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Samsung N210

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    4 Reviews
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      11.04.2011 13:40



      Well worth the price!!

      I got this netbook for Christmas which came as a big help for me being as I'm a student. It came as default with 1gb of ram which made the performance too slow for my taste. I read up on the N210 and discovered that large amounts of people brought 2gb of RAM to increase the speed. I decided to do the same and paid out roughly £20 from Crucial which most certainly helped.

      A disadvantage of the N210 is the amount of pre-installed rubbish software. large amounts of the software are trials such as Microsoft office 2007 and ended up with me deleting most of the pre-installed software.

      An advantage is the large amount of battery life. I use my netbook all day at college and I only need to charge it during the night and, once I'm finished using it, I put it into sleep mode and can be woken up pretty fast.

      Overall, I think its a good netbook for daily use and is brilliant for student use but I recommend that you pay for 2gb of extra RAM.


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      14.09.2010 17:37
      Very helpful



      Netbooks are great, and this is one of the best.

      Samsung may have been latecomers to the netbook market, but on the evidence of the N210, they used the time wisely to look at the mistakes made by the early market leaders and produce a better machine.

      The idea behind netbooks, of course, is that they provide basic computing power which is even more portable than a standard laptop and at a reasonable price. The N210 meets all these criteria and more.

      Looks wise, it's very sleek and compact machine. Although it houses a reasonably large 10.1 inch screen, it's not at all bulky. Measuring 26.5cm wide, 19cm deep and 2.9cm in height, it's easy to slip into a bag and carry around with you. At around 1.3kg, it might be a little heavier than some other models, but it's still highly portable and won't weigh you down too much. Certainly I've trudged around for a whole day with it in my bag and it's not caused any problems.

      Made of moulded plastic, it's also pretty substantial and feels as though as though it could stand a little bit of rough treatment such as being slung into a bag, without suffering any real damage. Of course, I'm not suggesting that you could drop it without consequence, but at least you don't have to treat it with kid gloves.

      Retailing at around £250-300 (depending on the exact model you buy), this is not the cheapest netbook, but you do get a reasonable specification of machine for your cash and the overall quality of the machine makes it a sound investment. Powered by an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor and coming with 1GB RAM built in, there's more than enough power for most tasks like emailing, surfing or office work and it runs Windows 7 Basic with no problems. The 250GB hard disk also might look a little cheap now when you can buy hard disks by the terabyte, but it's going to be more than big enough for most users. This is a machine for using on the move, not for storing everything you own on. From a personal point of view, the size of hard disk is almost irrelevant since I install only a relatively small number of programs and store all my actual files and data on a memory stick. Based on my usage, I can't see the 250MB getting used up any time soon.

      One of the most impressive aspects is how much quicker it boots up and shuts down than my ordinary laptop. I recently reformatted and reinstalled one of my laptops as it had become very sluggish. Even so, it still takes up to 90-120 seconds to boot up and shut down. The Samsung usually does it in less than 30 seconds. Perfect for impatient souls like me!

      Of course, you're not going to be able to play games or do any video editing on it, but it's powerful enough to run Windows 7 Starter and I've been running Office 2007 on it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Let's face it: most of us use laptops for a small range of basic tasks - word processing, email, internet access - and the Samsung is more than good enough to cope with all of this. If you need to do more power-hungry things like video editing, this obviously is not the right machine for you. For most people, though, it's a great buy.

      Battery life is hugely impressive. I've never got the 12 hours that are claimed in the specs, but I've certainly used it for at least 8 hours before it needed charging. This means you can charge it up, take it out for the day and not have to worry about lugging the power cable around with you. This is a massive improvement over many of the other models of netbook available, which sometimes offer as little as 2-3 hours of battery life.

      The screen is also more than adequate for most tasks. One of the problems with early netbooks was that because they had much smaller screens, browsing a web page often involved an awful lot of scrolling. The Samsung N210's 10.1 inch screen mostly does away with that and I've not noticed myself having to do much more scrolling than I do on one of my other, bigger.

      The LCD screen is clean and sharp and produces a good image. As with all LCD screens, you can experience problems trying to use it in bright sunlight, but true of all LCD screens generally, not a specific fault of the N210.

      As is pretty standard these dies, wireless connectivity is built in and works very well, connecting you to any wireless hotspots effortlessly. The 0.3 megapixel camera might not offer the best resolution ever, but this is not an issue for me, as I never use it. Even if you do want to use it, it will be adequate for using with instant messaging or Skype, just not great. It's got a good range of ports, with 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port, and monitor connector around the edges and an SD card slot in the front.

      Of course, there inevitably some compromises are needed to keep the machine to a reasonable price. The most noticeable comes with the keyboard. To keep the machine compact, the keys have had to be shrunk down somewhat and so are much smaller than those of standard sized keyboards. Even so, I haven't really found this too much of a problem and can use it to type at a reasonable speed. The keys are very well spaced, so you can usually make sure you hit the right one, although I do find myself making slightly more typos on this than on larger machine. I have also found that if I try and use it for too long, my hand sometimes suffers from cramp.

      The mouse pad is also a little cramped. Not so much the pad itself, but the left and right buttons. They are less than half an inch across and certainly during my first few uses of the machine, I regularly found myself misjudging their size and either accidentally hitting the wrong one, or missing them altogether. As with the smaller keyboard, however, this is something you do adapt to fairly quickly.

