchpad whilst playing one of his games. It was obviously made for him lol.

      Running on a basic version of Windows 7, without the ability to change the wallpaper (which was soon sorted with the addition of a little program I found via a Win 7 forum) - it's actually quite an impressive netbook. Plus it has tonnes of room for installing those necessary programs like security and anti virus (even comes with free month of Norton) but has loads of room left for music, and videos too.

      The speed that it boots up is half of that of my own laptop, and the speed that it handles opening webpages leaves my desktop on Win 7 Professional standing. Plus it's such a reasonable price.

      It's small, quite attractive (I bought a red one, and it's a really ruby coloured red), and light as air. Doesn't have a cd/dvd drive though, but as you can load nearly everything you need onto a dongle - what's the point as you can run it all off that through one of the usb ports.

      Overall a fantastic little purchase, well worth the money. If you thought that netbooks were just a poor imitation of a laptop you couldn't be more wrong.


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      09.04.2011 20:33
      Very helpful



      An all round great little netbook.

      For over a year I was stuck with a half broken laptop that my mum gave me, with half of the keys not working and a crappy mouse. Which meant I had to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse to make it barely usable, (I have reviewed this too if you fancy having a look). Anyway, my boyfriend and I saved up for quite some time and managed to get to £200 but we were still way off our intended target of £500 for a decent enough laptop. We were in our local Currys/PC World wandering around the many aisles of laptops, notebooks, PC's etc etc. Most of them were way beyond our budget, until I spotted this little black number stuck on the end of an aisle.

      - - - The Geeky Bit - - -

      1GB Memory
      Intel Atom N450
      Intel Graphics Accelerator 3150
      160GB Hard Drive
      10.1" LED LCD Screen (1024x600)
      Ethernet Port
      Touch-pad mouse
      Wireless LAN Support
      3x High Speed USB
      1.3 Megapixel built in webcam
      Windows 7 Starter Operating System
      3.5 hour battery life

      - - - My Experience - - -

      I absolutely love my little Dotty, in store they had a few different colours; red, pink or black, but I think there are a whole range of others available too from other retailers. I'm not a major lover of pink things so I opted for the black one as I thought it looked sleek and shiny.
      I've had the laptop for over a month now and it's still performing like new, I may be saying differently in a years time but right now I'm still loving it.

      When starting up the system it's super quick to load up, I'm literally switched on and online within a couple of minutes. It has 3 USB ports which is brilliant for me, as it means I can have my external hard drive plugged in, at the same time as charging my fella's ipod and having a spare port open. The USB ports are also fast so transferring data across from the laptop to my external hard drive takes no time at all.

      The operating system is Windows 7 Starter which has all of it's own perks, it seems like it's a lot smoother than XP which was what I had on my last laptop. The only downside to the start edition is you can't change your background! Yes I know that sounds like something very trivial but I like personalising my desktops and because of not being able to change my desktop background I'm stuck with the bright blue Windows 7 basic background. It's not ugly but it'd just be nice if I could have a picture of something more personal to me.

      The sound quality is brilliant for such a small thing, the only downside is that the speakers are at the front slightly underneath the laptop, so if you are leaning against the laptop or have it on a surface for example; when I've got the laptop on top of my duvet when I'm surfing the net in bed, the sound from the speakers is muffled. But if it's on a flat surface or you're using headphones the sound quality is perfect. The computer itself runs really quietly, I can't hear it at all when I'm using it which I love, as there's nothing worse than hearing the clunking and whirring of a computer when it's in use.

      The only downsides to this little gem is that there is no fan, so it can get quite warm. I think the makers probably thought it would be used just for quick internet browsing (thus why they called it a netbook), it's probably not meant to be used for hours on end like I use it, but when it's on a normal flat surface you aren't going to notice the heat. It's only when it's on your lap, or on a non-flat surface do you notice the heat, this generally comes from the left side of the system where the charger is plugged in.

      The netbook itself is small, sleek with a lovely flat keyboard with keys flush to the board. There are no fussy extra buttons or fiddly bits. It's just a basic looking netbook. The power button is located on the top left of the keyboard, and there are 4 lights on the bottom left showing you when it's charging or when it's connected via wireless network etc.

      The best thing about the netbook apart from the price of course, is that it's small, sleek, lightweight and fits right into my bag. The last good point for me is the built in webcam, ok so it's not the best quality laptop at only 1.3 megapixel but it does the job, I use it occasionally to talk to my mum via MSN Messenger. As long as you've got good light in your room it works very well, I think this is perfect for teenagers to talk to their friends, or for chatting via video to friends or relatives who live far away.

      - - - Battery Life - - -

      Once charged the battery can last for up to 3.5hours, this is only an estimated time providing that you don't drain the systems battery life by watching videos or playing games etc. The more you have running on the system the more power it uses. But when I'm doing reviews and listening to music at the same time the battery lasts for almost 2 hours which is brilliant for me. If I know I'm going to be sat on it all day I will remove the battery and just leave the system plugged into the charger in the mains.

      - - - The Price - - -

      At £199.00 little Dotty was an absolute bargain, in my eyes anyway as it seemed that everything else was stupidly expensive in store. You could probably find other netbooks a little cheaper but for a good maker like Packard Bell and with all the little extra's I think it was an awesome price. As I seem to have had no luck with laptops and such in the past, I decided to opt for some extra insurance just in case my clumsy side comes out and I spill something on it, or any of the keys or the mouse breaks. At just £3.99 a month, I've got everything covered which gives me piece of mind to know that if anything goes wrong that I'm not left with a broken laptop that I can't afford to fix.

      - - - Overall - - -

      I don't have many bad things to say about the Packard Bell Dot S. It really is a brilliant little netbook, that isn't going to break the bank. If you're a basic user who just wants something to surf the internet with, or create simple documents and send emails then this is definitely the system for you. It has a great operating system and lots of great features. If you're a hardcore downloader of movies, films and tv shows then I'd recommend you use an external hard drive as I doubt that this little thing would cope with too much on it.

      It's small, lightweight, compact and sleek that it isn't going to take up too much room and isn't too heavy to take with you on the move if required, and for just under £200 it's an absolute bargain. Brilliant battery life, excellent value for money this is a great all round netbook, and I'm so glad that I bought it as I've saved myself a hell of a lot of money instead of forking out for a big fancy laptop.


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