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Snowboard Kids 2 (N64)

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1 Review
  • It wasn't released in Europe, so you have to get it from abroad!
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    1 Review
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      02.06.2001 02:51
      Very helpful
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      This game is one of the most fun games I will probably ever play! The graphics are not all that good but the game play just kicks butt! There are 5 modes you can play on this game! You can choose from many characters and you can play with 4 players! The game actually might put you off when you look at the front cover but believe me its not! Here are the modes you can play: Single: this is where you go through the game racing against the computer, this is done in competition form where you win money and new characters to race with! You race 3 different people in each race. All you have to do is finish the race before any of the other players do. This can be fun and frustrating at times! You can get weapons on this game and when you get all the good ones you are almost sure to win, but there is always the races where you get the bad weapons you can still win but it’s much harder making you feel sometimes like you want to tear your hair out. But it’s the same with every game so you can’t complain! Verses: this is when you can play against your mates, which is probably the best part of the game as you have a great laugh. Blowing each other up and having a scramble for the finish line is great and winning against your mates is the best. This mode is just a circuit like the singles but you’re against actual people, not the computer! This is excellent and even if you lose you can still have a laugh as it is that good! Time Trail: this is where you are racing yourself as you are trying to beat records on different courses, which you have set! This is good as it tests how good you are and how much you have improved! All you have to do is race down a circuit in the quickest way by using the shortest routes you can also cheat if you want to! This isn’t all that fun as you don’t get to blow someone up but you get the thrill of being the best at each course! This also improves your skills in the courses, whic
      h means you will win more races. Remember Practice Makes Perfect! Tricks: this is when you have a very short course where you have to do the highest amount of tricks as possible getting more points and the better tricks you do, the higher the computer scores you! This is fun, as when you see the best tricks, they just look amazing! You can not do this in multiplayer which is a shame which I think that it would be a great hit with it on there! Training: this is where you go straight down a course where it has hills and bumps where you can perform your tricks and perfect them for when you try to brake you record on the tricks mode! This is a great game made by Nintendo and I think is really fun. It is not know as a hit as many people haven’t brought the game, but I think if it had a hyped up launch then it would be a top reader! Thanks for reading, Seanaphun


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