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Pokemon X (3DS)

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4 Reviews

Developer: Game Freak / Released: October 2013 / Publisher: Nintendo

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    4 Reviews
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      27.01.2014 22:51



      A definite winner in the pokemon series

      This has to be one of the best pokemon games so far.
      The first 3 pokemon available are OK, I chose Froakie as I wanted him to compliment my Charmander when given the option to chose one of the original 3 a little bit further on my journey - Charmander has to be one of my all time favorites. I was also very pleased to be able to catch a Pikachu!!

      The new Mega Evolution adds a new level of excitement to the game, evolving your pokemon (which hold a special stone) to a new stronger 4th form, although you can only use the mega evolution once per battle.

      I also enjoy how you can customize your characters a lot more compared to the previous games, most towns have a clothes store and you can mix and match all the items you like.

      The only feature that I feel is missing from the game is one from pokemon yellow! I loved how the pokemon use to follow you around, although really if that is my only criticism - I would say the game is a definite winner.


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      11.12.2013 11:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fantastic game, - TOP 3 GAMES OF THE YEAR!!!!!

      Ok, my hands are up, I'm a Pokemon fan boy, and boy am I glad I bought this game!! Having played the series since Yellow, i've played ones of the GB colour, GB advance, NDS and now the 3DS. I've missed some of the previous titles down to not being interested, and this game has re ignited my passion!!

      NOTE: I played this on the 3DS XL

      The music, and graphics and by far the best i've seen in the Pokemon series. The battle system is newly improved you really get into choosing which move to make. Before i'd just choose the same ones over and over again to win, but now i've found myself using loads of different moves so I get to see all their animations!!

      Before in the series you could have to learn cut in a gym to move onto the next bit, or surf, rock smash, strength, flash... it goes on. It got so boring and I hated clogging up my pokemon moves with things like 'cut'. Having complete the game all you need to teach your pokemon is strength and surf!!!! THANK THE POKEMON LORD!! You have no idea how much better this system is and it's so much fun!!!

      You also don't have to battle everyone, and at first I thought this isn't going to work, but it really does!!! There are still a lot of battles where you have to battle but others take you by surprise!! Some people give you free items and some want to battle - your never know until you ask!!

      The map sizes are ALOT smaller which is another HUGE GOOD THING!! Before i'd find myself walking through a power station for about 1 hour going through another room, then another, and another.... It was VERY boring!! Now the maps are so much better. There still great fun and you need to use your brain a little, and it was actually fun to explore these places!! Before i dreaded them!!

      The list of improvements this game has is truly incredible and the 3D is amazing!! It's not on all the time and sometimes i'd think something was 3D and it wasn't - and other times I didn't realise it was on!!! It's very well done and it only adds to the game play!!! DON'T GO FOR THE 2D VERSION!

      I bought a 3DS XL only for this pokemon game (and maybe the zelda game) and i'm so glad I did!!! It was worth all the money!!!

      Buy this for a loved one today and they will love you forever!!!!! ::)

      GAMEPLAY: I spent 5 SOILD days playing this and finished it. Literally solid days.. 10-10 :) It's just an amazing game!!!!! I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!


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        09.11.2013 11:35
        Very helpful



        More Pokémon hunting goodness, but now in 3D!

        Pokémon X is the latest game from the massively popular Pokémon franchise, which started life in 1996 under the title Pocket Monsters (not to be confused with Monsters in my Pocket... anyone remember those things?) As the first proper Pokémon game to be released on the 3DS the series has taken the opportunity to receive a visual facelift, which has seen the brand's traditional 2D look transition into the realm of three dimensions. Pokémon trainers shouldn't worry however because aside from the graphical tweaks this latest instalment keeps the core gameplay they love unchanged in what could be the finest Pokémon game to date.

        The game sees players take control of the son/daughter of a famous Pokémon racer who has been enlisted by a scientist to help them with their Pokémon research. Gripes, budget cuts must be bad if the scientific community is now resorting to child labour. As in other Pokémon games the player is tasked with travelling across the land cataloguing any Pokémon they come across on their Pokedex. As a fledgling Pokémon trainer you'll also be expected to challenge gym leaders to Pokémon matches in order to earn sufficient badges to face the reigning Pokémon champion for their title.

