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Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Nintendo 3DS / Published by Capcom / Release date: 2012-01-27

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    5 Reviews
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      23.02.2012 12:15
      Very helpful



      One to rent, not buy.

      Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS is here! And from that title we can assume that it's A) Resident Evil and B) contains revelations. Right? Sort of. It is a Resident Evil game, but it doesn't really shed any light on events in the Resident Evil series. Thought that might be a good thing since it means you can jump into this game without having played any of the previous games in the series. It's also a heck of a lot better than Resident Evil: Mercenaries - a game which Nintendo saw to charge full price for despite it being just the bonus mode from Resident Evil 4.

      Revelations mostly takes place aboard an abandoned ocean liner, and is the third Resident Evil game to do so, Resident Evil Gaiden and Resident Evil Dead Aim both having featured similar locations. You do occasionally get to explore other locales, although the main characters don't really leave the ship. Confused? You might well be, since Revelations uses an episodic gaming approach. What this means is that the game is divided into several chapters, a bit like a TV mini series. These chapters quite often start with you playing as peripheral characters then given you control of Jill Valentine and Parker Whatshisface, the game's main characters, usually resolving the cliffhanger from the previous episode. This approach worked surprisingly well in Siren: Blood Curse and it works well here too, although the 'previously on Resident Evil Revelations' bit at the beginning of each episode - thankfully skippable - could do with being a bit shorter. I know what happened - I was playing it yesterday!

      Resident Evil has more in common with the first three Resident Evil games that it does with recent outings such as Resident Evil 4 and 5. Fortunately that doesn't mean that it's back to the bad old days of traipsing around collecting parts of a key to open a door or having to wander halfway across the level because you can't fit anything else in your inventory. What it does mean is that whereas Resident Evil 4 and 5 had you roaming around relatively open areas, Resident Evil's levels are largely corridor based. And there are still plenty of monsters to kill - there aren't any zombies this time around, and instead you're fighting off some strange fish based mutants that look like something out of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares.

      Combat in Resident Evil Revelations is, however, something of a hit and miss affair. While Revelations does let you move backwards while shooting, this is so slow that the monsters catch up to you pretty quickly. So combat quite often involves standing still and shooting, running away, turning around, and shooting some more. At least that's the way it works if you've got a long enough corridor to do that. If you run into a door, combat becomes even more stilted. Doors shut behind you automatically, so you can't open a door, go through and shoot through the open doorway. But as soon as you open the door you'll more often than not find the enemy standing right there. And since the game automatically shut the door you just came though, you'll probably take a couple of good hits just trying to get over to a place where you can fire back. The game does have a dodge feature but it's so random that combat as a whole seems to be really hit and miss.

      Resident Evil: Revelations does manage to be reasonably scary - it's a gloomier affair than Resident Evil 3 and 4, and the story's pretty good. Although you can probably spot who the bad guy is going to be a mile off. The controls are also okay, considering there's only joystick - you can buy an add-on circle pad, but you don't necessarily need to. The graphics are great as well - they look easily as good as the likes of Code Veronica on the Playstation, and the 3D effect is put to good use. It's a great game for showing off the 3DS's graphics, and Metal Gear Solid looks to be just as good. Raid mode will also let you play alongside another player - the gameplay in that mode's similar to the Mercenaries game that Nintendo charged full price for. Yes, I know I've mentioned it twice, but I can't get over the cheek of Nintendo/Capcom for doing that.

      Resident Evil: Revelations is a reasonably entertaining stand-alone title and it did pull me in enough to see me through to the end. However, unless you're planning on tackling the co-op mode then there's not much point coming back to it. And you're likely to turn your 3DS off quite a few times due to the frustration factor of the game's shooting system. I know I did. Resident Evil Revelations is a good way to show what the 3DS can do, but it's one to rent rather than buy.

      (review also posted on Freeola)


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      20.02.2012 14:48
      Very helpful



      A magic on 3DS, it would appeal more to the hardcore gamer because of the cumbersome controls

      Having grown up with the Resident Evil franchise, it is hard not to be waiting anxiously for their next. The build-up had been particularly exciting as this was the first time it was being released exclusively on a handheld and that too with a completely new add-on for the Nintendo's 3DS surreally named Circle Pad Pro. The Circle Pad Pro would merit a complete review on its own but I would definitely talk about it albeit briefly in my section on HARDWARE.

      Being the 8th game in the Resident Evil franchise it has built a reputation as a fantastic survival horror game with some aggressive gameplay. The previous highlight of this series had been the reinvented survival horror so scarily done up by Shinji Mikami in Resident Evil 4 and the extreme belligerent gameplay of the series 5 game. Since then there had been issues with this Capcom franchise and it had failed to deliver the same magic.

