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Toshiba NB250 108

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 22:47



      Good netbook

      My partner bought the Toshiba Netbook for me as a christmas present after my old laptop had died on me.

      When looking at it I was impressed with it's sleekness although I knew netbooks were small I didn't realise they could be this stream line. The top is a black gloss which looks modern and sleek and overall the netbook is incredibly light, this is great as I will sometimes take my laptop with me and so its nice and easy to carry and even fits into some of my bags which is even better! And of course if your sat down for ages with it on your knee it doesn't hurt or feel heavy at all!

      When open the netbook has a good size screen and everything on it is nice bright and more importantly clear. It then has the buttons and the mouse pad underneath. The mouse pad is brilliant so much so I wouldn't bother in purchasing a mouse to connect to it. The pad reacts accurately and is quite fast at moving around the page which I love!

      You also have the charger port at the back of the computer and unfortunately this is one way in which the netbook lets itself down is the battery power. I find it will only last a couple of hours before dying on me so it's usually always plugged into the socket, so wouldn't be great if you have to go out and about for the day.

      Another thing I didn't realise when I got the netbook is that it doesnt have a dvd drive this is sometimes annoying as I usually get pictures on cd's but then cant download them onto the netbook. So if you are a user of CDs/DVDs on your laptop then this probably isn't the netbook for you although you can get an external dvd drive but I never got round to buying one.

      The memory of the computer is 250gb and I have found this more then ample as I have music, films and photos all downloaded onto it and it is yet to say I have not got enough memory so I am very pleased with it.

      The netbook also has a web-cam which is very useful as I often use Skype to talk to friends and it also comes with the Windows 7 starter version.

      Overall I would say that this is a good netbook especially for its price and it does everything you would want it to.


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      20.06.2012 13:50
      Very helpful



      Good for the price

      I bought this netbook around a year ago when I was having problems with my old laptop and needed to replace it quickly, as I needed access to the internet and word processing at home every day as I was studying part-time by distance learning. I have been using it as my main computer, although now I also share a desktop computer in the house so I am not using this netbook quite as heavily as I was before.

      I didn't put a massive amount of thought or research into the purchase as I assumed any computer from a well known brand would be okay and I am not the most technical person. I just went down to my local MediaMarkt store (an Austrian electrical store similar to Curries, Dixons etc) and had a look at what I could get for about Euro 300. This looked like the best in that price range.

      The netbook is very small and light with the following dimensions:

      Width 26.3 cm
      Depth 21.2 cm
      Height 3.1 cm
      Weight 1.18 kg

      This makes it very easy to carry around and I have often brought it to classes, to cafes, as part of my hand luggage on holiday and so on. It easily fits in a tote or shopper style bag and doesn't weigh me down. It's not too uncomfortable if I have to walk around with it for a while or stand for ages on the tube with this in my shoulder bag. It is also very comfortable to sit with it on my knee.

      It looks okay - a little bit on the cheap side and not too flashy, but pretty normal really. It is a glossy black colour and the lid has a kind of hatched patterned texture, with TOSHIBA written in large letters.

      === Connections ===

      The netbook has 3 USB ports. This is enough for me most of the time although I would quite like another one as I usually have an external hard drive plugged in, sometimes a mouse, sometimes my ipod is charging on another port and then that means I have to unplug something if I want to use my camera or connect a printer or anything else.

      If you don't want to connect a mouse, the mousepad of the notebook itself is perfectly fine and I do use that most of the time. It reacts well and accurately, without being oversensitive to being touched.

      It has ports for headphones and microphone which are easily accessible on the left side of the computer. It comes with an adapter to plug it into the mains socket.

      It also has one ethernet port, which I don't use at the moment as I just use wireless internet. The netbook supports Wireless LAN and I have been able to use this with no technical problems.

      It is worth noting that the netbook does not have a DVD drive. I think netbooks generally don't have them, as it enables them to be smaller and more slimline, but if you want to use CD roms or DVDs on this computer you will have to get a separate external DVD drive. I have not bothered to do this and occasionally I do miss the option to use CDs and DVDs.

