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Super Street Fighter IV in 3D (3DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / Video Game for Nintendo 3DS / Release Date: 2011-03-25 / Published by Nintendo

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2012 13:38
      Very helpful



      A very well-done conversion from home console to portable machine

      I was initially dubious about this port of the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 game to the 3DS console. Handheld fighting games have usually sucked as they required two consoles and cartridges to play a friend, not to mention the hugely scaled down graphics from the home console versions. However, in this case, I can report that the 3DS version looks every bit as polished and capable as the previous formats of this game.

      The whole roster of characters from the home consoles is included, with 35 characters available from the start, as are the various secondary costumes. This is slightly annoying as I do like to unlock these kinds of things as I play the game. The only unlockables not available from the start are action figures of each character, which can be used to play a side-game, using Streetpass, which allows the 3DS to link up with other 3DS in local vicinity and play an off-line game without your participation. The amount of data on the cartridge, including the alternate costumes, action figures, arcade mode ending animations and voice work surprised me, with no skimping on quality throughout.

      Graphics-wise, the game looks identical to the PS3 version, albeit smaller in screen size. The background might be more static with less movement from the spectators, but the forefront action seems equally as graphically impressive as the home consoles. The 3D effect looks amazing, especially in the character selection screen and when using the 'over the shoulder' view. I enjoyed playing with the new perspective, but I found myself returning to the traditional side view after a while.

      The moves do seem a bit limited as there are less buttons available on the 3DS and it cannot take as much 'button bashing' as a standard controller. The touch-screen function lists a selection of special moves for each character, including the normally soul destroying hard to input special & ultra combo moves. Once you fill your special meter to the max, a quick tap of the screen will unleash a short cut-scene as you perform a showy attack on your opponent. This sold me on the game, after trialling it in-store, as I suck at performing these combos normally.

      For anyone who has played Super Street Fighter IV in any of its other incarnations, this is a worthy addition for an 'on-the-go' gaming experience, which captures the feel of the arcade version without skimping on any of the quality. The only downsides are that the game ships pretty complete, so there is no motivation to complete arcade mode to unlock new characters or stages, and that to use the versus mode (without internet) still requires multiple cartridges/consoles, meaning you will need to convince your friends to buy a copy to play with them, whereas with the home consoles, you just need an extra controller to play against a mate.

      This review was originally posted on my blog.


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      28.04.2011 21:24
      Very helpful



      A good game it's just bloody difficult to master.

      Street Fighter was first released over 20 years ago in 1987 in Arcades around the world, it has grown in popularity since and is now one of the most popular fighting series of all time. There was no doubting that the Street Fighter franchise would branch out to the 3D realm, and here it is. Released amongst the starting software for the Nintendo 3DS back in March, it is one of the popular titles so far out of all of the 3D titles available.


      There is a boat load of new characters available on Street Fighter 3DS - 35 in total, and there's plenty of old favourites that people will recognise, like Ryu, Peroxide Ken and Thunder Thighs Chun Li. I only recognised the old characters from when I last played Street Fighter on the Super Nintendo when I was a child.

      Controls are a little tricky to master, young kids would probably find them easy as they can just bash the hell out of all the buttons, but I hadn't played a Street Fighter game since the 90's so I was quite rusty with the controls. The easiest part is activating special moves, they are located on the bottom of the DS on the touch screen and are simply activated by touching which ever move you want to use. I think this was a bit of a cheat really, I'm not quite sure why they did this, as in previous games you had to use buttons in certain combinations to activate special moves.

      There are several different ways in which you can play Street Fighter 3DS;

      Arcade - Fight against the CPU in this single player mode. You can also adjust your settings to fight against other players over the internet or via local wireless (download play). Before you start off on your arcade adventure there are numerous options which you can change, including difficulty, bonus stages, time limit and rounds per fight. If your after a long game I recommend you choose at least 2 rounds per game as 1 round isn't enough especially if your pretty good at the game, you will complete arcade mode in no time at all with just 1 round per fight especially on an easy difficulty setting.