      Resident Evil Revelations at last has recreated the magic and given us a reasonably awesome game. It still falls short of expectations on certain counts and hence misses the jaw dropping awe factor.


      The Circle Pad Pro is an add-on to the Ninento 3DS. This additional device would however cost you an additional £10 or so over and above the Nintendo 3DS.

      To attach it to your Nintendo 3DS you have to simply plug it in while the game will automatically configure it. Once configured it would switch the game scheme for you to select the Circle Pad Pro as an additional control. It is not necessary for you to do so as the game works perfectly even without this add-on through the d-pad and the touch screen.

      What this additional device does is to add an extra dimension to the already great 3DS experience. It brings 2 new controls to the standard setup. You now have an extra control stick, and also 2 more shoulder buttons for switching the weapons.

      The single stick control works fine during Normal Level play. However, it does become iffy when on difficult levels.

      The 3DS itself would give you a far more superior graphic experience than a 2D on any game but more so with Revelations as the atmospheric subtleties that horrifies you as well as gives you the thrills in 3DS are not accentuated on the 2D. I would certainly recommend the game to be played on a 3DS as it almost equals the experience of playing console games. The same, however, cannot be said for the Circle Pad Pro though the additional purchase could be justified as many future games have confirmed that they would be Circle Pad Pro compliant.


      The concept takes a leaf out of its earlier franchise, Resident Evil 4 with total emphasis on survival horror. Survival horror as a genre depends on enclosed locations, spine-chilling thrills, gory characters and very limited ammunitions to the player to fight its way out. The notion is to send shivers down your spine reminiscent of any horror movie.

      Jill Valentine, the original heroine (character-player) of the franchise kicks off the game having been dumped into a deserted ship, Queen Zenobia. Obviously the ship does inhabit some nasty characters, swarming mutants in all shapes, sizes and form. Also lurking hidden are some creepy death-traps and nerve-jangling menaces.

      All through the main storyline many new character character-player are introduced episodically at different locations and timelines. This seems slightly problematic as it is difficult to develop any affinity with them though it redeems the repetitiveness as you progress up the levels. The connection to the main storyline is maintained all through with a recap feature thant connects the last episode to the present.


      The graphics are extravagantly gruesome. The enemy characters are grotesque. The player characters are extremely rich and detailed to perfection. Jill is exemplary in its modelling and so are the other creepy mutants with their knotty bones protruding from under their skins.

      The visuals are frightfully stunning and the atmosphere is deliberately designed to give you creeps. I would say that they should be among the finest ever seen on a portable handheld. The 3D should definitely be turned on to enjoy the game to its fullest as mentioned earlier though the 2D still does not leave you disappointed. But why not add to the excitement with the 3D unless you are unable to withstand the scare and also it seems easier on the eye (for some reason).

      If it is one thing that I find hard to understand is the use of a dual-screen layout. Splitting the action from the menus and maps might be wonderful concepts for a pleasing user interface but when you need to constantly rove your eyes away from a thrilling action gameplay to see your ammos levels on the menu or navigation course on the map it adds to the distraction and acts like an obstacle to the otherwise immersive experience. This might be an individual's disability to concentrate but this was certainly something that I did not particularly like.

      Otherwise, Capcom had done a commendable job with its new MT Framework engine.


      The gameplay is linear with completion of one episode opening up the game for the next. The gameplay does not allow you to explore and retreat like the earlier versions of the franchise. You still have the Green Herb to replenish your health but other activities are missing. However, there is added twist with the need to scan rooms for hidden object using a scanner or even the creepy mutants. You are awarded for scanning them before or after the kill, point enough to earn you the health rejuvenating Green Herb.

      The gameplay though confined to the deserted ship it is not short of variety. The ship is huge and sprawling and navigation intricate. At every moment you encounter an unexplored alleyway or an unchartered path that takes you to a macabre hall or a horrid dining place or a hideous kitchen.

      Things become complicated with underwater portions where you have to prevent yourself from drowning while negotiating ghastly sea monsters and charged explosives capable to blow you out.

      There are also various Missions to be completed like killing a fixed set of mutants or evading them similarly.

      And finally, there are those mandatory boss battles which are set sequences to test player's response speed. It calls for good hand-eye co-ordination and are one of the difficult parts of the game.

      Despite its linearity and episodic nature of story advancement, and introduction of new characters at every episode the gameplay is immersive largely because of the innumerable surprise elements that keeps the tension broiling without any let-up.


