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Hybrid Heaven (N64)

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Eye popping hi-res graphics and cinematic demo scenes bring the world of Hybrid Heaven to brutal life. Fully immersive action RPG where each prt of your characters body levels-up in offense and defence. Opponents give as good as they get. Characters devel

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2001 06:09
      Very helpful



      I can remember right when the N64 came out, the magazine I bought had a list of games they were most looking forward to. The likes of F-Zero, Zelda, Mario Kart adorned the list, but at the top of this list, above all these classics that I was looking forward to without the prompt of the magazine was Hybrid Heaven. I didn't know what it was, but it had obviously impressed somebody, because there it sat, proud as punch, on the top of the list. So you can imagine my annoyance when it was delayed and delayed for over 2 years. way after the other titles on the list had come and gone, I still awaited Hybrid Heaven. Then, with Hybrid Heaven almost out of my mind, I was flicking through my magazine, and hidden in the middle or the reviews section was Hybrid Heaven. But I turned the page and was shocked to see a 83% mark crudely stamped next to the review. I shrugged it off, and forgot about it again, until I visited my local games retailer, in the hope of exchanging a game. I looked to the shelf and there it was, Hybrid Heaven, £9.99. I grabbed it and took it home. (after paying of course). And for two solid days I was hooked, the plot was a little confusing but I soon got fully invloved. Then after the two days, I got stuck, I tried a couple of times to get around it, but the motivation was not there. Which would be it's flaw. The best way to describe the game is a cross between Pokemon and Wrestling. A Pokemon style battle ararangement, but the moves a displayed in 3d graphics to add to the enjoyment. The game itself is kind of in the "Lara Croft" mould, with a 3rd person perspective, and platform sections and puzzles to conquer. After a while though, all the battling got tiresome. It seemed that after developing the battle engine, the developers forgot about the other aspects. And the linear worlds rely heavily on moving from room to room, stopping battling a foe, moving to the next room, and battling another foe. Which is finnally what ground me d
      own. A great 2 player option is available, where you can battle your saved charactors against a friends. But from my experiance to get the most out of that, both people must have gotton involved in the game to a certain degree before thowing down the gauntlet, otherwise your friends wont stand a chance against your pumped up experiance. I would say that after my original dismay, Hybrid Heaven deserves it's 83% mark. A good game for a while, but there is only a certain amount of blocky grey rooms and tedious platform negotiations that one person can take, and I'm afraid that I have reached my limit. The ideas are there, but need to be developed and polished for next time.


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