      === Speed, Memory, Battery, Technical Data ===

      Processor Intel Atom N455 / 1.66 GHz
      Data Bus Speed 667 MHz
      Features Enhanced SpeedStep technology
      Chipset Type Intel NM10 Express
      Cache Memory
      Type L2 Cache
      Installed Size 512 KB
      Installed Size 1 GB / 2 GB (max)
      Hard drive 250 GB

      Some of this data does not mean a huge amount to me but I thought I would include it for the benefit of those who are more knowledgeable about computers.

      I know the hard drive of 250 GB is not huge compared to some computers, but I find it perfectly ample for my needs as most of my music, photos etc are saved onto my external hard drive so I don't need much memory on the netbook itself.

      The speed of this netbook is okay but it can become a bit slow through heavy usage. It is probably not up to being used for gaming or a lot of photoshop or anything like that. For word processing and general internet browsing it does the job okay. On a few occasions it has frozen but is normally reliable.

      When it is being used a lot, the netbook becomes really noisy and gives off a constant humming noise. It can sometimes start to feel a little bit overheated, but nothing drastic, and it has never shut down due to overheating, which one of my old laptops always used to do. It is possibly a fan which is making all the noise, but I am not sure about that!

      The battery life is apparently up to 8.8 hours. I have found the battery life to be pretty good and I usually can get about 6 or 7 hours from it. You can change the energy saving settings, so if you are happy to work with a slightly darker screen you can obviously get longer battery life, but I prefer to have my screen set to full brightness and don't mind charging it more often to get that. About half the time I use it connected to the mains anyway.

      === Included Software ===

      The notebook comes with Windows 7 "starter" version, which means that Microsoft Office is included but with a large banner advert down the side encouraging you to upgrade to the full version. As the screen size is already quite small, this banner made using MS Word quite annoying. Luckily I already had the full version of Microsoft Office which I had bought on my old laptop and was able to download it onto this computer again. The starter version was already driving me crazy after using it for a few days. It is good that some version of MS Office is there, as a lot of the cheaper netbooks don't include it at all, but just be aware that it is not the full version.

      The netbook has a built in webcam in the middle of the frame, above the screen. There is software for this included, which allows you to take pictures with the cam. The software has one annoying quirk as if I hover for too long on the left side of the screen, a bar for the camera program appears and I have to click it to get rid of it. When I do actually want to use the web cam I have found the included software simple and easy to use and I have no complaints about it.

      There are also various extra bits of Toshiba software on there which I never use, such as some kind of "back up" programmes.

      === Over all ===

      If you just want this as a handy netbook to take to uni or use occasionally when out and about, this is ideal as it is so small and pretty good on the whole. However, if you want to use it heavily there are a few drawbacks which are worth taking into account and it is maybe not the best suited for a main computer, but if you are on a budget it does do the job. I am getting my money's worth out of mine!


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      15.02.2011 11:46



      easy to handle "fit into a pocket" netbook

      This Netbook is what you need if you want to type everywhere you go. With a battery lasting over 8 hours tops it will get you through those long hours of overtime or doing your master thesis. It's light and small (10.1" display) enough to fit into almost every handbag so it's very practical. The keyboard is somewhat small but it's easy to get used to not leaving a full fingerprint on the keys. A 250 GB hard disk, system memory expandable to 3GB and three USB ports are great features too.
      For the XP fans you might be dissapointed that this netbook runs on Windows 7 and with the fact that you may end up with the "unnecesary" software Toshiba tends to pack up. That's why this netbook can be a bit slow but that's not something to really fuss about. A VGA camera and a 1,024 x 600 resolution may not be what you are looking for but remember, this isn't that kind of netbook.
      All in all, for 280 euros you get a small type and go netbook that can get your tasks done everywhere you go which is a great thing if you're a student or doing lots of typing for a living.


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