      There is one thing which really annoys me (mostly because I don't know how it happens). Sometimes I am merrily typing away and will suddenly discover that the cursor has moved itself to a completely different part of the screen and I've been typing stuff into an earlier paragraph and messing up my document. It's clearly something I am pressing accidentally (again, I suspect the result of the smaller keyboard but it is rather frustrating.

      Overall, though, I have been very impressed with the Samsung N210. It possesses enough power for most people to be able to do their standard stuff on the move, with an impressive battery life and at a size and weight that won't kill you if you try and carry it round all day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a decent netbook.

      © Copyright SWSt 2010


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        21.07.2010 16:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Well worth five out of five stars

        The Samsung N210 netbook

        I was lucky enough to receive money from my family and friends so that I could purchase a netbook for my birthday. I had wanted one for ages, initially because they are so light to carry around with me.

        I love my laptop and if I am going to be spending any real length of time on the computer then I always use that first but having to drag a heavy laptop around all day when I go out is not that fun. This netbook is hardly a fraction of the weight of my laptop, so much so that it fits (with a neoprene sleeve) into most of my larger handbags.

        I am not the most technically minded so if I miss out something important please let me know and I will amend this review. This is just meant as a non-techie review of my lovely netbook.

        --The usability--

        I only use my netbook for surfing the web and occasionally a bit of writing. For these tasks I have found it performs brilliantly. Occasionally, it can be a little slower than loading a web page than my laptop but not anything that would make me take real notice or complain.

        When I was looking around for one of these my husband asked me what was my top three key requirements, to which I went off and had a think and came back with 1) the keyboard has to be easy to use, 2) the battery life has to be good and 3) I wanted it to look smart - I know slightly girlie of me.

        This Samsung netbook won above all the others because it has a great battery length, it's keyboard is easy to use and it does look smart but really on this aspect the Dell pink netbook almost had me swayed.

        The keyboard - the keys are nicely spaced from one another, which gives me the feeling that it is easy to hit the button you are aiming for and not touch the sides of another ones by mistake. I tried out quite a few keyboards on different netbooks when I was looking for the one and I found that some felt really small, whereas, I think this one is a nice size. It's a bit like Goldilocks this one was just right for me.

        The battery - what Samsung say "With an unbelievable 10 hours of battery life at your disposal, you can get more done in more places than you ever thought imaginable, and you'll look good doing it." Well the battery isn't really that good, but it does usually last me through a morning or afternoons work. I'd say that on average I easily get somewhere between four and eight hours between re-charges. It all depends what you need to run or use the netbook for and I am probably one of the people who use programmes that require a lighter battery usage.

        This comes in a very shiny sleek looking black and although it can show up fingerprints on the whole it is easy to wipe clean and look brand new again. I think this netbook looks very smart and because I didn't end up getting the pink one it means my husband gets the use of this one too. I'm not sure he would sit in a pub and play around on a pink one, no matter how nice a shade of pink it was.

        I do have an additional mouse that I plug into use, however, if you are planning on using the track pad it is very responsive. In fact it is easier to use than the one in my laptop.

        This comes with a pre-installed version of windows 7 and it runs just fine but I haven't noticed anything spectacular about it. I'm sure I won't be the first to say that it reminds me of a Mac with the icon bar at the bottom of the screen. I do believe that this is a version of windows 7 is just for netbooks so you will not get the full range of features that comes with the bigger programme.

        Other details

        Memory (RAM): 1 GB
        Storage (hard drive): 250 G
        Screen size: 10.1 inches

        --The cost--

        At the minute this is typically retailing from places like Amazon for a pricey £299.99. I am sure it would be possible to shop around and get this slightly cheaper. I believe that this netbook is right in the middle of the price ranges. I've owned mine now for nearly six months and I have never had a problem with it.

        --To sum--

        I am going to give this little netbook five stars out of five. The battery life and keyboard are great and it looks sleek and attractive. I have been really pleased with this and I couldn't recommend this more, but I would suggest that you should consider what you are going to need a netbook to do. This works perfectly for me but then I don't use it as my main computer just as a handy tool to grab when I am going out. If you are looking for a netbook then I would suggest that you go and take a closer look at this one.


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          11.06.2010 11:04
          Very helpful



          Netbook that is actually difficult to distinguish from an ultra portable laptop

          This netbook comes in white and black. I have the white one, which has a slightly different keyboard configuration, but is otherwise the same.

          Good things:
          1) Light to carry and comes with it's own sleeve.
          2) Battery life is incredible - you can work on it all day away from a plug.
          3) Works well with lightweight applications, such as open office and google chrome and AVG virus protection.
          4) Large amount of storage
          5) screen is easy to see and doesn't suffer in the sun.
          6) More like a laptop than I expected in features and functions - island style keys help when typing on a smaller keyboard.
          7) Nice design - I get envious looks on the train all the time.

          Bad things:
          1) It struggles to cope when extra memory is required - such as itunes video playback. It is fine for youtube though. You can upgrade the RAM easily
          2) Sometimes I miss having a DVD drive, but I have bought a portable one for such occasions.
          3) Bit pricier than others, but worth it overall!


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