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    1 Review
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      11.07.2009 00:32
      Very helpful



      A network card to transfer your data with ease.

      Brand: Acer
      Price: E-Bay (£5)
      Type: Comes with PC

      ~ Overview ~

      This is a nice little network card and like all computer components does the job nicely. It supports 32 bit PCI and comes with the connections RJ45 and BNC connector. I tend to use the RJ45 connection port to plug that old dinosaur cable into the back unlike those who have the modern network feature (wireless).

      It has a standard set temperature of 0~50o C, if it gets to 50 then run. It will also come with an onboard used for the display link (you don't need to know what its for! Although I sit there and sit and think how pretty it is).

      ~ Is it compatible ~

      After testing this card on different operating systems I was able to find everything I required from the Acer website which you can download software which lets you run this card without the need to pull you hair out and scream like someone who has last the will to live.

      ~ Features ~

      This network card supports full duplex which means that two channels can be split and transfer information in two directions (yes I first started off using computers for dummies, it really works!).

      ~ Warranty ~

      This item comes with a three year warranty, but from my experience you don't tend to get many faults on these types of hardware, but you never know so three years is a pretty decent warranty.

      ~ Transmission Rate ~

      It comes with a 10 Mbps (Mega bits per second) transmission rate which gives you a meaty transmission rate for transferring data to and from your desired locations. I tend to link two PC's together get a bottle of whiskey and play quake against my friends, you can't lose!

      ~ Easy to install ~

      I found it easy to install but would advise you read information on the net or in computer books before installing the network card if you are not a computer expert as you could damage the main board of your computer I did have one mishap were I smoked my entire motherboard by mixing up cables, so beware Dooyooers!

      ~ What do I use this item for? ~

      Well I tend to use it to link one or more PCs, Laptops or peripherals together (printer). The most fun is network gaming and would recommend you try this with this network card.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      This is a nice little network card that delivers the packets on time and without delay. I have had no problems using it with Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems and would recommend to anyone who requires a new network card or is thinking of crating their own network.

      ~ My Rating ~



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