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Pilotwings Resort (3DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Simulation - Flight & Transport / Video Game for Nintendo 3DS / Release Date: 2011-03-25 / Published by Nintendo

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    2 Reviews
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      09.06.2011 10:02



      I recommend this game as its probably the best to show of the 3d visuals of the console.

      Pilotwings was a great game when it first came out, so it was only natural for Nintendo to try and revamp it on their latest handheld, but could they do a decent job of it?
      The game has two main modes: mission mode and free flight mode.
      The main mode in the game is mission mode. As the name suggests, there are a series of missions for you to complete. There are 3 main types of aircraft you can use each one with a couple of variations. The three main types are: the airplane; the jet pack and the hang glider. All of them have very different controls which can be a little confusing at first, but its easy to get used to it. The missions in this mode start off easier and gradually get harder throughout. They generally consist of flying through rings or collecting items in a certain amount of time with the odd exception. The last ones are quite difficult, but it shouldn't take you too long to complete all of the missions. Getting 3 stars in all of the missions on the other hand is quite a task.
      The other main mode in the game is free flight mode. In this mode you have to fly through wuhu island collecting all of the collectibles. All together there are 120 collectibles, many of them can only be collected with a certain vehicle which encourages the player to use all of the different aircraft equally.
      One more thing to be said about this game is the graphics. They are actually quite stunning when the 3d is turned up and you can see over the whole of wuhu island. One more thing about the game is that you use a mii as your character and whatever your mii's favorite colour is set to will be the colour of your aircraft.
      In conclusion, I think this is a great game although it may be a little short and there is only one setting, but that aside I recommend getting this game 100%


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      07.05.2011 13:43
      Very helpful



      Best 3DS Game to date

      The Pilotwings series is one of my favourite gaming series of all time and to be honest the release of Pilotwings Resort on the 3DS is one of the deciding factors in my purchase of the console. Overall the console has proved to be a bit if a disappointment to me but I have found a lot of fun in this title nevertheless although hardly a game to justify a £200 console purchase!

      In case you have not heard of the series before, this as the title suggest, it a game franchise based around flying and flight based objectives. You spend the time in hand gliders in the air and other such constructions. So if you do not like flying games turn away now although this is anything but a traditional flying game!

      In the main game modes you operate your glider around the island finding objectives, exploring, collecting items and upgrading to jets, propeller fuelled engines etc. most tasks are simply to collect items, fly through rings or reach a goal in a certain amount of time and most in the Free Flight Mode are short and sharp and will keep you interested. It does get a little bit tedious and repetitive but the nature of the game keeps you playing.

      It has a nice difficulty balance so you will not find yourself struggling too much but will have to be on your game to win. This comes mainly into play in Mission Mode which is a tough. The N64 Pilotwings game was famous for providing a stiff challenge and this takes it further. Getting a score and a higher score as you can unlocks new areas, levels and crafts. This is tough and getting that extra few points gives the game superb "one more go" appeal and an addictive quality. Getting the highest score possible will have you coming back to the console over and over again. The learning curve is quite steep though so you might find it taking a little bit of getting used to flying around and each new aircraft will require you to learn the subtle but essential differences.

      Now then, any gamer will see the title of this and think of the Wii title Wii Sports Resort and wonder if there is a connection. Indeed there is. Pilotwings is set in the same area, using similar character and a very similar presentation and graphical look. Clearly the design team is the same and the whole image reminds you of the title but do not be put off as this is in essence nothing like the former in terms of gameplay. This is not a mini game collection and it boats no multiplayer which are the main difference between the Wii sports version. So please, eliminate any correlation between the two.

      In terms of the use of 3D here this is one of the best titles to use the 3D function although that isn't saying much as the other 3DS titles on the market do not use it well at all. It brings a depth to the gameplay and makes you feel as if you are in the air. Its all bright, vivid, detailed and colourful the 3D does immerse you in the game and give you that added sensation of "being there". Of all the 3DS titles I have played this is the one that used the technology to decent effect and this is the title I show off to mates wondering "how does the 3D work".

      In all this is an addictive, good looking game with plenty going for it. The gameplay is spot on and you will be playing this more months if you stick with the 3DS. The console has many downsides but Pilotwings Resort is one unquestionable upside. Fun fun fun.

      Also on CIAO


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