      It is not an easy game to play. The challenge is always on from the beginning but this would appeal to the more seasoned player. As mentioned earlier the boss battles are quite difficult to negotiate and I met with many a deaths. The fact that I was using this new Circle Pad Pro control for the first time perhaps exacerbated the difficulty. I would need many more hours of practice to master the lightning fast enemies.


      I have yet to go through all levels which if taken at once without break and deaths would take 10 hours to finish. Additionally there are many extras and game modules. First there is the campaign mode that itself has 2 difficulty levels. The completion of normal mode reveals the hell mode where you are allowed to retain weapons and health from the previous modes.


      The game offers a reduced multiplayer version, Raid which gets unlocked after progressing up a few levels. Raid can be played along with local or online co-operative players. The connectivity is stable for both local and online multiplay.


      The soundtrack is superb and geared toward anticipation. The sounds alert you to the nearness and even the direction of the enemy. You need to use a headphone to fully appreciate the richness of the audio track.


      A magic on 3DS, it would appeal more to the hardcore gamer because of the cumbersome controls, high difficulty and intense and gory action.

      Also in Ciao UK under same name and title


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      12.02.2012 19:01
      Very helpful



      A worthy addition to the Resident Evil series, and perhaps one of the best too.

      The Resident Evil series has gone through a few changes throughout it's 15 year reign. Starting off as a straight-forward survival horror which combined puzzle elements, the series took a slight diversion upon the release of the excellent Resident Evil 4. The game successfully managed to refresh the series with more action, but still managed to retain most of the creepy horror that fans had been used to in the entries before this.

      However, this all changed with Resident Evil 5, which seemed to leave behind the aspect of the original titles which won fans in the first place-the survival horror element. More action and faster paced gameplay took its place, which worked exceptionally well in this worthy addition to the series, but many fans were left yearning for a title that returned the series to its roots. Yes, change is a good thing, especially in a series that has the potential to be seen as quite stale after all these years, but at the same time, there's nothing better than relishing in old memories.

      This is where Resident Evil Revelations comes in. Released in January 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS, Revelations marks the second title for Nintendo's latest handheld system. However, unlike Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D, Revelations is not just a longer version of the series bonus mercenaries' mode, it's a full blown story.

      Fitting in between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5, Revelations sees series regular Jill Valentine and her new partner Parker investigating some mysterious goings on aboard a supposedly abandoned cruise liner, the Queen Zenobia. At the same time, her long-time friend and partner Chris Redfield is desperately trying to track Jill down, with the help from scantily-clad agent Jessica Sherowatt.

      Most of the action takes place aboard the Queen Zenobia, which is a perfect setting for the tension and horror that the game promises from the start. Like the mansion in Resident Evil 1, the Queen Zenobia has an abundance of twisting, dark and claustrophobic corridors. It's easy to become paranoid that something is lurking in the darkness, just waiting to take you by surprise. The paranoia is justified though, as there are plenty of these moments in Revelations, and you'll jump on several occasions throughout the story.

      Aesthetically, Revelations is definitely the best looking 3DS game to date. The characters look great, the cinematic cut scenes are incredibly impressive on such a small screen, and the environments have been well designed. There are plenty of details, such as a variety of lighting, rust and grime which all help to add to the uneasiness that is quickly felt when you cautiously guide Ms. Valentine and co through the winding corridors. Capcom have really done themselves proud in terms of the graphics, and it is hard to imagine that anything will best them on the 3DS for a while. We shall see though.

      Another area that Capcom have achieved in is the sound. The game uses the Nintendo 3DS' surround sound capabilities to the maximum. The orchestral sounding score really helps to heighten the action sequences of the game, but it is the sound effects that greatly emphasise the horror, and this is where the high level of detail is really picked up on. Everything sound has been accounted for, from the slithering, shambling footsteps of the enemies, wind howling menacingly or even, in trademark Resident Evil fashion, the 'lovely' sound of blood dripping. Playing Revelations with headphones in is where the real horror comes in, as the surround sound, and these atmospheric sound effects really immerse the player in the scares.

      Those completionists out there will relish in how much content is packed into Revelations cartridge. Players have the option to use their scanner to pick up any hidden items, discover secrets, and unlock new characters, costumes and weapons.

      In Revelations, Capcom has steered clear of the zombies from the older entries in favour of the Ooze, a Regenerator-type creature which has the ability to enter from any opening. This of course heightens the uneasiness, as players will have no idea where they will pop up next. Hallways that you have traversed and cleared of these infected beings may appear to be empty, but are they really? This is where Revelations really harks back to the older days of the Resident Evil series, as the fear of uncertainty is constantly harrowing you.