      Versus - You can choose to fight against another player via a local wireless connection this person must have a copy of the game and a 3DS, or go up against the computer, you can even choose to watch the computer fight against itself which is absolutely pointless to be honest. You can also play against another human player via Download play, the other play doesn't need to own the game for you to play this option.

      3D Versus - Pretty much the same as normal Versus except that this mode really utilizes the Dynamic 3D view.

      Internet Match - Choosing this option from the main menu means you can fight against other players online via an internet connection. I've played a few matches online but unfortunately I seem to suck, especially against die hard Japanese players who kick my butt within a few seconds, clearly I have a hell of a lot of work ahead of me. The only bad thing about playing online is that there are no online leaderboards, but to be honest I wouldn't be very high up on the leaderboards so I'm not missing that much. I think this would be a bit of a downer for experienced and hardcore players as they would probably like to see their name up there high on the leaderboards.

      Challenge - Series of challenges that will really test your skills. Trials want you to perform combos and moves as instructed on screen, this option is good as it brushes up on the skills you've already got in game. You can also choose from car crusher or barrel buster which is what it says on the tin. You need to destroy the car within a time limit just like the bonus stage in the Arcade, Barrel Buster just wants you to break a certain number of barrels within the time limit.

      Training - This is the best place to start, and I still occasionally come here to practice. It's the place to really hone your fighting skills by setting up a battle against a dummy opponent. The dummy opponent won't fight back, it's just for practising the different moves and combos.

      Figure Collection - View manage and trade figures in your collection. You can also have StreetPass battle simulations. There are 500 figures to collect throughout the whole game, and unfortunately I've only got 40 so far. There is the figure collection album where you can view all of the figures you've already collected, this is also where you can sort and arrange your extra figures. You accumulate figure points (FP) throughout the game and this is where you can spend them, figures cost 200fp each, you simply press the big push button which comes up on the touch screen to start the spin of all of the figures, and press stop and it will land on a random figure which you will then be added to your collection. Unfortunately you can only trade figures via a local wireless connection, you can't trade over the internet which is a big shame.

      I'm not really sure how the streetpass battle works as I'm yet to use it so I can't really comment on this feature, I've only met a couple of people in my town via StreetPass since I've had the 3DS which is a shame as it's a great feature. You can convert play coins you earn with the 3DS's built in pedometer and convert them into FP but to me this is a waste as my play coins are quite valuable to me in completing a quest on the 3DS home page ha-ha!

      Use of 3D:

      It's actually pretty impressive to be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect as so far the games I've played have all varied in their use of the 3D but Street Fighter uses it really well. Even the main menu's make use of it, and things pop out at you, the graphics are smooth and crisp which makes the 3D stand out that bit more, i think if the graphics were a lot rougher then it wouldn't be so impressive. The game recommends that you do take plenty of breaks when using the 3D as it can give some people headaches or make them feel a little sick, for me it wasn't too bad, I think my eyes are adjusting pretty well to all this 3D now.


      It's a great game and a great addition to the 3D lineup, unfortunately for me it was just difficult as sin to try and master. I'm still quite rusty, compared to my boyfriend who seemed to master the controls quite quickly. Maybe it was just me, but I'd definitely recommend the game to owners of the 3DS but maybe wait for it to come down in price a little, unless your a massive fan of the Street Fighter series then I'd recommend you get it soon as you'll thoroughly enjoy it and probably find it a lot easier to play than I did.

      There is lots of ways to play although it can get a little repetitive, however the online capabilities and 3D make it all shiny and new. There are hundreds of collectables for you to unlock it keeps you playing as you want to collect them all. I've got a fair way to go till I've got them all though, but I'm determined to master the controls properly and kick some serious Street Fighter Butt.

      There are deals on in various stores on the high street and online for Nintendo 3DS games at the moment, I bought it for £25 from my local Gamestation, you may even be lucky to find a pre owned copy but I haven't seen any yet in my local stores.


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