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Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage (N64)

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  • Random and poor combat
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    1 Review
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      26.05.2001 19:23
      Very helpful
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      • "Random and poor combat"

      RPG fans have been drooling over screenshots of this swords and sorcery adventure since they were first released. The game does do a number of things right, but is let down by some issues. You take control of a young man named Alaron, who finds himself at first on a quest to cure hmself of a mysterious poison, but is lead into some interesting revelations about himself. This engrossing plot is the games best feature so I won't reuin it for you. The world you inhabit is massive so just taking a stroll over some mountains to the next town will take you nearly an hour. The size of the world gives a sense of the epic story in front of you, but to many times you are left wondering were to go. But the graphics of the world around are pretty impressive and worth starring at for a while. You will spend most of time just running around woods killing useless animals to get your experience points up, so you can learn a new spell. Then these spells are like something from the commadore 64 compared to spells from games like FF series. I feel a little guilty knocking this game as it trys so hard to be a classic, but it isn't. The hero runs like a guy wit to broken legs, random and annoying combat, and a feeling of deja vu as you visit the same place about ten times. If you want a game you can just pick up and play for a bit of fun, stay well clear, but if your a RPG fan you might as well get it as you could do a lot worse.


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