      Revelations quickly fits in with the horror aspects of the series. There's plenty of blood filling the environment, enemies are at times incredibly horrific (look out for Rachel, you'll end up dreading her appearing once again as the game progresses), innocent people die terrible deaths, and the settings, especially the Queen Zenobia, leave little room for an easy escape. Like the titles before it, Revelations thrives on the unexpected first encounters, and the realisation that a hard confrontation with an antagonist is always close by. The boss battles are also well thought out, and the story fits in well with the rest of the Resident Evil timeline.

      In terms of the controls, the game is much better to handle when using the Circle Pad Pro add-on which simply clips on to the 3DS. It may look rather bulky, but it's rather comfortable to use, and enhances the gameplay, which is a little fiddly at times when used normally. Capcom avoids the co-op play that Resident Evil 5 introduced, and instead includes an AI partner (Parker) who will help you to shoot down enemies when the situation is getting a little sticky. Thankfully, unlike Resident Evil 5's Sheva, Parker will not want to heal you constantly, and does not drain your resources. In fact, you are left to your own devices for the most part.

      As well as the main story, Revelations comes packaged with Raid mode, where players are able to work through a series of short missions to increase rank, unlock new weaponry and upgrades, new characters, and much more. In the absence of a mercenary's mode, the Raid mode fills the hole perfectly, and makes a break from some of the longer levels and tough boss battles.

      Another welcome addition is play coins, which can be unlocked by using the Nintendo 3DS' pedometer. Play coins can be exchanged for unlocks, so it works as a good incentive for keeping on the move.

      Resident Evil Revelations is a fantastic 3DS title, and also a worthy addition to the Resident Evil series. It pushes the boundaries of the 3DS console with fantastic graphics and high quality sound. It's also nice to see a return to the spirit of the original games, which Resident Evil 4, but 5 in particular stray away from somewhat. It's fantastic to see that the series works just as well in portable form, and fans should not be deterred by this. It's just as good, even better might I add, than the console versions. It is by far the best game available on the Nintendo 3DS so far, and survival horror fans will love that there are plenty of opportunities to get scared within.

      -Also featured on 8-Bit Girl http://8-bitgirl.blogspot.com/2012/02/resident-evil-revelations-review.html


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        05.02.2012 21:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very action packed horror adventure game of survival with huge content.


        Gaming has been my secret guilty pleasure for years, admittedly it has become considerably less over the years due to other commitments, but I still enjoy gaming for fun on the various games consoles my household has accumulated over recent years of having a constant stream of boys in the family from my own son's to their cousins and the rest.

        I like using the 3DS to play game on whilst in bed (often sneaked or prized from the hands of a sleeping un-suspecting teen!) it is one of my favourite games consoles may I add. I have dabbled in the Resident Evil games since way back in 1996 when I was barely a teen myself and the original was released for the first edition of the play station.

        Resident Evil Revelations is the next addition in the series and is game number 6, My son had this pre-ordered from Game and it was released on January 27th 2012, it is brought to us by the Capcom company and is rated a 16 which I agree with as this game contains a lot of horror, terror and is very creepy and jumpy in parts (or maybe that is just me being a wimp, but still!) it is most un-suitable for anyone younger.

        I will not pretend to be an expert of this game, I have played it 'here and there' and for fun as I am no serious gamer by any means, I am by no means any where near completing the game either and doubt that I will any time soon as it is huge, I like to play various games mainly out of curiosity and because I am interested in the types of games my children spend most of their time on, I am so glad I did with this one as I will make sure my younger son does not get his hands on this until he is older.

        ==THE GAME==

        Resident Evil Revelations is a classic horror survival genre game that promises a brand new story line, brand new locations and extra characters complementing the already well established ones from previous games; it is a continuation of the resident evil series.

        The game play complements the 3DS features and vice versa especially during the touch screen puzzle solving aspects, it has spectacular graphics throughout and is definitely unlike anything I have seen before, I can not stress how amazing the graphics and detail are in this game, the horror really does spring to life in this well designed and thought out game.

        Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani have been sent to search and find Chris Redfield on a seemingly abandoned cruise ship, regular gamers of the resident evil series will know that things are never as the seem with these games! Terror and danger awaits around every horrifying turn as Jill and Parker explore the creepy ship defeating various creatures and indescribable enemies, they must also use their collective brain power to solve various puzzles which are presented to them and analyze the evidence along the way leading to the truth and the location of Chris but primarily they must survive...

