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Apple Time Capsule 500 GB

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3 Reviews

Apple Time Capsule - NAS - 500 GB - HD 500 GB x 1 - Gigabit Ethernet / 802.11a/b/g/n (draft)

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    3 Reviews
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      08.07.2012 17:20
      Very helpful
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      Potentially excellent product let down by poor wifi performance

      As a concept, the idea of being able to back everything up in the background without actually having to do anything is an excellent one. To this end, the Time capsule does its job very well. Being able to look back a year ago for a file you may have deleted is also a very useful one. And its all done so seamlessly thanks to the Time machine interface on OSX.

      So having everything backed up for you automatically is a good thing.

      But! (you knew there was a but coming!)

      The other function of the Time Capsule is as a wireless router, and its range is frankly SHOCKING. It has by far the worst range of any modem I've ever used - and I've used a few. No, it isn't because I'm using 5ghz and my walls are too thick; the Virgin Superhub also uses this band and I can still get reception in my study at the rear of the house.

      So, you can only back up when in range of this router - and in my modest home this range would appear to be little more than 20-30ft through walls and floors.
      When in range, the data throughput is more than fine - in fact on speedtest it outperforms the superhub.

      So, this is a good product let down by poor wifi range. Buy by all means, but don't rely on it as your sole router if using more than 25 ft from the Capsule.
      For what it does, it ought to get a 5 star rating. Fancy the boys and girls at Apple getting such a basic wrong.


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        20.07.2009 09:52
        Very helpful
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        If found at a good price the time capsule has a number of applications and solutions.

        After a 5 minute demo of the new Mac Book Pro in the apple shop I decided to broaden my computer knowledge beyond the Windows front, however I wasn't sure my current Windows Server 2008 would suffice as a backup holding disks formatted in NTFS instead of the apple required HFS.

        I spotted the time machine, but as I only wanted a simple back up tool, I thought it was unnecessarily expensive for my needs. So I decided to look for a simple external hard drive.

        A couple of weeks back I spotted the time capsule on hotukdeals for just over £100, so I decided to take the plunge. The time capsule does offer more than a lazy back up:

        1. 3 port gigabit switch - perfect for the home network
        2. wireless-n - faster wi-fi compared to most bundled ISP wireless routers
        3. USB port - wireless printing or further drives

        As a back up the time capsule works error free taking back ups every hour whilst the Mac is switched on. The initial back up takes some time, however the further ones are quicker as the time capsule only takes the changed data.

        The time capsule software works well on the Mac, but there is also a Windows alternative which I haven't tried out yet.

        The gigabit unmanaged switch works as expected allowing me to achieve roughly 90MB/s over my network.

        The USB port is something I haven't tried as yet, however apple does advise you can connect a USB hub to the port and connect multiple devices.

        The wifi works again perfectly with no connection issues encountered so far. Setting this up was quite simple and allowed me to choose a memorable SSID and password.

        Cosmetically, as expected the apple logo is in place and the finish is second to none.

        Overall the product is superb for my requirements and great value for money. To purchase a 500 GB drive, wireless n router and gigabit switch separately would cost considerably more.


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          15.06.2008 19:52
          Very helpful
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          A mac essential!

          ---About the Product---

          Anyone with a computer knows how important it is to back up work and vital files; and the likelyhood is that we have all lost something or other in the binary vortex of computers. However, as anyone that has read my other reviews will know - Apple provide the Time Machine software for free with every single mac they sell. This connects to the Time Capsule (Apple NAS server) to backup every single file you've ever created. And the best thing is that it does it automatically.

          So, unlike the tempramental System Restore feature we see in Vista and XP, your data is completely safe with Time Capsule. The product comes in models of either 500GB or 1TB (equal to 1000GB) as well as 128-bit encryption, giving you total reassurance and safety. And the best thing is that it can connect to any number of macs in your network - because it works completely wirelessly.
          The Time Capsule also works with OS Tiger or PCs as a data storage device - but works much better with OSX. Moreover, it can connect either wirelessly or wired to your printer so you can print from anywhere in your home.

          It looks beautiful and glossy and can sit anywhere in your home. This is definitely worth considering if you are a mac owner - especially if you work from a mac or have several computers in your house.
          As is the case with all Apple goods, the only problem is the price. Yet at £170 its hardly a bargain, but it isn't going to burn a hole in your wallet. Besides, losing your work could be much more expensive.


          Size and weight

          * Length: 197 mm (7.7 inches)
          * Width: 197 mm (7.7 inches)
          * Height: 36.3 mm (1.4 inches)
          * Weight: 1587 grams (3.5 pounds)


          * Wi-Fi Protected AccessTM (WPA/WPA2)2
          * Wireless security (WEP) configurable for 40-bit & 128-bit encryption
          * MAC address filtering
          * NAT firewall
          * Support for RADIUS authentication
          * 802.1X, PEAP, LEAP, TTLS, TLS, FAST
          * Time-based access control


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        • Product Details

          Backing up is something we all know we should do, but often don't. And while disaster is a great motivator, now it doesn't have to be. Because with Time Capsule, the nagging need to back up has been replaced by automatic, constant protection. And even better, it all happens wirelessly, saving everything important, including your sanity.

          Time Capsule includes a wireless hard drive designed to work with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. Just set Time Capsule as the designated backup drive for Time Machine, and that's it. Depending on how much data you have, your initial backup with Time Capsule could take overnight or longer. After it completes, only changed files are backed up - automatically, wirelessly and in the background. So you never have to worry about backing up again.

          Have multiple Macs in your house? Time Capsule can back up and store files for each Leopard-based Mac on your wireless network. No longer do you have to attach an external drive to each Mac every time you want to back up. Time Capsule spares you the work.

          Time Capsule is your one place for backing up everything. Its massive server-grade hard drive gives you all the capacity and safety you need. So whether you have 250 songs or 250.000 songs to back up, room is the last thing you'll run out of. And considering all that storage and protection come packaged in a high-speed Wi-Fi base station starting at 2 895 kronor, data isn't the only thing you're saving.

          More than just a wireless hard drive, Time Capsule is also a full-featured AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n technology. Experience a high-speed wireless network and a breakthrough way to back up all the Mac computers on your network.

          Time Capsule uses the 802.11n draft 2.0 specification, so you can rest assured that it works with certified 802.11n draft 2.0 products. And it's compatible with Macs and PCs that use 802.11a, b or g technologies, as well as wireless devices such as the iPod touch and Apple TV.

          The included USB port is great for sharing a printer throughout your wireless network. Time Capsule and the Bonjour networking technology let everyone in the house or office - Mac and PC users alike - take advantage of one centrally located printer. And if you want to share both a printer and an additional hard drive, you can. Just connect a USB hub to Time Capsule. Whatever the combination, Time Capsule divides and conquers.

          Time Capsule with Time Machine in Leopard is the ideal backup solution. But that doesn't mean Tiger, Windows XP and Windows Vista users can't enjoy the benefits of Time Capsule, too. Because it mounts as a wireless hard drive, Tiger and Windows users simply access Time Capsule directly from the wireless network for exchanging and storing files quickly and easily.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Apple Time Capsule - NAS server - 500 GB
          Device Type: NAS server
          Host Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet / 802.11a/b/g/n (draft)
          Total Storage Capacity: 500 GB
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 19.7 cm x 19.7 cm x 3.6 cm
          Weight: 1.6 kg
          Localisation: English / United Kingdom
          Storage Controller: SATA
          Hard Drive: 1 x 500 GB Serial ATA-300
          Networking: Radio access point - integrated - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft)
          Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
          System Requirements: Apple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, Microsoft Windows XP SP3