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Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS)

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3 Reviews
  • It's Luigi!
  • Imaginative
  • Too short :(
  • Sometimes its too easy
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    3 Reviews
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      11.03.2016 21:03
      Not Helpful


      • Imaginative
      • Funny
      • Addictive


      • "Sometimes too easy"
      • "Bit short"

      In conclusion, Luigis Mansion is a funny, addictive and overall an amazing game.

      This game is very addictive but sometimes is too easy. I understand this game is for quite young ages but for mabye 12-15 year olds may find it too easy meaning they are wanting to not play as often therefore resulting in less fans playing. This game is very creative and am glad luigi (of games such as super mario) is got to have his own game :) There is not many bad things about this game but one of the few is that it is fairly short. I know alot of people who just get it finished in a couple of games due to the fact they are short. To resolve this problem instead of a full game you could upgrade it so there are levels such as 'Minion rush' which seems to go on forever and will take forever to finish.


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      15.02.2015 19:40
      Very helpful


      • "It's Luigi!"
      • Entertaining
      • Hilarious


      • "Too short :("
      • "Sometimes its too easy"

      A fantastic game worth buying

      Hello! I'm new in Dooyoo, and as this is going to be my very first review, I thought I should write about something I really like, and the decision turned to be quite easy: videogames! I love videogames, and more specifically Nintendo and its franchises (Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, etc.), so these will be the ones I'll write about more frequently.

      I decided to write about Luigi's Mansion 2 because it's the one I'm playing right now, so it should be easy to write about it.

      The game starts in a mansion, where a scientist named Professor E.Gadd, an enthusiast of paranormal stuff, lives and works surrounded by all sorts of friendly ghosts, which are always willing to help and assist him with his investigations. One day, though, something awful happens: an evil Boo destroys the Dark Moon, an object that has the ability to keep the ghosts relaxed and peaceful.

      Because of that event, their behavior change radically, leading them to attack Professor E.Gadd. Frightened, he runs away as fast as he can and, once safe, calls Mario to ask for his help. He is unable to locate him, though, so he only has one option left... Mario's coward brother, Luigi.

      That's where the game really starts. At this point, Professor E.Gadd gives Luigi a machine called Poltergust 3000 (basically, a modified hoover), capable to suck up all the ghosts and objects that get in our way. Our mission, then, will be to explore all the mansion and its surroundings, and try to find all the fragments of the Dark Moon in order to return the ghosts to its initial condition.

      And that's it. Armored only with the Poltergust 3000, we will go through a series of missions, catching ghosts and defeating bosses, just to recover those precious Dark Moon bits.

      And, what about the game, is it okay?
      Well, until now, I only wrote about the story, but I didn't say anything about the most important thing of all: is it funny, is it worth buying? I'd definitely say YES. Even though doing the same thing (catching ghosts) all over again, can be a bit repetitive sometimes, Luigi's Mansion has the capability to keep the player entertained through all the game. For example, in one mission you will be chasing a translucent doggy, but in the next you'll need to find a key in orden to open a specific door.

      What I also like about it, is that it sin't only about catching ghosts, you will also need to think a lot, and explore all rooms in order to bee successful in a mission. In these moment when you don't know what to do and you feel really lost, just go explore. Maybe you will find a hidden key somewhere that will allow to open an invisible door, or something like that.

      I also love its music. I usually like to play videogames without music, but this is one of the rare cases when I enjoy listening to it while playing. It helps to create a gloomy environment, totally adequate to the style of the game, as it makes you feel part of it. Apart from enjoying it, I also think it is quite necessary in this game, as there are times when an evil laughter can be heard, and it means you are close to a ghost o something important that is worth your attention.

      Even though there are very few buttons to be used in this game, the playing experience is excellent. Every time I play, I have the feeling I'm actually controlling it, I feel part of it... even in the crazy moments when a bunch of ghosts have to be dealt with, and I can't do anything else than running and sucking, running at sucking. Even in this moment, I'm still able to enjoy it without start blaming the buttons' combination for its complexity or the camera for its instability. No, as I say, it works just fine.

      There's only one thing I don't like though: IT'S TOO EASY!. During all the 17 hours I've been playing, I've only been killed once, and it was only because I didn't understand what I had to do and I got attacked by the same Boo all over again. That has been a little disappointing... but well, we can't have everything in live, can't we?

      And, just to finish: if you own a Nintendo 3DS and you don't have Luigi's Mansion 2... go buy it NOW. I am sure you will really enjoy it.


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      12.05.2013 11:46
      Very helpful



      A good 3D Action Adventure game


      One of the main bad points of being a Nintendo 3DS owner is the fact that the Nintendo 3DS have very limited good games. Sure it does have some, but not that many. I was very pleased when Nintendo announced this game on one of the Nintendo Direct broadcasts. I feel that the 3DS console needs some more good games and after how good the first Luigis Mansion was on the Gamecube and I was really looking forward to this game and placed a pre order.

      Pros and Cons


      Good graphics
      3D Effect works well
      Comedy filled storyline
      Complex and Challenging gameplay


      Controls get tiresome
      Limited gameplay

      My opinion

      This is a great game, I liked the look of this game because it looked fun to play on the previews. I want to tell you something the game is very fun to play. I have always been a fan of the Mario games so why not try his scared brother's games.


      Imagine waking up one day in a haunted mansion with nothing to use to protect you from the seemingly scary ghosts. What would you do and where would you go?

      Well luckily for Luigi he has a scientist friend along side him to help him and to spur him on from level to level. Luigi is very scared of the ghosts the scientist helps Luigi get over his fears and provided tools to help capture the ghosts.
      Gameplay revolves around using the Poltergust 5000 a vacuum cleaner to suck in and capture ghosts. The levels are mainly puzzles with walking around mansions to get around to the next room in the mansion. There is a bigger picture to the story but I don't want to spoil that for you in case you decide to buy the game.

      I felt that the game plays great because it's so varied it will give you a buzz from making you feel warm to the charters and ghosts but at the same time it makes you use your head and mind with the challenging puzzles that you are faced with from time to time.


      The storyline is very good, I don't want to spoil it for you but I found it very compelling and entertaining. It has a little bit of comedy just enough to make it funny but still keep a slightly serious note on the fact that Luigi is such so scared and I have such a soft spot for him.


      This is another area where this game shines. Nintendo have built this game from the ground up just for the 3D effect and it works really well. I was made to feel that with the 3D effect on then I really felt like I was with Luigi and exploring the mansions with him.


      Without a dout this is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games out at the moment. I would rate it a good 4 stars if it was missing anything it would be that the game has a very limited number of mansions to look around and I felt like the game was just not let me what I wanted to do. I wanted to explore the mansions as much as I could but as soon as I had completed a level I was teleported out of it to the next cut scene this let the game down.


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