        One of the new features in this next series is the addition of a new mode of play called 'Raid Mode' and this is separate to the main mission in the story mode, you basically roam around having access all areas attacking enemies and earning points that you redeem for character and weapon up-grades.

        Another aspect of the game which is present in all the games of this series is the constant and slightly annoying need to always keep an eye on your ammo levels and this addition is no exception, it does however make missions harder, I would not describe this game as an easy game to play, regardless though it does have excellent controls, jaw dropping outstanding graphics and great sound effects for a lengthy action packed strategic game.

        ==MY THOUGHTS==

        I think this an enjoyable game for seasoned Resident Evil fans and newbie's alike, it can be picked up and played without having played the previous games and can still be fully understood, for seasoned gamers of this series though this game re-visit's the classic elements of the previous games, bringing back what made the game a great one from the very beginning by going back to its original roots, it also bridges the gap in the story between Resident Evil 4 and 5 and pulls these together.

        Its all about survival so any huge fan of survival games will totally love this regardless if they like the Resident Evil series, the new addition of characters and locations makes for a more detailed and strategic game play that has extra side missions, considering the sheer size and content of this game I don't think I will ever complete it 100% as I am not a serious gamer, it goes on forever.

        I liked the new ability to venture actually underneath the water in this one and explore, again the graphics and controls are fantastic here, and also the ability to alternate between first and third person shooters with fast and smooth weapon changes is excellent.

        This is an excellent addition to an already phenomenal and very under-rated game that can be enjoyed by many, although it is certainly not for everyone's taste I would recommend it to anyone just for the amazing graphics and vast content, I would go so far as to state that this game is the best for the 3DS so far, its like they were meant to be together they work so well together and complement each others fantastic features perfectly.

        I think the game is quite expensive at the moment but as a new release it can only get cheaper! It is available from all game suppliers both online and in shops from £32.99.

        I have rated Resident Evil Revelations a happy and satisfied 4 out of 5

        Thank You for reading

        Review may also be posted on Ciao under mojo-mojo


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          02.02.2012 12:11
          Very helpful




          Ever since its stuttered launch the 3DS seems to have been missing that handful of key titles to push it onto the next level. The launch was handled poorly, a lot of the titles have been bad and shoddy ports and basically the consoles has never got going. If like me you have actually purchased on the of the consoles you will probably be rather happy with your purchase but nevertheless the 3DS has come no where near its rival in terms of sales or market share.

          So on Friday I was surprised to find myself actually excited about a release on the 3DS and it comes from one of my favourite, and one of the most successful long running series in modern gaming....Resident Evil. This title, Resident Evil Revelations, is yet another sequel in the 3DS catalogue but in all honesty this has turned out for me to be a massive surprise as it shines with quality and is the best entry in the series and certainly one of the best games ever to be released on the 3DS in its short life so far. I would go as far as saying Resident Evil Revelations is the first essential 3DS title.

          So what makes it so good and is it worth buying a 3DS for? I can certainly answer the first question. Fans will be interested to know the game is set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 with all the characters returning and the familiar locations. Its typical true, classic, tired and tested survival horror gaming but is by no means a port. Throughout the game you will have zombies to kill, items to collect and puzzles to solve, all in the name of working your way through the game.

          The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played the series before. Everything feels tight, the controls are easy to get to grips with and have been designed with the 3DS in mind. The touch screen will help you choose weapons, the shooting system has been tweaked and it all feels so natural as oppose to some 3DS titles which feel tricky.

          The gameplays is linear as are all titles in this series but there is still the need to explore rooms etc for items and it all looks stunning. This is a great looking game and time has clearly been spent ensuring this shows off the hardware of the 3DS. The 3D features are innovative and feel fresh and this is the first with my 3DS that the 3D actually shows off its glory. It makes you feel more impressed with the consoles and of course more involved with the game.

          The puzzles scattered through the game are inventive, innovative and feel fresh as does the level design. It feels like a new Resident Evil rather than just rehashing over old ground.

          The story is strong, held together by fantastic cut scenes and interactions and as with any survival horror there are great scary moments along the way that will have you nearly dropping your console in sheer fright. It also gives you around 16 hours gameplay if you rush it which is good value and if you take your time and care to find all the items then add more to this.

          But when you are done, after the game has hooked you in you will for sure be keen on having another go, trying to beat it on hard. Its tough on any setting but the learning curve feels just right.

          All in all if you are seeking an engrossing, fun and testing game for your 3DS from a known source then try this out for size as it is easily one of the finest titles I have played on the system!

          Also on ciao


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