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Duke Nukem Zero Hour (N64)

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2001 04:58
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      Duke Nukem 3d brought what was essentially a dodgy shareware game series into the lime light. It was like Doom with attitude. `Time to kick arse and chew bubble gum and I`m all outta gum` was the catch phrase. This time around a different view point has been taken for the game, in a style more reminiscent of a game like Tomb Raider. #Storyline The rather sketchy storyline for this game is that Aliens are travelling through time and space capturing humanities most atttactive members of the fairer sex. In addition to this they have a job moonlighting as destroyers of humanity so it`s your job as Duke Nukem to pick up your rather hefty projectile weapons and pretty much just blow the enemy to hell. #Gameplay You move around various levels firing at will with elementary tasks to perform so that you can progress. Because of the time travelling the levels are based on each time period, with different weapons and enemies. #Graphics & Sound All in all the graphics have improved no end but alas the commentaries from Duke are over. Sound therfore is restricted just to gunshots and the usual musical affair. This is to put it rather simply-stale bread. They have removed one of the main distinguishing factors; humour. There aren't any more. #Controls The N64 joypad plays well in this game, the character is responsive to the moves except for some reason when you want to make a 180 degree turn, maybe it's just me but I found myself either overshootting or barely turning at all. #Overall The game is far too samey beyond all this though and provides nothing new for any computer game. Satisfying to shoot stuff but lots of games are to that end. Few distinguishing factors have been removed and it just feels run of the mill.


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