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Samsung N350

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 12:19
      Very helpful




      I always used to think there was no point in Netbooks. I thought of them just as a laptop but with less memory space, and I thought why not just spend the extra £100 to get a laptop which can do so much more. I didn't realise how much netbooks can actually do, and when I found out more about them I was surprised by all the features they have, information which I am going to share with you today, in this review. I bought a netbook because basically my computer is getting old and slow, and I wanted something a bit quicker, and smaller so I could take it with me to college and other places, and when I went to comet they showed me all the netbooks and told me about them, and I liked the sound of them, and as this one wasn't too expensive (compared to the computers and how much I took with me and expected to pay) I decided to get one.

      The main features that I was impressed by that this has are:
      *Built in webcam - I don't have a webcam on my computer and have never owned a webcam before, therefore I found it quite cool that I could take pictures of myself straight from my netbook! Most people will probably not be impressed by this but I was very amused by this feature at first LOL!
      *Built in bluetooth - on my computer I have to use a bluetooth usb port to be able to send things to and from my phone, with this netbook I was very impressed that you can just do it directly already,

      The main advantage that netbooks have over laptops and computers, in my opinion, is their size. If you have never seen a netbook, just think of it as a mini laptop. For example, the size of this one's screen is only 10 inches. This is a lot smaller than my computer which has a 17 inch screen. This is an advantage as you can store the netbook much more easily. I can carry mine round with me in my handbag, something I would not be able to do with a laptop, and something I would definitely not be able to do with my computer! And as I like to take all my work with me to college, friend's/relative's houses and to our caravan when we go on holiday, this netbook makes it possible. I probably could take a laptop but it would be a nuisance to carry.

      The main reason I wanted this was for doing coursework and using the internet. I didn't want it to play games on or store loads of music/videos/pictures etc. I wasn't even going to use any accessories like paint or anything either. It was just something I could use purely for work. If I wanted to install a computer game onto this I don't think I would be able to due to limited memory space. So if you're looking for something to use to play computer games on I would not recommend this, I think a laptop would be more suitable. As far as I'm aware, from what I gathered from what the assistant in Comet told me when he sold me this, this is meant more for working on. It has Windows 7 and you can get all the Microsoft Office programs on it like Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

      Another great thing about this netbook is the way it looks. It might not be anything state of the art but I think it looks quite good compared to many other netbooks that I have seen. I like that the edges are square rather than rounded which I have seen on some and dislike. Also I like that it is in the colour black, I think it looks more sophisticated. I have seen white netbooks which I'm not sure I could keep clean, I have also seen pink ones which are a bit too loud and out there for my liking. I have also seen dark blue and purple ones which I think look quite cool. But my overall favourite has got to be black. I just think it looks the most stylish and sophisticated of all the colours that netbooks come in. Obviously this depends on how well you look after it as well but overall I think this is a good looking and stylish little netbook.

      So far performance has been pretty good. There are 3 usb ports in this netbook which I think is useful as it means I can plug up to 3 usb memory sticks in all at the same time. So for example one of my memory sticks has all my work on it, and another has my pictures on it. So I could put them both in at the same time and then I can copy pictures from one of my memory sticks onto a piece of work on my other memory stick. This also has a memory card slot in it, a 4-in-1 memory card slot. This also has speakers on it, they are just standard speakers but they do the job for me. This does have a lot less memory than a computer as it only has 250GB storage in the hard drive. But this is not a problem for me as I do not save my work in the netbook, it is all saved in my memory stick instead, and then I transfer it to my computer to save it there as well, and also I save it in my account in the computer system in college, just to be on the safe side incase I ever lost my memory stick. I have learned my lesson about not doing this, as earlier last year I actually lost my memory stick!

      This netbook cost me about £340 from Comet a few months ago and I would definitely recommend it, I am so happy with it and really glad I bought it. It has never froze on me (touch wood!) and it is handy for transporting around with me. It is a good looking netbook too and I love it!


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