        At its core Pokémon is a role-playing game that focuses on turn based combat. When coming across a wild Pokémon or rival trainer players enter into battle with a team of up to six critters. Combat strategy focuses on selecting the right Pokémon to counter the opponent you are facing. As an example, if you are facing a grass type Pokémon it would be advisable to summon a Pokémon with fire based attacks as these deal extra damage to their grassy brethren. Winning matches earns your Pokémon experience points and once they accumulate sufficient xp they will level up - making them stronger and in some cases allowing them to evolve into a more powerful (but generally less cute looking) form.

        In terms of levelling up teams Pokémon X must be one of the easiest games in the entire series. Early on in the story you are bestowed with an Exp Share item that gives your entire team a portion of the experience whenever you win a battle. This is a huge help as in the past only Pokémon participating in combat would earn xp. This would often result in lopsided teams were trainers would focus on one overly powerful Pokémon with weaklings filling up the remaining five spots. It's such a joy being able to play through the adventure with a balanced party without having to resort to mind numbing grinding (or forcing the weakling Pokémon to consume steroids.)

        As mentioned above, Pokémon X's most distinguishing feature would have to be its new graphical style. Although the visuals don't push the 3DS to its limits, X is a significant improvement over the older Pokémon games. For the most part the action is presented using a bird's eye view (akin to the classic Zelda games) but in certain areas the camera will switch to a third person vantage point to give a closer view on proceedings. In combat Pokémon are now brought to life thanks to animated 3D models that resemble what you would find in the console Pokémon Coliseum games. The flashier aesthetics make the action sequences much more satisfying. I can now revel in delight as I spy the anguished expressions of female Pokémon getting abused by a Tentacruel.

        Even though most of the action takes place on the top screen the bottom display is by no means neglected. Using the stylus you can play mini-games with your captured Pokémon, which increases their affection and stats. Players taking advantage of the online features will also be able to use the touch screen to challenge trainers from across the globe to matches, bestow them with temporary Opower bonuses and send out messages. Best of all being connected to the net permits you to exchange Pokémon with other people or if you are feeling brave you can try the Wonder Trade facility, were you pick a Pokémon to trade with a randomly selected person. If you are fortunate you may find a generous person giving away a rare Pokémon... although more often than not you'll come across jerks offloading worthless level three Bunnelbys.

        So we reach the end of the review and it is time for me to give out a rating. All things considered I have no hesitation awarding Pokémon X a full five stars. Even if it isn't a radical departure from the older games the new 3D visuals succeed in freshening up a franchise that was starting to feel a tad stale. Even though the story can be rushed through in under twenty hours there's plenty of post game content to justify coughing up the full retail asking price. Completing the Pokedex, breeding Pokémon with perfect stats and hunting down the Legendries alone will give you a hundred hours worth of enjoyment. My only real complaint is that the design of the newer Pokémon is a little lacklustre. One of them looks like a key ring for goodness sake. I haven't caught one of those yet. I wonder were they roam? Probably behind the sofa... that's where my missing keys normally end up.


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          25.10.2013 18:57
          Very helpful



          The Best Game since Gold/Silver!

          Seventeen years since the franchise first began and across four generations of handheld consoles, the latest offering from Nintendo are appropriately titled 'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y', revolving around the origins of Pokemon, reshaping the game play and revamping the series both in terms of visuals and substance.

          Whilst veterans of the franchise will know, first time players can just as easily follow the story line: you start the game as an aspiring Pokemon trainer who is given their first Pokemon and then goes on a quest to complete the Pokedex, beat gym leaders and ultimately the Elite Four to become Pokemon Champion. In X and Y, the antagonists are a group called Team Flare, who seek out the power of mega stones to fuel a weapon for selfish gain.

          The first thing to notice as you power up the game is the stunning visual graphics. Completely revamped for the 3DS engine, the world is in full 3D graphics for the towns and urban locations, whilst the grassy routes still possess the square grid pattern which we have grown to love.

          Inspired by France, the Kalos region is star shaped and feature dramatic bridges, a tower inspired by the Eiffel tower and beautifully rendered water scapes. The wind in the grass is even modeled and these fine details make the visual experience that much more enjoyable.

