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Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet 1 TB

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2009 02:17
      Very helpful



      No more if's and but's...

      Introduction :

      Did you know that almost 45% of all adult computer users in the U.S. (and probably all over the world) have lost important data stored on their computer due to computer virus, a hardware or software malfunction or for some other reason? This could be simply solved by creating a back-up file of all the data stored on their computer hardware. The main problem is that 44% says that creating a back-up it too technical, 20% says its too time-consuming and 14% says its too expensive. (source : Buffalotech.com).

      In my case, I belong to the 20% population.

      My Experience :

      I personally experienced this last year when my laptop computer was attacked by a powerful virus and erases all the data stored in it. Worst case is that this laptop is a company issue and all my important company work was lost. In order to prevent this, our company had mandatory enforced all of its employee (with company issued laptop) to back-up their files automatically via our server. Initially our company purchase 2 sets of Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet and attached it to our Network servers for back-up file storage. The action carries very well and for a year now, we never had a problem retrieving our files in case of computer crashes. The DriveStation is suitable for such application, just attached it in your network server via USB drive and its already set-up. It is equipped with Memeo AutoBack-up software which automatically back-up all files stored on multiple computers and laptops. Now, I don't have to worry doing the back-up myself as its automatically done by this software. And another good thing is that I don't go to that time spending hours doing it myself. Whenever I connect my laptop to the network server, I know my files are back-up automatically.

      Positive aspects :

      1. The Drive station capacity were using is at 1.0 TB, that's 1,000 GB worth of external hard disk drive. The product also comes in a 500GB and 650GB.
      2. As already said above, it is equipped with Memeo AutoBackup software develop by the company Memeo, a digital media management company. The software automatically create a back-up file on every PC connected to the server.
      3. Password as well as security encryptions are very high preventing unauthorized access.
      4. The USB data transfer rate is at 480 Mbps maximum. Hard drive spindle speed at 7200 rpm. (20% faster at turbo mode).
      5. Plug and play ready. No additional drivers needed. That's why its very easy to use and set-up.
      6. After each initial back-up, it also automatically changed back-up files modified by the user.
      7. It supports multiple storage types such as internal/external hard drive, USB flash memory, Ipod, NAS, Networked computers, FTP server and integrated remote back-up.
      8. It can restore earlier versions of the file back-up depending on the number of versions archived.
      9. And most of all, Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet offers only a fraction of the price as compared to other external USB drives can offer.

      Therefore :

      If you are equipped with this excellent piece of device, you don't have to worry on computer data lost as the Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet will do it for you...


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