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Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) are extern USB harddisks, which can be accessed from networks. Memory capacity is up to some terabyte. At memory scarcity NAS helps you to keep networks working. One of the main advantages of NAS is the accessibility of more than one PC at the same time. Moreover, NAS is designed for permanent use and outstandig performance. Installation und configuration should work smoothly. Besides, NAS are easy to scale. Via Ethernet Network Attached Storage is linked with servers and clients. The Dell PowerVault 745N for example is working with four 40 GB Serial-ATA-harddisks. But remind that NAS work somewhat noisily. At dooyoo you find actual NAS-systems for home use and servers. Prices, reviews and test help you finding your favourite product. Order your Network Attached Storage (NAS) online!

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