          The battle visuals have also been drastically improved. No longer are the movements static and dull. Each Pokemon have subtle movements and the attacks each have improved graphics which are exciting and dramatic, with a moving camera which changes shot angles for a even more intense experience!

          Apart from visuals, a new sky battle mode is included which is for flying Pokemon only as well as a horde battle mode where you can encounter a horde of Pokemon (up to 5) which work together or against (eg. Zangoose and Seviper) each other to fight your team.

          Another key feature of detail is the ability to customise your character. Upon choosing your gender, you can designate hair colour, hair style, skin tone and more. Once in game, clothing and accessories can also be purchased to further individualise your character, a first in the franchise.

          Whilst the graphics are superior to past games, the controls are also perhaps the most difficult to use. With the 3D world, I found that my navigation was inaccurate and speaking to an NPC (had to be face on) was a struggle at times, needing to perfectly orientate my sprite in order to initiate the conversation. However, an improvement in which some NPC dialogue is automatically displayed around the screen as you near them is a vast upgrade and a time saver.

          Perhaps the new Pokemon are the most highly anticipated aspect of this new generation of games. X & Y starters Fennekin (fire), Chespin (grass) and Froakie (water) may not be the most aesthetic in the franchise, but they do offer something new. What's more, you are able to pick a generation one starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander) very early on in the game!

          Another huge addition is a brand new Pokemon type: fairy type- the first new type since Gold and Silver, arguably the best games in the series before X&Y. This will shift the balance of Pokemon types and dramatically change the climate of Pokemon teams and strategy as we know it! New Fairy type Pokemon include Sylveon (a brand new Eevee evolution) and Flabebe, with Clefairy finally able to be a fairy type!

          The changes don't stop there though! One huge move is the controversial introduction of Mega-Evolutions. Select Pokemon are able to 'Mega-evolve' with the help of mega-stones which not only increase stats, but give them a new appearance too! Whilst this effect is only temporary and only in battle, it too will alter game play and strategy, ultimately shifting predictability of battle outcomes. However, tampering with iconic Pokemon we love definitely divides the fan base.

          For younger players of the game, mini-games are included- Pokemon-amie lets you interact with your Pokemon by feeding, petting and playing, which improves your relationship and Super training is a mini game where you can increase your Pokemon's base stats.

          With connectivity and multi-player capability at the core of Pokemon, X & Y enhances the existing system with the new PPS (Player Search System), which lets you connect with nearby people in real life as well as people all over the world, allowing free trading, battling and the gifting of O-Powers (temporary beneficial effects).

          This is an inquisitive feature which is fully integrated in the game and does not feel segregated like previous games having to enter a whole separate space to carry out those functions. In this way, the ease of connecting up with friends and strangers encourages social interaction and multi-player.

          With a total of 718 Pokemon (68 new), Collecting 'em all has never been more of a challenge, but the fact that the team didn't shove another 100+ Pokemon into this game (like they usually do each new generation) shows greater thought in the creative process.

          A new add-on called Pokemon bank is compatible with X & Y which is essentially cloud storage for your Pokemon boxes and makes it easier to transfer Pokemon between games. However, it is a paid service and require an annual subscription.

          The music and jingles are consistent with previous Pokemon games, with familiar sounds making a welcome return- such as the Pokemon centre jingle etc.

          From the opening sequence to the first few seconds of the game, Pokemon X & Y are visually captivating with its new 3D graphics, enriching the architecture, battle sequences and overall dynamism. In its 6th generation, many risks have been taken with the inclusion of new features such as the fairy type and mega evolutions, but the game still feels very much like the Pokemon we loved 17 years ago.

          Both fans of the series and newcomers, young and old, will be able to be engrossed in the story line and complex game play, with improvements to the game creating ever-evolving strategies. The improved multi-player capabilities and cross platform compatibility as well as additional software truly give this generation of games greater longevity.

          No doubt, Pokemon X & Y redefine the series with a refreshing offering that is truly 'next generation'. The visual style and risk taking sets a new standard for upcoming Pokemon games, making X & Y a milestone for the franchise. Now, Bring on Pokemon Z (we know it will happen)!

          VERDICT: 9.5/10. The best game since Gold/Silver.


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